All You Need to Know About Birman Cats and Furniture Scratching

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If you’re a fan of cats, you may have heard about the beautiful Birman breed. With their striking blue eyes and long white fur, Birmans are sure to turn heads. But before you bring one into your home, it’s important to know if they scratch furniture—and if so, how you can prevent it. Let’s look at what makes Birmans unique and how to keep them from scratching up your furniture.


Do Birman cats scratch furniture?


Birman cats are amazing. Known for their gorgeous colorations and striking blue eyes, they are one of the most popular breeds among feline lovers. Undoubtedly, people worry about their potential to scratch furniture. The good news is that Birmans generally don’t like to scratch furniture—they prefer scratching posts or scratching mats.

They take well to training and have a naturally gentle spirit; providing your Birman with appropriate scratching spots in the early months of bringing them home will help create a positive relationship between them and your furniture.


What Makes Birmans Unique?


Birmans are an ancient breed that is thought to have originated in Burma (now Myanmar). They were once kept as sacred temple cats by Buddhist priests, and today they are known for their affectionate personalities and intelligence.

The breed has a distinctive white coat with a silvery sheen that typically has dark markings around the face, ears, feet, and tail.


Preventing furniture scratching


Another key factor in preventing furniture scratching is ensuring that your cat has ample places to do their scratching—ideally, several scratching posts or pads around the house.

When shopping for these items, look for ones made with sturdy materials like sisal or carpeting that won’t easily tear or break down over time.

It also helps if the post or pad is tall enough for your cat to stretch out while scratching; this provides more exercise and gives them something interesting to do.

Finally, reward your Birman with treats when they use the post or pad rather than the furniture; this reinforces positive behavior in a way that will encourage them to repeat it in the future.




In conclusion, Birmans can be terrific companions if given proper care and attention—but it’s important to be aware that they will likely scratch furniture at some point during their lives. With consistent training and regular access to appropriate surfaces, such as scratching posts or pads, it doesn’t have to become an issue in your home! So if you’re considering bringing a Birman into your family life, consider these tips above so that everyone stays happy – including humans and cats.

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