All You Need to Know About Cats Mating

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You might be curious about what happens when cats mate if you’re a cat lover. After all, it’s not something that we see every day! However, while we may not witness cat mating very often, it’s a pretty exciting process. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what happens when cats mate.


What happens when cats mate?


Cats reach sexual maturity at around six months, although some breeds may take a little longer to mature. Both male and female cats will begin to look for mates during this time.

The mating process usually begins with the male cat following the female and meowing loudly. Then, if the female is receptive, she will raise her tail and allow the male to mount her.

The two cats will then rub their pelvises together, with the male’s penis becoming erect.

As they mate, the male will ejaculate and transfer his sperm to the female’s reproductive tract. If all goes well, the female will become pregnant and give birth to a litter of kittens a few months later.

However, if the mating is not successful, the female will walk away and continue on her way.


The Male Cat’s Role in Mating


Cats are not particularly picky regarding mate selection, and males typically mate with multiple females.

Indeed, a male cat can mate with several dozen females in a single day.

Mating usually occurs during the spring and summer, when the days are the longest and food is abundant. Once mating has occurred, the male cat plays no role in raising the kittens.

The female will give birth to a litter of kittens about two months after mating, and she will raise them on her own.

Although the male’s role in the mating process is relatively brief, it is nonetheless essential for the continuation of the species.


The Female Cat’s Role in Mating


The process of mating in cats is relatively straightforward. First, the female will allow the male to mount her and insert his penis into her vagina.

She will then receive his sperm into her reproductive tract. Once the female has received the male’s sperm, she will typically clean herself off and walk away.

The entire process usually lasts less than a minute. Although the female cat’s role in mating is relatively passive, she does play an essential role in ensuring that the male’s sperm reaches her eggs.

By allowing the male to mount her and insert his penis into her vagina, she provides him with an opportunity to transfer his sperm directly to her reproductive tract.

This ensures that fertilization can take place and that kittens can be born.


What Happens After Mating?


After the cats have mated, the female usually goes off alone to have her kittens. The gestation period for cats is approximately 63 days so she will give birth to her kittens about two months after mating.

Once the kittens are born, the mother will clean them and nurse them. They will open their eyes at around two weeks old, and they will be able to walk and start to explore their surroundings at about four weeks old.

They will be weaned at six weeks old and start to eat solid food. After eight weeks, they will be fully independent and ready to leave their mother.


How to tell if cat mating was successful


There are a few ways to tell if cat mating was successful.

One is to look for physical signs of ovulation in the female, such as swelling of the genitals or restlessness. Another is to observe the male’s behavior: if he becomes more aggressive or starts to mark his territory more, it’s a good sign that he’s successfully mated.

Finally, you can wait for the kitten to be born! If everything goes according to plan, you should see a litter of kittens within 63 days of the original mating.

Keep an eye on the mother and kittens to ensure they’re all healthy and happy, and congratulations – you’ve successfully bred a litter of cats!


Will male cats mate with females, not in heat?


To answer this question, we must first understand the mating behavior of cats.

Male cats are called “tomcats” and typically mate with multiple females. However, the female cat goes into heat for a brief period, and she will allow the tomcat to mate with her during this time.

Once the female is no longer in heat, the tomcat will lose interest in her and move on to another mate. However, there are some exceptions to this behavior.

In some cases, a tomcat may continue to mate with a female even after she is no longer in heat. This is most likely to occur if the tomcat has not had success mating with other females.

Additionally, if a male and female have developed a strong bond, they may continue to mate even when the female is not in heat.

Ultimately, whether or not a male cat will mate with a female, not in heat, will depend on individual circumstances.


Do cats get stuck together when they mate


No, cats do not get stuck together when they mate.

The process is relatively quick and straightforward. The male cat will grab the female’s scruff with his teeth and mount her from behind.

He will then insert his penis into her vagina and begin to thrust. The whole process usually only lasts a few minutes.

Afterward, the cats will separate and go about their business as usual. So, rest assured – your cats will not get stuck together during mating season!


Why do you never see cats mating?


One of the reasons you don’t see cats mating very often is that they can control their breeding. Cats are what’s known as seasonally polyestrous, meaning they can have several litters of kittens over a year.

However, they only go into heat (or estrus) for a few days at a time. This allows them to choose when and with whom they mate.

Cats also tend to be solitary creatures, so they don’t have the same social pressures to mate that other animals do. As a result, when they do mate, it’s typically very brief and relatively private. So, if you’re wondering why you never see cats mating, it’s because they’re good at avoiding public displays of affection!




Mating is an integral part of the reproduction cycle for cats. By understanding what happens when cats mate, we can better appreciate these fantastic animals.

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