Are American Shorthair Cat Are Good With Dogs?

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This is not a stupid question; however, this is one that has been answered time and time again. Not only do American Shorthair Cats do well with dogs but they also do well with almost any animal in your house (including the human members of the family).

They do best when they are raised alongside animals from birth; however, it can take some time for both species to learn how to interact properly with each other. As long as you do your part by making sure that your American Shorthair Cat and Dog understand their boundaries it should out fine between the two animals


Cat History with Dogs


American Shorthair Cats used to be known as the Domestic Shorthair, which was cats that would not only hunt small rodents but also do some hunting on behalf of humans. These cats were often seen working alongside their owners or other humans while doing their daily farm chores.

It was not uncommon for these Domestic Shorthair Cats (The original name for American Shorthairs) to take naps with the dogs in keeping warm, but they were still working animals at heart.


Cat Personality with Dogs


American Shorthairs do have a tendency to be very friendly and outgoing. They are not the overly aggressive or dominating type of cats that will intimidate your dog into submission. American Shorthairs do not see their owners as superiors and do not believe that they exist just for their personal entertainment.

You do need to make sure that the American Shorthair recognizes you as the alpha cat in your house because if it does not there may be some problems between your dog and them while they establish their dominance over each other.

Cats and dogs living together do take some work on both sides; however, once both your American Shorthair Cat and your dog start to get along with each other you will enjoy watching them do many activities together and having fun.


How to introduce a cat to a dog


Before you do anything, do your research on the temperaments of both cats and dogs. Also, make sure to do some research on your particular pets too. Make sure they are right for each other before you do anything else!

Like any relationship, one must take things slowly. There’s no need to rush into letting them play together or introducing them in unsupervised conditions just yet. The first step is usually just getting them used to be around each other with a barrier between them that makes them feel safe from one another until they can trust each other more. This may sound difficult, but it’s really not too bad most of the time as long as you’re prepared for having two animals instead of one in a small space at first!


Is it okay for a dog and cat to share the same living space?


It’s actually very doable, as long as you do it right! Dogs and cats will need to be exposed to each other in small doses around the house at first. Some animals do not do well together at all and some do surprisingly well together. However, if you do plan on letting them spend time in the same area of your home (which is usually best), make sure there is enough space for both animals and that neither animal can get cornered or knocked over by another.

If they are young enough, keep an eye on them so they cannot hurt one another. Also, remember that both dogs and cats have sharp claws which could cause some damage if they do not get along.




Take it slow and do your research on both animals before doing anything together! The more time you do spend with your animals getting along, the better it is in the long run. This will save you much stress and heartache in the future.

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