Are Ragdoll Cats Friendly?

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Simply put, YES, Ragdolls are one of the friendliest cat breeds available today. These cats are well-known for their loving and affectionate behavior and prefer spending time with their owners than doing just about anything else.

Ragdolls have been a popular pet option for families for many years due to their friendly nature, gentle approach, and timid behavior; for more information regarding these great cats and why they would make a fantastic addition to your family, continue to read through this article. 


Are Ragdoll’s Friendly Cats?


Ragdoll’s have a calm, peaceful, and friendly demeanor, making them very friendly and social cats. These cats are loving and very affectionate, quickly bonding with their owner and wanting plenty of attention from them. 


Are Ragdolls A Good Family Cat?


Ragdolls are one of the go-to cats when owners are looking for a family cat. That is because these animals are so gentle and kind; they are great for just about any type of family, whether you have an active home with children or a quiet home with older adults who are looking for a snuggle buddy.


Are Ragdoll Cats Friendly With Other Animals?


Ragdoll’s, for the most part, is a good option for homes with other animals. These cats are social butterflies and will get along well with just about any living creature that resides in your house.


Are Ragdolls Okay With Other Cats?

Ragdolls will do just fine with other cats in the home. However, you have to feel each situation out to make sure the other cats are okay with your Ragdoll. Just because this breed does fairly well with other felines doesn’t mean every pair is a good match, and the last thing you want is a house full of cat friction.


Are Ragdolls Okay With Dogs?

As long as your dog is not on attack, most  Ragdolls have no problem cohabitating with them. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise for these two opposites to attract and become cuddle buddies sharing the same pet bed or spot on the couch.

Ragdolls are actually often considered a cat-dog because of their massive size, love of affection, and the need to follow their owners around with every step they take.


Will Ragdoll Cats Sleep and Cuddle With You?


There is nothing more a Ragdoll cat loves than to cuddle with its human. These gentle giants are one of the few cats who prefer to be carried around and snuggled in their favorite people’s lap as often as possible.

If you are okay with having your cat in bed with you, this cuddly creature will definitely keep you nice and cozy at night, thanks to its fluffy fur and beefy size.


Who Shouldn’t Get a Ragdoll Cat?


While these adorable cats make great pets, there are reasons why they may not be the best options for some specific home situations.


You Are Gone A lot


Because Ragdoll cats are such lovable and social creatures, they shouldn’t be left home alone for long periods of time. If you are someone who works long hours or likes to take frequent vacations, this is probably not the best breed for you.


You Don’t Want Fur Everywhere


One of the reasons these cats are so popular is due to their beautiful markings and long fluffy fur. If you are allergic or sensitive to cat fur, you should consider going another route. 

If you hate being covered in fur when you leave the house or having fur stick to you after sitting on the couch, you should adopt a different breed or spend a lot of time grooming your furry friend. 


You Prefer Independent Cats


If you don’t appreciate consistent rubs against your legs, or a cat lurking above your desk waiting for a head scratch or hug, this isn’t the cat for you. 

While many cat breeds don’t mind spending time alone in another room while you are working, eating, or doing just about anything else, Ragdoll cats are going to beg for attention and will not leave you alone.


Why Isn’t My Ragdoll Friendly?


If you currently own a Ragdoll cat and its social skills are lacking, or they arent’ as friendly as their reputation portrays, there may be something going on, whether it is a mental or physical medical problem.


They Are Bored


If your Ragdoll is understimulated, they may become bored and even borderline depressed. Make sure your cat has plenty of toys, scratch posts, and cuddle time with you to keep their spirits up.


They Are Sick or Injured


Another major reason some Ragdoll cats will stop interacting or even become hostile is due to an injury or illness. If your once friendly cat changes his or her behaviors and demeanor for seemingly no reason, you should get them to the vet ASAP.


It’s Who They Are


Although Ragdolls are known for being a very friendly and loving breed, that doesn’t guarantee they will all have that personality. Some cats are just born to be a little bratty or unsocial. There are many ways to work with your cat, if this is the case, to get them to open up a little bit more.




You can not get a more friendly cat than a Ragdoll cat. This is the perfect breed for bringing a loving, patient, and peaceful companion into the home that will be happy to give and get tons of cuddles and affection for many, many years. 

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