Are Ragdolls Good House Cats?

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If you are in the market for a new cat or kitten and the Ragdoll has caught your eye, you may be wondering, are Ragdoll cats good house cats?

Ragdolls make wonderful house cats, so you are in luck. They are beautiful, loyal, and absolutely love attention.


A Breed History


The Ragdoll was first bred in the 1960s in California. They were produced using a mixture of Angora, Birman, and Persian, creating the beautiful cat they are today. 

The cats used for breeding were also of an endearing and unique temperament that helped mold the Ragdoll cat.

In 1981, the breed was introduced to the United Kingdom, and they, too, fell in love with this charming feline. 


What Do They Look Like?


Ragdolls come in several patterns, including van, mitted, bi-color, and colorpoint. These patterns come in many stunning colors, and they can be found in bluish or lilac, brown, or cream. You may also see them in different color patterns like tortoiseshell or tabby. 

The bi-colored Ragdoll has a lot of white on her body, including all four paws, her belly and chest, and a patch or two on her back. The darker markings are on their ears, tails, and faces.

Van Ragdolls have only a few spots on the body, with mostly darker colors.

Mitted Ragdolls have adorable white booted feet in both the front and the back, with a belly stripe and white chin. They also have an impressive blaze on their cute little nose and forehead.

Colorpoint Ragdolls have no white in their coat at all!

In all patterns, the fur of the Ragdoll cat is plentiful and soft.

They are hearty, solid animals with strong bones. They have beautiful fluffy cheeks, a smaller nose, and stunning blue eyes.


What Makes Ragdolls Good House Cats



Ragdolls are incredibly loyal, and all they truly want is to be with you. They adore their people and will give you all the love and affection you could ask for. 

Ragdolls will seek out the companionship of a human every chance that they get and can actually get sad if they are left alone for long periods of time.


Social and Gentle

Ragdolls have a unique personality in that they are affectionate without being demanding. 

I’m sure we’ve all had cats that just won’t leave you alone until you pay attention to it. It seems like ragdolls are the perfect animal companion as they have a sense of your emotional needs. 

They are docile and social and have been referred to as the puppies of the cat world.


Easy to Litter Box Train

Because Ragdolls are so trusting and gentle, they are easy to train. They adapt to most environments and love positive reinforcement, so successfully using the litter box is very easy. 

It would be best to put time into it, but Ragdolls are very smart and should pick up on what you want them to do.


Great in Any Household

Ragdolls will do wonderfully with young families, the elderly, married couples, and single people. All that they ask for in return is your love and attention. 


They Won’t Tear Your Furniture to Shreds

The Ragdoll isn’t a furniture climbing cat, and they don’t use their claws as much as others and have been known to stay closer to the floor. They aren’t known to be jumpy cats who dart from one piece of furniture to the next. 


They Are Beautiful, and They Know It

The Ragdoll is so beautiful, and they must know it! Big blue eyes that melt your heart and a sweet face. Their coat is silky and soft and will look its best when it’s groomed. 

They love to be groomed and thoroughly enjoy being brushed several times a week. 


Laid Back

Ragdolls are very laid back and have an easy-going attitude about life. They are so laid back that they will literally flop in your arms, and this is just a result of their relaxed disposition and the complete trust they have in people.



They may be relaxed, but they are incredibly clever. They are intelligent and have a way of figuring things out. These gentle giants appreciate toys and activities that keep them guessing. They can be taught to fetch and roll over.


Great with children

While many cats can have a bit of a poor attitude regarding children, the Ragdoll does not fit that description. They are wonderful with children and are often drawn to their happy personalities and zest for life. Ragdolls will seek out the company of children for play and even a few tricks. 


They are Ideal for the Indoors

Ragdolls have been bred to be indoor cats as they have had several traits of cats bred out of them. They are so trusting of others that it can be dangerous for them if outside. 

They don’t really have any aggression and would not do well in a catfight. They aren’t able to protect themselves well, and being outdoors puts them at significant risk. They can also easily be stolen because of their good looks.

They aren’t particularly keen on hunting either, and that instinct simply isn’t that strong in the Ragdoll. 




I think it’s easy to say the Ragdolls are probably one of the most desirable breeds of cats. They are lovely and sociable, affectionate and calm. They are intelligent and love all people and can easily win your heart. I may even consider adding a Ragdoll to my home!

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