Are Siberian Cats Aggressive?

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Siberian cats are not typically aggressive animals. However, there are instances where a Siberian cat can become aggressive if provoked. This is usually caused by a deep sense of loyalty to an owner.

In this article, we will take a look at what may cause a Siberian to become aggressive, what it looks like when they are being aggressive and how to prevent them from being aggressive.


How Do I Tell If My Siberian Cat is Being Aggressive?


There are a few signs that a Siberian cat will give you to warn you not to approach. These include:

  • An erect tail
  • Dilated or enlarged pupils
  • Ears that go flat backward
  • Hissing or growling
  • An arched back
  • A “pouncing” body stance
  • Displays fangs

If a Siberian cat is giving you any or several of the above signs it’s best to remove the cat from the agitating situation or stop doing whatever is causing the cat to be aggressive.


What Causes a Siberian Cat to be Aggressive?


Since Siberian cats are typically not aggressive animals, it takes an irritating or agitating situation to cause them to become aggressive. Some situations where Siberian cats can become aggressive include the cat:

  • Being territorial
  • Being loyal
  • Having health issues
  • Becoming overstimulated
  • Having traumatic experiences

In the following sections, we will go into detail as to why each of the above agitators causes a Siberian cat to become aggressive.


Why Does Being Territorial Cause My Siberian Cat to Become Aggressive?


Siberian Cats can be extremely territorial. If they have a space that they’ve deemed as “theirs” then they may get aggressive if you try to introduce a new person or animal to the household. 

If you find that your Siberian is territorial, then it’s best to slowly introduce new animals or people. Let them smell each other and get used to each other’s scent while they are still separated. 

Then introduce them by allowing them to spend increasing increments of time with each other. Eventually, your Siberian cat will become accustomed to the new being in their space and be less aggressive.


Why Does Being Loyal Cause My Siberian Cat to Become Aggressive?


Siberian cats can take weeks to win over, but once you do win them over, they become extremely loyal. In fact, they can become so loyal that they become overprotective of you and aggressive.

This happens most when there are other pets in the house. Your Siberian may become jealous if you show affection to other animals. If you notice this happening, keep a spray bottle on hand and give the cat a spritz every time it tries to attack another pet.


How Can Have Health Issues Cause My Siberian Cat to Become Aggressive?


Just like humans, Siberian cats can be very grumpy when they have health issues. This is because even small annoyances can become extremely irritating. 

Some common health issues that may cause aggression in Siberian cats include arthritis, infection, and dental disease. If you notice that your Siberian cat is being overly aggressive or aggressive at random times, it’s best to take the cat to the vet.


How Can Be Overstimulated Cause My Siberian Cat to Become Aggressive?


Siberian cats love getting pets, but sometimes it can be too much and they become overstimulated. If your Siberian cat seems to be enjoying getting petted and then randomly starts attacking you, this is probably the cause of it.

In these cases, it’s best just to leave your cat alone for a couple of minutes until they relax a little.


How Can Traumatic Experiences Cause My Siberian Cat to Become Aggressive?


Traumatic experiences can cause any cat to become aggressive. If you are adopting a Siberian cat you have to be cognizant that the cat may have had traumatic experiences that you don’t know about. 


Additionally, Siberian cats really don’t like being left alone. If you leave them alone too often or for too long they may become traumatized and aggressive. 


How Do I Tell If my Siberian Cat is Playing or Being Aggressive?


Siberian cats are very playful animals. They love to run around and should even be walked outdoors to keep them at the proper weight. However, sometimes there is a fine line between being playful and being aggressive. 

Some indicators that your Siberian cat is just playing is:

  • If they don’t use their claws when swatting
  • The nip instead of bite
  • They don’t have any aggressive indicators

As you get to know your cat and their normal behaviors it will become easier to tell if they are playing or being aggressive. It’s important to note that they do like to hunt mice, so they will be aggressive towards any rodent pets.


Are Siberian Kids Aggressive Towards Kids?


The typical Siberian cat will not be aggressive towards kids. They are actually great playmates because they are very active and love to run around. 

However, you should always monitor your cat when first playing with kids as they can become aggressive if a kid plays too rough.


Are Siberian Cats Aggressive Towards Other Animals?


Siberian cats actually get along really well with other cats and dogs. They are fairly laid back and like to play with other animals.

In some circumstances, Siberian cats can become aggressive if they feel like you aren’t paying enough attention to them. Therefore, it’s important to share the love if you have multiple animals in the house!


Are Siberian Cats Aggressive Towards Strangers?


Siberian cats usually are afraid of strangers. They tend to not interact with them, but won’t be aggressive towards them. 

After a few hours or days, your Siberian cat will grow accustomed to the new person and will probably try to play with them. 



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