Bluepoint vs Lilac point Siamese. Which is the Right Cat for You?

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If you are looking for a new feline friend, you may be wondering if a Bluepoint Siamese or Lilac Point Siamese is the right cat for you. Both of these breeds are beautiful and have their own unique personality traits, but which one is right for you? In this blog post, we will compare the two breeds and help you decide which one is the best fit for your home.


Comparing Bluepoint and Lilac Point Siamese




The Bluepoint Siamese is a slightly larger cat than the Lilac Point Siamese. The Bluepoint has a coat that is blue-gray in color, while the Lilac Point’s coat is lilac-gray. The Bluepoint’s coat is darker around the face, ears, and tail, while the Lilac Point’s coat is darker around the legs and body. Both cats have blue eyes.

The Bluepoint Siamese is an active breed that loves to play and climb. They are also very vocal and expressive cats. The Lilac Point Siamese is a quieter breed that tends to be more loving and affectionate. They are also known for being very intelligent and curious cats.

When it comes to appearances, both breeds of Siamese are strikingly beautiful cats with lovely blue eyes and elegant coats.




When it comes to Siamese cats, there are two main breeds that are most commonly found: Bluepoint and Lilacpoint. Though both types share many of the same physical characteristics such as their striking blue eyes and sleek, muscular bodies, they also exhibit some important differences in temperament.

Bluepoint Siamese tends to have outgoing, energetic personalities that make them perfect for active families or individuals who love to spend time outdoors.

They are intelligent and curious cats, always eager to explore new places and experience new things. What’s more, these felines also thrive on interaction with their humans, showing affection by purring or nuzzling without prompting. In contrast, Lilacpoint cats tend to be quieter and more reserved than Bluepoints.

While these cats still display affection towards their human companions, they often have a more aloof demeanor that can seem standoffish to those who are unused to dealing with this type of personality.

However, when given the right amount of attention and affection, Lilacpoints can become loving companions who form strong bonds with their owners.


-Health concerns


There are two main types of Siamese cats: the Bluepoint and the Lilac Point. Both are elegant and regal cats, but there are some important differences between them. One of the most significant is that Bluepoints tend to be healthier overall than Lilac Points.

This is due in part to the fact that Lilac Points are prone to a number of health concerns, including respiratory problems and kidney disease. In contrast, Bluepoints are relatively robust and have few known health issues.

As a result, they typically enjoy a longer lifespan than their Lilac Point cousins. When choosing a Siamese cat, it is important to keep these health concerns in mind. If you are looking for a cat with a long lifespan and few health problems, a Bluepoint Siamese is a good choice.




There are many different types of Siamese cats, each with its own characteristics and temperaments. Comparing Bluepoint and Lilac Point Siamese is a great way to get a sense of how these cats differ from one another.

On the one hand, Bluepoint Siamese tends to be more playful and active than Lilac Point Siamese. They are also quite vocal, making them good for people who want a talkative companion. On the other hand, Lilac Point Siamese are often more gentle and docile in nature.

They may be slightly quieter than their Bluepoint counterparts, but they can also be quite affectionate and friendly. Additionally, while both breeds have similar lifespans of around 15 years on average, some studies suggest that Bluepoints may have a slightly shorter lifespan due to their higher energy levels.


-Grooming needs


There are many different types of Siamese cats, and two of the most popular are Bluepoint and Lilac point. Both are highly prized for their striking looks and distinctive features, but there are also significant differences between these two types of cats that have a major impact on grooming needs.

On the one hand, Bluepoint Siamese tends to be smaller in stature than Lilac point, which can have a significant effect on grooming needs.

Since they have shorter coats and tighter underlying muscles, Bluepoint cats may require less frequent bathing than other types of Siamese cats. In addition, their coats tend to matt less easily than those of Lilac point due to the presence of fewer dark hairs interspersed with their lighter fur.

These factors make it easier to maintain the appearance of Bluepoint cats without spending as much time or effort on grooming as is needed for other types of Siamese.

At the same time, though, there are some areas where grooming needs may actually be higher for Bluepoint cats than for Lilac point.

This can include dental care as well as claw trimming since Bluepoint cat paws often appear somewhat shapeless as compared to those of Lilac point. Overall, then, while there are some differences between these two types of Siamese cats when it comes to grooming needs, neither is particularly high-maintenance in this regard.


-Activity level


There are many different breeds of Siamese cats, two of the most popular being Bluepoint and Lilac Point. While both types share many characteristics, there are significant differences in their activity levels as well. Bluepoints tend to be on the more laid-back end of the spectrum, while Lilac Points are generally more active and energetic.

This can make Lilac Points better suited to households that need a cat with lots of energy and playful spirit, whereas Bluepoints are often chosen by those who prefer a calmer companion.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual owner to decide which type best matches their lifestyle and needs, but when it comes to comparing Bluepoint versus Lilac Point Siamese cats, there can be no doubt that both are wonderful pets deserving of our admiration and affection.


-Origin story


Bluepoint and Lilac Point Siamese cats are perhaps two of the most distinctive breeds of purebred cats. Although their origins can be traced back to precisely the same early breeds, there are significant differences between them that hint at a complex and fascinating history.

On one hand, Bluepoint Siamese tends to have paler coats with more pointed markings, bright blue eyes, and a striking angular appearance.

These cats are believed to trace their roots back to the early temple cats in Thailand, who were prized for their regal appearance and loyalty. The Bluepoint Siamese shows all the hallmarks of these ancient breeding programs, blending elegance with agility and devotion to its human companions.

By contrast, Lilac Point Siamese are typically lighter in color with more muted grey markings, pink-tinged shades of cream around the face, and deep blue/green eyes. While some genetic researchers believe that they may share some common ancestors with their Bluepoint cousins, the genetic analysis also suggests that this breed arose independently in China over 2 millennia ago.


-Which one is right for you? (homes with children, other pets, allergies, etc)


When it comes to Siamese cats, there are two main types: Bluepoint and Lilac Point. Both are intelligent, affectionate, and make great companions. However, they do have some differences that potential owners should be aware of. Bluepoints are typically more outgoing and active than Lilac Points.

They love to explore and can be very playful, which makes them a great choice for homes with children or other pets. Lilac Points, on the other hand, tend to be a bit more subdued.

They’re still friendly and loving, but they’re usually content to curl up on your lap and relax. This makes them ideal for people who are looking for a low-maintenance pet.

Allergies are another important consideration. Some people are allergic to cats, but they may not realize that there are different levels of allergies.

People who are allergic to Bluepoints may be able to tolerate a Lilac Point without any issues. If you’re considering adding a Siamese cat to your family, take the time to learn about both Bluepoint and Lilac Point Siamese. That way, you can choose the type that’s right for you.

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