Cat keeps Meowing for no reason. A Helpful Guide

Why Is My Cat’s Meow Suddenly Higher Pitch

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Having a cat who keeps meowing for no reason can be quite challenging. Not only will you have trouble falling asleep but also with your neighbors. Like all feline behaviors, you will need to monitor your cat closely to determine why he keeps meowing. 


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Why your cat keeps meowing for no reason


Cat keeps Meowing for no reason


Cats reserve meowing to communicate with us rather than other cats. It is his way of telling you what he wants and when he wants it. They will rarely use vocalization to talk to fellow cats. Instead, they rely on other body language cues such as the ear, eye, and tail talk.

Below are some of the reasons why cats meow:

It’s mealtime

Your cat will meow to let you know that he is hungry. We recommend establishing a feeding schedule immediately you bring your cat home. 

If dinner time comes and the bowl is still empty, your cat is going to complain about it. He will meow at you to remind you to feed him. 


Cats also meow when they are afraid of something. It could be that you just brought a new cat home. Due to the sudden change of residence and owner, the cat might be afraid. As a result, he will meow in a low pitch, and it rarely ends. 

You will need to spend some time and make your cat comfortable. If any other pets make him feel threatened, separate the two until they get used to each other. 

You must ensure that your cat is safe to offer him love and affection. It might take a few days to settle but he will eventually. 


Loneliness and boredom


Your cat could also be meowing out of boredom. Given that they have plenty of time and much less to do, your cat is bound to get bored or lonely. 

Also, underexercised cats tend to meow consistently even at night. Invest in several toys to keep your cat busy. You will also need to device a plan to make sure that your cat does not get bored. 

Spend time with your cat to reassure him of your affection. 

Stress will also make your cat meow more than usual. Unfortunately, cats are vulnerable to stress. For instance, moving or leaving him alone for a long period may trigger stress. Confining your cat in a carrier may lead to stress and constant vocalization in cats.




When your cat keeps on meowing for no reason, he might be sick. Excessive meowing can be as a result of pain, discomfort or distress. If your cat has suddenly started meowing unnecessarily, watch out for any other signs that he could be ill.

Kidney disease and hyperthyroidism are quite common in felines. Physical trauma or injury could also cause your cat to meow consistently. 

Listen to his meows, observe his eating behavior and overall health to watch for symptoms. If you are not sure about it, take your cat to the vet for further examination. 

Watch out for symptoms such as restlessness, excessive vocalization, and yowling at night. You may also notice subtle weight loss in your cat if he is sick.

The vet will be able to examine your cat and give a conclusive diagnosis. Thereafter, you will be provided with medications or prescriptions. 

However, do not visit your vet too often as this might also stress your cat, leading to excessive meowing. 


Cat keeps Meowing for no reason


Greeting you


Sometimes your cat will meow to say hello to you. He is likely to do so when you wake up or come home from work. Cats give a casual short meow when saying hello. Sometime he will meow at you repeatedly due to excitement. 

This should not worry you because it does not last. 


Seeking your Attention


As we mentioned above, . Other cats will also get in your bed to wake you up at night when he needs company. 

You should never entertain this behavior. Instead, refrain from giving in to his demands. This means that you ignore him and his meowing completely. Get a pair of earplugs to keep you from having to listen to him cry

Cats, like dogs, associate a certain behavior to a positive outcome. If you keep giving your cat whatever he wants, he will continue meowing to get his way. Condition your cat and teach him acceptable behavior and do not reward excessive meowing whatsoever. 

However, ensure that you have ruled out medical reasons for a cat meowing before you ignore him. 


Cat in heat


Cat owners who are yet to spay or neuter their cats may also experience problems with excessive meowing. When a female cat is in heat, he will yowl overnight, trying to attract a male potential. 

On the other hand, male cats will fight each other, trying to win over the female cat. During this season, there might be a lot of meowing, yowling and even screaming, especially at night. 

Consider having your cat spayed or neutered before he becomes of age. Do not take her for spaying when she is still in heat. Wait until the season is over and take her to the vet for the procedure. 


Aging cats


Older cats tend to develop cognitive dysfunction syndrome that leads to loss of awareness. As a result, your cat may lose his vision. When he loses his way, especially at night, he will meow to try and wake everybody up.

To stop your older cat who keeps meowing for no reason, leave the nightlights on. They will help improve his vision and avoid hitting things or losing his way. 

Older cats need patience and extra care especially when they suffer dementia or CDS. Your vet can also help you with medications to manage the condition. 


How to stop a cat who keeps meowing for no reason


It can be quite challenging when your cat won’t keep calm. Excessive meowing can cause you problems with other people, especially if it involves yowling or cats fighting. You will need to control this as soon as possible. 

Below are some top tips on how to stop excessive meowing in cats: 


Cat keeps Meowing for no reason

Visit a vet

This should be the first step you take. As we have outlined above, excessive meowing can be a sign of illness in your cat. Therefore, you must not ignore it when your cat starts meowing out of the blue. Your vet will conduct a physical exam among other tests to rule out any medical complications leading to vocalization. 

The vet will also recommend the best form of treatment based on any disease detected in your cat. 


Keep your cat active

Cats will sleep for over 15 hours a day, which is natural for them. However, when you let your cat sleep for so long, you might have a rough night. Due to their social nature, cats will often demand companionship through excessive meowing. 

This being said, make an effort to keep your cat awake and active for longer hours. It will help beat boredom and loneliness as well as stress. 

During the day, leave him with a few toys to play with. Ensure that they are interesting enough to engage him. Alternatively, you can create a perching place for him and leave the curtains open. 

Social cats will enjoy watching the birds from the perching area. However, if your cat has anxiety issues, you should keep the blinds down. Instead, use cat music or TV to calm him during the day. 

The goal is to ensure that your cat is happy and relaxed. Schedule play and petting sessions with him. This will ensure that he falls asleep tired from an active day. 


Do not Punish your cat

Excessive meowing is annoying but you should never punish your cat. Do not hit him or lock him out as it is only going to create fear make meowing even worse. 

Instead, find out the reason why your cat keeps meowing at you. Spend some time with him and monitor him for any signs or symptoms of an illness or behavioral issue. 


Do not give in to attention-seeking behavior


Other times, your cat is going to nag you for attention. In most cases, he just wants to play or generally get you to look at him. If he keeps meowing for no reason, he is probably nagging you.

To approach this problem, ignore your cat completely. Do not look at him or play with him for as long as he is still meowing. When you give in to his demands, he is going to adapt to that behavior. he will meow whenever he needs something. 

Instead, ignore him and close your bedroom door when you go to bed. It is going to take a few nights before your cat stops meowing for no reason. 

Ensure that your cat is well-fed, exercised and has enough to drink before you go to bed. This way, he will stay asleep for a lot longer. Besides, he will not have a reason to wake you up to feed him.


Stick to a routine

Once you bring your cat home, you must establish a routine with your dog. From the first day, ensure that you feed your dog at the same time every day. Include playing and petting sessions in your schedule. And to make sure that you do not forget to feed your cat, keep his schedule aligned to yours. 

A routine will help your cat settle in quickly, especially a new cat. Do not delay mealtimes as your cat will keep nagging you to feed him. The only way he knows to communicate with you is through meowing. 




If you have a cat who keeps meowing for no reason, you are probably wondering how to make it stop. Understand that cats only meow to communicate with us. You must learn how cats communicate to be able to decipher what he wants.

Sticking to a routine is going to help feed your cat at the same time and thus avoid your cat meowing to demand food. However, when your cat starts meowing suddenly, you should monitor him to rule out any medical complications. At the same time, you do not want to reward attention-seeking behaviour. 

Learn and understand how your cat communicates. It will make it easier for you to stop excessive meowing. Also, you will form a strong bond with your cat when you understand him. Spare some time to play and cuddle him each day to make him feel safe. 

Lastly, treat any underlying diseases that may be the reason why your cat keeps meowing.

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