Cat meow meaning sounds. What do they mean?

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Understanding cat meow meaning sounds is vital for every cat owner. This is how you are going to meet the needs of your kitty. At this point, it is important to highlight that we assume full responsibility for our cats immediately we bring them home. However, since we do not have a common language, cats have developed different mechanisms in which they communicate.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the cat meow meaning and other cat sounds that your cat uses to communicate with you.

Before we proceed to the next section of this article, understand that kittens will meow more as compared to adult cats. This, according to the researcher, is because cats meow at us humans exclusively to communicate their needs. Therefore it is essential to observe and learn how cats communicate with you, and sometimes with other cats/pets in the household. People running a multi-cat home can attest to this.


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Cat meow meaning sounds. Why is your cat meowing at you?


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Cats meow for different reasons according to cat behaviorists. However, they so to communicate their needs with us. This way, you do not have to wonder if your cat is sick or hungry. However, in order to tell the difference, you will have to be keen and observe your cat’s behavior.

In addition, ensure that you already have a scheduled routine for each day. Cats do not like changes and they find it difficult to adjust to those changes that we may make every day.

Without much hesitation, we are going to outline some of the most common cat sounds as well as meow meaning.

Cat meowing when hungry

As we indicated earlier, cats meow and make other sounds when they want to communicate with us. As a matter of fact, they rarely meow at other cats unless they are fighting or mating. However, when your cat is hungry, you are bound to hear him give you a mid-pitched meow. He is trying to remind you that his bowl is empty.

Understand that cats have a unique metabolism and they need to be fed regularly. As opposed to a dog, cats will feed a small amount of food at several intervals. This means that as you feed your dog thrice a day, your cat will probably feed 8 times or so. For this reason, it is important to provide enough food as well as snacks throughout the day.

You can invest in a food puzzle toy whereby your cat will get a reward each time he solves a mystery. Well, this will also help you curb stress and boredom issues in your cat. In addition, you will have your cat well fed throughout the day.

Alternatively, you can place a few treats in different rooms for him to find. Once again, it will serve to feed your cat as well as beat boredom. It will be a great experience for your cat given that they are hunters in nature.

In case you delay feeding your cat after the mid-pitched meow, then you might have a problem trying to make him stop. He might also adapt the long-drawn-out meow to put emphasis on his needs. This could become annoying if you are always late to feed him. Therefore, develop a routine and stick to it at all times.

Fearful Meow

This is the low-pitched kind of meow that your cat is likely to give when he feels threatened. For instance, if you have just adopted a kitten, he might be afraid of the new environments. In addition, kittens tend to meow more than adult cats as we had indicated earlier on.

However, you will need to take care and pay attention to your kitten until he gets used to your home. During this time, your cat may express his feelings of fear and insecurities in the new home, with a new owner.

In addition, if you are running a multi-cat household, your new kitten might be afraid of the other cats. This is especially if you have a bigger cat who is hostile towards the new kitten. As a result, you might observe your cat meowing in a low pitch in several circumstances.

If so, monitor your cat closely and observe when he is meowing out of fear. If your other cat is causing fear and discomfort for your new kitten, you may consider separating them for a while.

When your cat is under stress, he might also meow consistently even though in a low pitch. Therefore, it is important that you check on your kitty and identify any stressors in your household. You can spend a few nights with a new kitten in order to comfort him until he gets used to your home.

Also, if the doorbell is a possible cause of stress in your cat, you may consider turning it off, especially if you have regular guests at home. Provide enough resources for your cat in order to provide comfort for your cat. The goal is to ensure that your cat is not stressed at all times.


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Irritation Meow

Well, we all know how expressive cats are. Your kitty will communicate to you when he is sad, happy and sometimes when he is irritated. For instance, if you have kids and maybe a dog, they might be bothering your cat. For example, if your dog is bothering your cat when he is sleeping, you will hear the irritation and agitation kind of meow several times in a day. On most occasions, it will be a loud, high-pitched meow.

However, this is not only reserved for when your cat is irritated but also when your cat is in sudden pain. A good example is when you accidentally stepped on your cat as you go about your business in the house. Well, he is going to let you know by literally screaming at you.

You may also hear your cat meowing in a high pitch when he is being attacked or startled. Therefore, warn children against startling or hitting the cat. Instead, teach them how to play gently with the pets in the household. Also, consider restricting your dog from accessing your cat’s bed.

Really angry Meow

Your cat will also let you know when he is really angry. However, the snarling and hissing are the normal signs of agitation in cats. It is also usually directed towards other cats as opposed to humans. For instance, when your two cats are about to fight, you are likely to hear these sounds.

If your cat is snarling, you might consider checking it out. It could be that he is about to fight with a local cat or dog. If you have small animals coming to your yard, you might hear your cat snarling and making other cat meows and other cat sounds. This is because your cat will snarl and growl when he feels threatened, especially in his own house.

Cat purring

Cats are generally associated with purring but we don’t really bother to know why cats purr. In fact, cats purr for different reasons, including to heal. Studies show that cat purring is adapted during kittenhood.

Cat mothers use purring, which is among the common unique cat sounds, to comfort the kittens. In addition, most cat owners running a multi-cat home have observed their cats purring when one of them is sick or sad.

When your cat is injured, it is also likely that he is going to be purring. This is because purring is known to aid with the healing process by catalyzing tissue generation. In most cases, purring may not be associated with feline-human communication.

It is more of cats communicating with each other. As mentioned above, a cat with a litter of kittens will use purring to sooth the kittens. This way, they will feel safe and protected within the household.

This does not go away when cats get bigger. Some owners report to have observed their kitties purring when petting them, and you probably have too. Therefore, we cat also attribute purring to contentment. However, you will have to examine your cat for additional communication cues to tell whether he is content. This is especially because your cat might be trying to communicate a whole different thing via purring.

When a cat wants something, he might also purr. This is especially when he wants some cuddling and petting time. He might also purr when he wants to get to something but he cannot. This can also be accompanied by other cat sounds that are characterized by other types of vocalization.


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Hunting Meow

The key to understanding cat meow meaning as well as other sounds, you must pay attention to the nature of your cat. Felines are natural hunters, and this trait does not fade away even after we domesticate cats. When a cat sees a potential prey, he is likely to make the chirring and chirping sounds. This is as a result of the excitement that arouses your cat to hunt.

You will observe your cat chirping and chirring when he is probably outdoors. Sometimes he might do this when he is resting by the window. This could be accompanied by other body language cues like alert ears and wide-open eyes.

Meow to say hello

This is probably the most common type of vocalization amongst cats. Almost every cat owner can identify the times whereby the cat has said hello to them. Usually, he will do this when you wake up in the morning. When your cat is saying hello, he will do so in a single or multiple, short meows.

In some cases, your cat will also use this meow in the evening, probably when you return from work or any other errands. This is usually a happy meow with your cat excited to see you as he has already identified you as his parent and primary companion.


Can I talk to my cat?


Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could converse with our cats at home? Well, some cat owners have been able to speak with their cats. However, you must first be able to comprehend what your cat is telling you through vocalization as well as his body language. It is up to you to figure out what your cat needs through the way he communicated with you.

The answer to this question is yes. You can be able to speak with your cat, once he learns a few words in your household. It is possible to be able to train a cat to do something. In other cases, cats kind of learn how to say basic and commonly used words in the household. For instance, some cat owners admit to their cats learning to say hello after a period of time.

However, even though cats are faster learners than dogs, you will have to catch him when he is most receptive. This way, you can be able to teach him a few phrases like sit, come and stop. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have also stated that cats tend to understand their names and come when they are called. Amazing, right?

Well, spare about 5-10 minutes of your day in order to train your cat. Reinforce each lesson by rewarding your kitty each time he gets it right. You can do this by offering a cuddling session or giving him praise. The goal is to associate each lesson with a positive outcome.




Understanding how cats communicate is vital to a great relationship between you and your kitty. Therefore, it is important for each cat owner to learn cat meow meaning including other sounds. Cats reserve meowing to specifically communicate with us humans. Each meow directed to you is most likely to be your cat trying to communicate to you. It is up to you to determine the message he is trying to convey.

In addition, just as dogs develop excessive barking, it is also likely to happen with your cat. Some cat owners have had to deal with a cat with excessive vocalization. This is especially when they fail to meet the needs of your cat. For instance, if you are late to feed or get back home, your cat will definitely complain.

The sad part about this is that your cat might develop the habit of using their vocalization to get your attention. Therefore, stick to a routine when it comes to playing as well as petting your cat. If you are training him, ensure that he is well-fed and relaxed so that you can get him when he is most receptive. Well, I hope you get to understand the meaning of a cat’s meow and sounds.



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A. Yes, you can.

Q. How can I do that?

A. One has to pay attention to the different types of subtle meows.

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