Do cats meow more for people they like? What Your Cat’s Meowing is Trying to Tell You

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Have you ever wondered why cats meow more around certain people? It turns out that cats have a particular way of communicating with us, and their meowing can often tell us how they’re feeling. Here’s what you need to know to determine if your cat meows more for people they like.


Do cats meow more for people they like?


It is widely believed that cats meow more often around people they like.

While cats may seem to meow more frequently around people they are comfortable with, research has shown that they meow for many reasons outside of communicating with humans.

Domesticated cats tend to be most vocal when hungry or thirsty but also when trying to get attention or indicate their desire to go outside.

Generally speaking, the sound of a cat’s meow conveys some need and should always be heeded if possible.

Therefore, it could be argued that cats display their fondness for particular people by singing to them to recognize past generous acts or simple companionship.


The Meaning Behind Meows


Cats are pretty vocal animals; the average house cat will meow 10-15 times daily.

Most of their meowing is done for our benefit; cats use different types of meows to communicate messages or requests.

For example, when your cat asks for food, it may use a short, high-pitched trill.

They may use a low-pitched purr or mewling sound when they want attention or affection.

Cats also use their meows to communicate distress or fear, so you must know what type of meow your cat uses to respond appropriately.


Do Cats Meow More for People They Like?


Now that we know what cats say when they meow, let’s examine whether cats meow more for people they like.

The answer is yes! If a cat knows and trusts someone, the frequency and intensity of its meows will increase when that person is present.

This could be because the cat feels safe and comfortable enough in the presence of this person to express itself more freely—or simply because it knows it has better luck getting its demands met.

Either way, cats prefer spending time with certain people over others.




As any cat owner can tell you, having your furry friend around can be incredibly rewarding – especially when you understand their various sounds. So next time your kitty starts up with her friendly chatter, take a moment to consider if she might be trying to tell you something special about her feelings toward you – because chances are she probably is! Understanding how cats communicate through their vocalizations can help deepen your bond with them and make your relationship even more vital than ever before.

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