Do Cats Really Ruin Houses?

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Cat owners have been asking for generations an age-old question: do cats really ruin houses? When it comes to getting a pet, there are many things to consider. One of those questions is whether or not cats will cause damage to your home and belongings. Let’s take a look at the facts and figure out if cats can really ruin houses.


Do cats ruin houses?


Cats can be great companions for any home, but it’s important to remember that they are animals and sometimes will do things their owners don’t want them to.

Cats may exhibit behaviors that can damage items in the home by chewing on furniture, scratching walls and carpets, and sometimes even pooping in inappropriate places.

Fortunately, these habits can be avoided with the proper training and guidance. Cats will find almost anything interesting through their natural curiosity and innate desire to explore.

It’s up to us as responsible pet owners to provide safe toys for our feline friends and properly train them, so they don’t cause damage or make messes around the house.

With patience, dedication, and help from your local vet or animal professionals, you can raise a happy kitty who won’t ruin your house.


Do Cats Destroy Furniture and Upholstery?


The short answer is yes; cats can wreak havoc on furniture and upholstery.

Cats’ claws are sharp and can easily puncture furniture fabrics and other materials. They may also use these sharp claws to scratch furniture and carpets to mark their territory.

Additionally, cats may chew on cords and other items in your home, which can cause electrical shock or even fires if left unchecked.


Do Cats Make Messes Around the House?


Cats may also make a mess around the house with litter boxes, food dishes, and toys. If your cat is not trained properly or given enough attention, it may leave messes around the house to get attention or express boredom or frustration.

Furthermore, cats tend to shed quite a bit, so you might find fur all over your furniture or floors if you don’t groom them regularly.


Can You Prevent Cat Damage in Your Home?


Fortunately, there are ways that you can prevent cat damage in your home. For starters, keep furniture away from windows or other areas where they could scratch it while jumping around or playing with toys.

Additionally, provide plenty of scratching posts for your cat, so they don’t need to scratch up the furniture. Finally, stay on top of grooming and regular vet visits so that any potential health problems can be caught early before they lead to further destruction in your home.


Cats can ruin houses, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen in every case. With proper training and care, cats can make great companions who won’t cause too much damage around the house. Of course, pet owners need to take measures such as providing scratching posts and staying on top of regular vet visits to keep their homes safe from any potential destruction caused by their furry family members

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