Do Manx Cats have six toes? A Closer Look at the Manx Cat’s Extra Toes

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Manx cats are a breed that is known for having short, stubby tails, but did you know that they also have a unique trait when it comes to their toes? Let’s find out if Manx cats have six toes.


Do Manx cats have six toes?


It is popularly believed that Manx cats have six toes, and although this is sometimes true, it is not always the case.

The feline species known as ‘Manx’ have a gene mutation called polydactyl which can produce extra toes, usually thought to be up to six on each paw.

However, it could also result in five or fewer toes per paw, and some Manx cats show no signs of having any extra digits. It’s important to remember that all cats are unique, and the exact number of toes may vary between individuals.

If you think your Manx cat has more than the standard five toes, a visit to the vet would be able to confirm this, as well as check for any potential health concerns related to the presence of these extra digits.


Manx Cats Features


Manx cats are a special breed of feline that originated on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea.

They are renowned for their taillessness or ‘stumpy’ tail and their unique physical characteristics.

One of these features includes the presence of extra toes; most cats have five toes on their front paws and four on each hind paw.

However, many Manx cats can be born with an extra toe on one or more paws.

These extra toes are called polydactyls and can occur in various combinations – for example, one extra toe per paw or three extra toes per paw. Therefore, it is fair to say that some Manx cats do have six toes.




The gene responsible for this polydactylism is dominant, meaning that if one parent has the trait, then there is a high chance that its offspring will, too; however, not all kittens born from two polydactyl parents will inherit this trait as it must be transmitted by both parents (two copies) to be expressed in the offspring.

It should also be noted that even though this gene is found in Manx cats, it can also occur in other cat breeds.

Polydactyly is considered an anomaly rather than an abnormality, as these extra toes are typically harmless and do not cause health problems for the cat.

The extra digits can help grip onto things such as branches or tree trunks – something which could come in handy for an agile feline like a Manx cat!



All in all, yes—Manx cats may have up to six toes due to the presence of a dominant gene called polydactylism. This genetic trait gives some Manx cats an extra toe on either or both feet, though it does not usually cause any health issues and can even give them better balance and agility! So keep your eyes open for those interested in owning a Manx cat with polydactyl tendencies—you never know how many digits your next pet might have!


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