Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along with Dogs?

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Ragdolls are renowned for their ability to get along with just about anyone or anything. Since Ragdolls are seriously laid-back cats, it’s quite common to see them in households with other pets, along with large families. 


In general, Ragdolls get along with dogs just fine. In fact, Ragdolls share many of the same traits as dogs do, quite frequently acting just like dogs in their attitude towards you and other pets within the family. 


It helps that Ragdolls have a laid-back nature, so they can deal with brand new puppies and the over-excitement that is common with young children. Ragdolls prefer to be by the side of a family member at almost all times so they are used to the closeness and familiarity. 


What is it About Ragdolls That Makes Them So Compatible?


Out of all of the cats, the Ragdoll is one of the most family and closeness-oriented of cats. If there’s any cat that is going to get along with dogs, the Ragdoll is the cat of choice. Though they’re laid-back to the point of laziness, they aren’t that lazy. 


Ragdolls Are Family Oriented


The Ragdoll is the kind of cat that will place one human on a pedestal above all others within the family. However, they still adore the rest of their family members and really enjoy making new friends along the way. 


The only kind of dog that a Ragdoll wouldn’t get along with is a dog that wouldn’t get along with your Ragdoll. Even then, the Ragdoll would still make a friendly attempt. Outside of a dog that has a very hostile attitude. 


They Have a Very Open and Friendly Personality


Part of what makes a Ragdoll easy to get along with—when it comes to associating with dogs—is their laid-back and open nature. These are very calm cats that are difficult to get agitated, even if the new puppy mistakes its tail for a chew toy. 


It’s almost a forgiving and parental attitude that is necessary for keeping up with the irrational randomness of a two-year-old. Since Ragdolls lack any sort of territorial awareness, they don’t get upset when you or your dog/puppy invades their personal space. 


Ragdolls Are Very Similar to Dogs


A Ragdoll acts so much like a dog, that they are often referred to as “puppy-cats.” Their doglike nature makes them more understandable to their canine roommates and it definitely makes them more relatable as a companion. 


Their doglike behavior helps them get along well with most dogs unless, of course, you go with a chihuahua or some other kind of high-strung ankle biter. 


Ragdolls are Pretty Resilient


Ragdolls are one of the larger varieties of domesticated cats, weighing up to 20lbs. While that doesn’t mean that they are unbreakable, it does mean that they can hold their own if the new pooch decides to play “rough house.”


Ragdolls are large and sturdy cats and are often as likely to engage in play as the dog is, even if it’s a German Shepherd or a Doberman. It’s not as if a Ragdoll is going to be frightened and back down. 


Are There Occasions When Ragdolls Won’t Get Along with Dogs?


Like human beings, animals will sometimes have their own disagreements. The problem is, these are two different breeds and they often won’t understand the warnings that the other animal is giving off in the form of body language.


Since Ragdolls are not territorial, they often won’t understand the territorial nature of some dogs and end up wandering way past the imaginary warning line that your dog has drawn. 


However, this isn’t a common issue with Ragdolls and despite the possibility for disagreement, your Ragdoll will almost certainly get along with your dog just fine. 


There is also the possibility that it will cause you a degree of distress. Since Ragdolls are a lot like dogs and also have a fierce desire to be a lap cat and follow you everywhere you go, you’ll have to balance out your attention between the Ragdoll and the dog, both of whom will compete for your attention.


Most house cats only approach you when they want something, such as food or a little bit of attention. This is not the case with a Ragdoll, which will spend most of its days as your loyal shadow, following you as far as it can and always remaining close to you. 


With some dogs, that can be problematic, so you will have to carefully balance your attention between the two so that there is no level of depression in either pet. Of course, all of this is exacerbated if you own even more dogs or an additional Ragdoll. 


Best Dogs to Have Around a Ragdoll


While Ragdolls will be able to get along with most dog breeds, there are a few that are recommended above and beyond the rest.



Some or all of the dogs on that brief list may not be your cup of tea, however, they’re worth listing in case you own one or are thinking of owning one as a companion for your Ragdoll or because you simply enjoy dogs as well as cats.


All Things Considered


It’s highly likely that your Ragdoll will get along with your dog just fine. In terms of cat and dog social behavior, it would be difficult to pick a better cat for the task. You’ll find that your Ragdoll is calm, patient, laid-back, and accomodating with its canine companion. 


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