Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats. A Helpful Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats

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If you are in love with the thought of owning a Siamese cat, then you might start planning to own one. But there is a lot more to know about this peaceful, lovable, and talkative cat. After going through this piece, you will be able to decide whether this is the right breed for you.

The fact is that siamese cats are the most ancient breeds of cats and have lived with humans for many decades. This explains the reason why they make great pets and why most humans can’t help to love them wholesomely.

Besides being so beautiful to the eye, they make the best companions that you might ever have around your home. They know what they deserve and are always looking for an excellent reciprocation of the kind of love and companion they provide to their owners. If you can’t do this, then siamese cats might not be for you.


Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats. Appearance


Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats


siamese cats are some of the most beautiful pets you can have in your home. They have naturally beautiful blue eyes with sleek, perfect bodies and long legs. They also have fine, glossy coats to wrap up their overall attractive looks.

These cats come in a wide range of colors from dark brown (seal), lilac, blue, and chocolate. The four colors mentioned are the most popular, but you can get white ones. Their coats tend to be darker at the points (tail, face, ears, and paws), which is why they are described as pointed.


Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats. Personality


These cats are almost as popular for their character, the same way they are for their looks. They are some of the most vocal cats that you can ever come across. Be ready to hear frequent siamese cats talking if you are planning to have one or two of them in your house. They love to enjoy long conversations with their owners.

The siamese cats are the best family pets as they are always looking for human companionship. They are also loving and very loyal to their human friends. Their natural curiosity and high intelligence make them learn things very fast. This implies that very soon, they will learn how to open your cupboards, and draws. They are really fun to have around.

Though they love to cuddle and have some nap on the laps, they also possess high energy. This means that you will need to interact with them frequently. They can learn how to fetch, so you should provide them with as many toys as possible for when you are not around.


Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats. Tolerance


They also have an impressive level of tolerance for kids as long as they are shown how to handle cats. siamese cats are great at making friends with dogs, so they can be great for people with family dogs. You will not have to deal with cases of cat-dog fights at home.

As mentioned above, while Siemens cat provides the best companion, they need the same in return. You must not leave them alone for too long. Therefore, they are the best in homes where someone is always around. If there is no one to leave them at home with, you might consider getting another siamese cat or a family dog. They are not good at roaming. If they have to walk outside the house, someone should always be with them.


Siamese cats Health Complications


Just like any other cat or pet at home, siamese cats can encounter hereditary health conditions. These might include cancers like mediastinal lymphoma and intestinal tumors. Some of them might also suffer from eye problems that could lead to permanent loss of vision. Cases of the sensitive stomach are also common in siamese cats, and they tend to vomit a lot. To avoid this, try not to feed them rich cat foods.


Siamese Cats Grooming


Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats


These cats have dazzling glossy coats, and they love to spend time taking care of themselves just like other short-hair cat breeds. Therefore, you will not need to pack too much effort into grooming them. You just need to brush them once or twice a week and that is just enough to keep them as beautiful as they deserve to be. However, since they crave lots of attention, you might be tricked into brushing them often.


Siamese Kittens


It is not hard to imagine how cute siamese cats are. The newborns are always spotless white, and it can take up to twelve months for them to develop new colors. However, they always show their points within the first three weeks. Just like adults, kittens are compassionate and have a lot of energy. They need as much care and attention as the adult ones.

Since this is the time that their personalities develop, as the owner, you want to ensure that they get as much love and attention as possible. If you do this, they will grow into socialized family cats, and you will love their presence.


Is a Siamese Cat Right for You?


These cats are some of the greatest pets you can have at home. They are elegant and gorgeous to look at. They always want to be part and parcel of family life. However, if you are not someone who spends enough time at home, then they might feel lonely, and that is not what they want.

If you must have one, make sure that you have people and other pets at home. siamese cats also appreciate predictable, stable environments, so they might feel disturbed by changes to routines and the environment.


Siamese Cat Talking. Click Here to learn What Your Cat Is Saying.


These cats tend to meow a lot. If you are not cool with some noisy cats and are looking for the silent ones, then you don’t want to own Siamese cats. As beautiful as they are, they believe in long conversations with their human friends, and they can get really loud. They basically want to let you know everything that is going on in their lives, and that is what some people find so beautiful about them.

Other than being noisy and talkative, Siamese cats can be aggressive and territorial. If you have owned one before, then you know this quite well. They are naturally jealous, and that is why you might not want to mix them with other breeds. They will claim all the attention and might make life unbearable for other cats.

Did you know that the tips of Siamese cats are temperature-controlled? They have white coats with dark-tipped ears, paws, and facial features. This usually comes from a temperature enzyme which is responsible for the development of colors around the cooler parts of the body, while the warmer parts stay pale. When they are born, their bodies are entirely white, but these tips start to form a few weeks later.

Their tips also might vary in color. Initially, it was claimed that they only have dark tips, but it was later determined that the tips could be of any color, including lilac, chocolate, blue, dark, and many more.

Many sets of genes determine the coat color of the cats. The modifier genes also take part in modifying the pattern of the colors on their coat. The Siamese cats have a specially modified gene that mainly inhibits the pigmentation on their fur. This usually leads to albinism. Thankfully, these modifier genes can only affect the fur of the cat above certain temperatures, precisely between 100 and 102.5 degrees.

When the temperature of the Siamese cat’s body drops to below 100 degrees or if the cat lives in colder environments, the gene for coat becomes dominant again then carries the color to its fur. Since the cat tends to be cooler around its paws, eyes, ears, and the tail, this is where the gene drops the fur color.


The Common Traits of Siamese Cats


Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats


For an extended period, most Siamese cats were crooked and had crossed eyes and kinked tails. These traits were then proved to be the result of certain genetic conditions. Most scientists offered a comprehensive explanation as to why the cats appear the way they do.

One of the famous theories claims that in the past, Siamese cats had the duty of guarding a golden, royal giblet. Amid their duties, the cats started so intensely at the golden, royal goblet that led to them develop crossed eyes. Also, since they had their tails wrapped around the golden, royal goblet for improved security, their tails became bent permanently. Up to date, some Siamese cats have crossed eyes and bent tails, but it is not very common.

Many years ago, Siamese cats were loved by royal families that lived in Thailand because they had an unusually beautiful appearance. It is hard to believe, but many of these royal families believed that Siamese cats would receive their souls by the time they die.

They also believed that the cat would live for eternity in a temple while being pampered by priests and monks. It is for these reasons that, at that time, you would find royal families with two or more of these cats. Even today, in Thailand, some rich families still hold this belief.

Though these cats have been domesticated in Asia for many years, they only appeared in the UK and the USA in the late 1800s. The first owner of the Siamese cat was America’s president, Rutherford B. Hayes. This means that these cats have some history in the white house too. This one was a gift from a US diplomat who was serving in Thailand at that time. It was named Siam by the president’s wife.


My Final Thoughts


If you are interested in getting this wonderful home companion, then you need to think of getting a Siamese cat. They will keep you involved in each aspect of their lives through consistent meowing. They are adorable and beautiful to look, and these are the qualities that made them popular with Thai royalty. The other thing that makes them fun to have around is the fact that they are highly intelligent and will do crazy stuff in the house to keep you amazed. If you notice any health problem with them, make sure that you call a vet to have them checked and treated on time.


Siamese Cat Spraying problems.

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