How Cats Adjust To New Ownership

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Many people are hesitant to get a cat due to their reputation for being aloof and standoffish. While it’s true that cats can take a while to warm up to new environments and people, they certainly do accept new owners. This article will explore how cats adjust to new owners and the best ways to help them settle in.


Do cats accept new owners?


Cats are social creatures, but their owners often misunderstand their behavior as aloofness.

The truth is cats form strong bonds with their people and accept new owners – but it can take time for them to adjust.

When changing hands, cats need time to become familiar with a new home and recognize the unique scents of the people living there.

Depending on the cat and situation, this may take anywhere from two to four weeks. During this acclimation period, the owners should be patient, give extra love and attention, and provide consistency through activities like playing or brushing their fur.

If done correctly, most cats will quickly come around and find comfort in a new family environment.


The Cat’s Personality


Cats have distinct personalities that will determine how quickly they adjust to their new home.

Some cats may be more outgoing than others, while others may need more time and patience before becoming comfortable with their new environment.

Providing plenty of playtime, exercise and affection can help speed up the process of bonding with your furry friend.


Introducing Your Cat To Their New Home


When introducing your cat to their new home, ensure you give them space for exploration without overwhelming them.

  • Allow your cat to explore each room at their own pace until they feel comfortable enough to stay in one place for an extended period.


  • This will also allow them time and space to adjust to the stress of moving from one home to another.


  • You should also provide plenty of hiding spots for your cat, such as cardboard boxes or blankets, so they can retreat if things get too overwhelming.

Be Patient With Your Cat


It is important not to rush the process of getting your cat used to its new home and owner.

When you first bring your cat into its new home, give it some space and time alone in a quiet room where it can relax and explore on its terms.

Be mindful not to overwhelm your cat with attention, as that could cause further distress or anxiety, which will only delay the process of getting used to you even more.

Be patient with your cat by gradually introducing yourself, whispering when near it, and offering gentle strokes when it feels comfortable enough for physical contact.




Cats can accept a change in ownership if their owner gives them enough time and patience. Introducing cats slowly into their environment allows them to explore without feeling overwhelmed or anxious, which helps immensely with transitioning from one home/owner situation to another smoothly over time.

Offering toys treats, and affection during this transition can help speed up the process. Still, patience is critical when introducing cats into a new ownership situation, so they feel safe within their environment before finally accepting you as their owner.

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