How To Dry A Cat Without A Hairdryer. What You Need To Know

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Hairdryers make too much noise and can be highly unsettling for a cat (especially one who’s just had a bath). Instead, pat the excess moisture from your freshly-bathed feline with a warm towel, then allow them to finish drying in a warm or sunny spot.


Continue reading to explore why we need to dry our cats after bathing and the best options for drying a cat without a hairdryer. 


Why Do I Need To Dry My Cat?


Drying your cat adequately is one of the essential aspects of bathing your cat. A cat’s fur is their number one protector against the cold, so if it becomes wet, it puts them at a high risk of developing a cold; or hypothermia in a worst-case scenario.


Can I Use A Hairdryer To Dry My Cat?


It’s not a good idea to use a hairdryer on your cat. The main reason is that the loud noise of the device can cause your cat to become frightened, irritable, or hostile.


Your cat has probably had enough trauma for the day after being exposed to a sink full of water; the last thing they will want is another scary scenario to follow. If you wish to endear your cat to bath times, you need to make the process as relaxing as possible.


Drying your cat can be a quiet, calming, and soothing experience, but not when using a hairdryer.


In addition, hairdryers can dry out the skin, which is particularly problematic for old cats or those with sensitive skin – it could exacerbate any irritable skin issues, which will lead to discomfort for your feline.


Can I Let My Cat Air Dry?


You can let your cat air dry, but it’s not a very good idea. For starters, you don’t want your cat to get sick or stressed because they are now at risk from predators and are exposed to cold indoor and outdoor temperatures.


These cats will often find a warm or sunny spot to sit and lick themselves dry. The problem with this is that it makes them more at risk of developing furballs. Though rare, these furballs can lead to intestinal issues and obstructions.


How To Dry A Cat Without A Hairdryer.


If you’ve just bathed your cat, they might not be in the best mood. This means you’ll want the drying process to be as calming and easy as possible. All you need for this is a clean towel, plus a warm room, and you’re good to go.


Steps To Towel Dry Your Cat.


  1. Before bathing your cat, get a clean towel and lay it out next to the sink or basin. 
    1. You’ll want easy access to the towel once bath time is over.
    2. Your cat may scratch the towel, so make sure it’s an old one that you don’t mind clawing on.
  2. Place your wet cat on the center of the towel and use the short ends to wrap them up.
    1. At this point, your cat will probably squirm to get away, so act quickly and keep a firm but gentle grip on their body.
  3. Sit with your wrapped up cat in your lap for a few minutes providing warmth and comfort to make them feel at ease.
  4. Once they’re settled, gently press the towel over your cat’s body to dry it.
    1. Avoid rubbing or a back and forth motion as this is likely to mat or tangle their hair, especially in long-haired cats; use a dabbing motion instead.
  5. Continue to dry until the fur is damp rather than dripping wet.
  6. Now place your feline into a prewarmed room where they can comfortably relax as their fur continues to dry.
    1. Never place a heat source directly on your pet – instead, use a small heater or similar device to keep the overall temperature in the room warm.


How Can I Encourage My Cat To Take A Bath?


Most cats hate baths, and it’s unlikely that they’ll learn to love them. You may, however, get a cat to tolerate a bath if they associate it with something positive. Try giving them extra attention, snuggles, or treats once they’ve had their bath, and they may grow less resistant.


What Is The Best Way To Dry My Cat Without A Hairdryer?


The best way to dry your cat is to keep it simple and relaxing. Prep the room(s) you’ll be using, ensuring that the temperature is nice and warm for your feline. Once washed, blot your kitty with a dry towel to remove as much moisture as possible. 


What Should I Do Once My Cat Is Dry?


You want to create positive associations with bath time, so you must engage in some fun or relaxing activities with your cat once they are dry.


Give them a gentle brush using the correct type of cat comb; brushes and fine combs work well for shorthairs, while wide-toothed combs work well for longhairs or tangled patches. For long hairs, brush around their abdomen, armpits, and legs, finishing up at the head. For shorthairs, brush from the head toward the tail.


Once the grooming session is complete, reward them with one of their favorite treats. Also, provide them with verbal clues that you’re pleased with their behavior, such as “good boy.”


Final Thoughts.


Cats don’t like bath time, so you’ll want to make the drying experience calming and relaxing. The best way is to bundle your feline up in a warm towel and give them a little fuss before placing them in a warm room to do the rest.


Most importantly, reward your kitty with a treat once you finish, and maybe they’ll learn not to hate bathtime quite so much.


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