How to Get Cat Pee Smell out of Couch. This will work.

Most cats have at least once experienced a period where they were eliminated inappropriately. However, even as this behavior can easily be corrected, removing the cat pee smell remains a challenge. This is because cat urine has a strong smell that is almost impossible to get rid of.

Unfortunately, your cat does not really care where she pees, be it your couch, bed, or even on your clothes. As you work to stop your cat from peeing all over, it is important to have a place to get the smell off your fabrics. After all, the smell will make it impossible to correct cat elimination inappropriately. This article is going to outline some of the steps you may take to get a cat pee out of your couch.


The first step to How to get cat pee smell out of the couch



The first step to getting the pee smell off your couch is by making sure you get the urine off the place. Use paper towels as they can absorb the pee faster from the fabric. understand that this process is going to be lengthy and tedious but quite necessary. You really do not want to leave your house smelling of the latter.

No matter how much Febreze you use, the smell will still somehow linger in the house. If the paper towels do not seem to absorb the urine completely, you can use towels instead. This will help you absorb all the urine from your leather or upholstered couch.

However, this does not stop here as you may wash the couch and still feel the stench of the urine. Not only is it embarrassing but it is also problematic as it cats ruined the couch completely. Below are some of the tips that you may use to get the cat pee smell off your couch:


Tips to get cat pee smell out of a couch


In order to be able to remove the cat pee smell from your couch, the very first thing you should do is wash off the urine. However, this does not always work when you are using a normal cleaning agent. Cat urine tends to crystallize when in fabrics. This makes it quite difficult to get rid of the odor. Do not panic as your remedy might just be in your cupboard. Here are some of the methods that you may use to remove the pungent smell from your couch and eventually your house.


Homemade Remedies to get rid of cat pee smell on couches


Some of the methods used are:

  1. Vinegar and water
  2.  Hydrogen Peroxide
  3. Baking Soda
  4. And lots of commonly used methods.

However, you are missing the only true method.

Vinegar and water

This is one of the most effective ways to remove cat pee smell from fabrics. In addition, vinegar is quite a strong cat repellent, which will help keep the cat away and thus help stop the cat spraying. You actually do not need to rush to the store in order to clean off the urine from your couch.

In order to be able to use this method, you should add vinegar to the water. Use the water to clean the surface with the cat urine. However, you will have to make sure that you clean off all the urine. This is because the smell may still be there when the smell of vinegar fades away.


Hydrogen Peroxide


This is a great product that you can use to get the smell of cat pee out of your house. However, you should be very careful as hydrogen peroxide may lead to discoloration of your couch. Therefore, first, try the method by applying it to a small portion of the couch.

If you decide to use this method in order to remove the smell, pour a relative amount of hydrogen peroxide on the soiled surface. Target where the smell is coming from and apply the chemical directly. Blot with a wet towel in order to rinse. It is most effective if used right after using vinegar to clean the couch.



Use baking soda


Baking soda is also a great product to use in order to get rid of bad odors and the cat pee smell is not an exception. All you need to do is make sure that the couch is dry after you have washed to remove the cat pee smell.

Then sprinkle baking soda on the place from where the smell is coming. This is effective due to the powder’s ability to soak up smells. Whenever you are using baking soda, leave it for about 30 minutes before wiping it off. This should get your house smelling way better as soon as you are done.


Prevent your cat from peeing on the couch


Before we go on to look at how unpleasant the cat pee smell is, it is important that you understand how prone felines are to spraying. In fact, it is their natural behavior that they use to communicate with each other. However, due to our massive differences, we may not be able to live with our cats and tolerate the behavior. Cat spraying and peeing everywhere has been the leading reason why people surrender their cats to shelter.

However, like any other behavior, you can also be able to correct cat spraying. The key to preventing your cat from spraying will depend on the actual reason why she has started the habit. This is why you will need to always study your cat’s behavior before undertaking any measures.

Cats spray because of various reasons, some of which might sound petty to us. For instance, a slight change can make your cat spray all over. This is your cat’s way of communicating her feelings to you that she is frustrated.

All in all, you must be able to understand what is causing the spraying and inappropriate elimination in your cat. From this point, then you should be able to remove the thing motivating her to pee outside the litter box. Below are some of the methods that you can use to keep your cat from eliminating inappropriately.


Tips to prevent a cat from peeing on the couch


Once you notice your cat peeing on the couch, you should definitely be alarmed. This can either be as a result of a behavioral issue or in some cases as a result of medical issues.  You should figure out the reason behind the spraying as soon as possible. Thereafter, you should remove any motivation to spray or even the elements causing your cat to pee outside the litter box. So what exactly should you do in order to keep your cat from soiling the couch?


Wash off the urine


Back to the first step, in order to keep your cat from spraying, you will need to thoroughly wash off the urine. This way, your cat will not be prompted to return to the crime scene to repeat the spraying. When your cat does not recognize the previously sprayed spot, it is unlikely that she will spray once again.



Clean the litter boxes


Having several clean litter boxes in the house is a great way to get your cat from peeing on your couch and furniture. This is because your cat may find it easier and better to pee on your couch if the litter boxes are all dirty and smelly.

Consider changing cat litter often in order to keep it fresh at all times. It is also important that you scoop the litter boxes after every use, or at least twice a day.


Check on your cat’s health


As we had mentioned earlier, cat spraying can be a result of health issues. Older cats, and especially the female feline, are at a greater risk of contracting urinary tract infections. This does not guarantee that male cats cannot contract the illness.

Your cat spraying all over the house, you should monitor her for other symptoms. If she appears to urinate more frequently than usual, consider taking her to the vet. In addition to this, some cats may not necessarily spray on the couch when they are sick. This is because other more serious health conditions like diabetes and hyperthyroidism make weaken your cat’s ability to hold pee.

Rush to your vet if you suspect that your cat is sick.


Address stress and anxiety


The emotional status of your cat will also determine her habits. Now, if your cat is exposed to any form of anxiety, you should make sure that you address that as soon as possible. However, you will have to be very cautious in order to notice that your cat is stressed or anxious about something.

We recommend that you spend quality time playing, petting, and cuddling with your cat. Avoiding change and situations that lead to anxiety should help you keep a calm cat.


Deter your cat from sitting/resting on the couch


If your cat does not have access to the couch, there is no way she is going to ruin it in the first place. Therefore, it is important to deter your cat from accessing the living room. This will definitely help prevent cat spraying on the couch.

There are several methods that you can use to keep your kitty out of the living room. For instance, you can make it uncomfortable for your cat to stand the sight or even the smell of the place. Luckily for you, there are various ways of deterring a cat.

You can use orange/lemon peels to repel your cat. This works because your cat hates the smell of the citrus in the fruits. Leave a few peels on the couch and on the carpet of the living room. This should keep your cat out of the room for when you are away.

Another common cat deterrent is the use of vinegar. Like we discussed in the earlier section, vinegar is a great cleaning agent and also a good cat deterrent.



Cover your couch when leaving home


Once your cat develops the habit of peeing on the couch, you are going to have a little problem when trying to keep it clean and odor-free. This is because she might come back and spray once again on the couch, due to the smell.

However, there is something you can do to keep her from your couch. Cats are very particular when it comes to their comfort. Your cat pees on the couch because she somehow likes it. This means that if you make it uncomfortable for her. She is going to stay away.

Place aluminum foil on the spot she has been targeting. In addition, you may also choose to go for the entire cushion. Cover it with polythene paper so that your cat does not find it an attractive place to eliminate. The polythene paper irritates the cat’s paws and thus she will be repelled to the scene.


Remove the cushions


As mentioned above, cats like places that are comfortable. She has to like a particular spot in order for her to pee on it. Since cushions are made of soft and comforting fabric, they feel great on your cat’s paws. This is why she will keep coming back to the couch.

Well, removing the cushions will help you prevent your cat from peeing on the couch. This is especially for upholstered couch cases.


Cat pee smell won’t come off. I have tried everything, please help me get the cat pee smell out of my couch


Once again, it can be very frustrating when all you want to do is lie down on the couch and watch your favorite show but all you can smell is cat pee! This means that all the efforts you have put in cleaning your couch have not yielded. I have seen so many cat parents crying about this problem. Cat urine can be very upsetting and also could ruin your couch. Well, in other words, I am trying to tell you that cat pee is not only embarrassing and disappointing but also destructive.

The truth is, there are so many myths about getting rid of the cat pee smell. Unfortunately, only a handful of these remedies work! This leaves many cat owners desperate even after putting so much effort to trying to get rid of the terrible smell. However, do not despair as we do have a number of methods to still go through.

If you feel like you have tried everything to get rid of the cat smell, it is not yet time to give up! Here are other additional ways to get your house smelling fresh once again;


Enzyme cleaners

It is important to use enzyme cleaners on your upholstered or even leather couches once sprayed by your cat. These will help you remove the bad odor completely. Alternatively, you can also use enzyme sprays in the places where the smell is coming from.



Use a black light  


If you are looking at ‘how to get cat pee smell out of the couch,’ it is evident that you probably have been struggling with this problem. I am not going to lie to you and tell you that it is an easy task. However, as we said earlier, the best approach is by making sure that you have cleaned the couch properly. Use a black light to identify the lurking stains on the couch.

The truth is, it is almost impossible to get rid of the smell. However, the black light will enable you to see the remaining stains and therefore clean them. Understand that the foul smell comes from crystallized cat urine that you may not be able to remove using water only.


Place the furniture under the sun


Solar power has the capability of getting rid of cat pee urine. Well, this will depend on whether the couch is easily portable and easy to carry. If it is, the fresh air and the heat from the sun will definitely do more help than vinegar or even enzyme cleaners.

Alternatively, you can also remove the cushion and sundry it.


Retrain your cat


Maybe it has been a while since you litter-trained your kitty. Some cats may tend to forget about all your training. Therefore, she may start behaving like she is in the wild and thereby spray everything in the house. You might consider taking her through the training all over again.

Litter training is not exactly easy to train as what you are mostly trying to get rid of is the natural instincts cats have. However, it should not be a difficult task if you put an effort into it. To reinforce training and fasten the process, you may use treats and praises. Cats do love that.

During this time, it is important to ensure that your cat has several litter boxes in the house. Place them in places where your cat can reach but far from the door or windows. It is also essential to allocate some time to play with your kitty. In fact, playtime is the best period to train your cat.




Cat pee smell is almost impossible to get out of your couch. It is definitely going to take up some of your time and patience but if done correctly, the methods above should help you remove the foul odor from your house. If you need to retrain your cat so that she can stop eliminating inappropriately, please do so. This will reinforce litter box usage.

In addition, in order to get the cat pee smell out of your couch, consider having her examined by your vet. This way, you will be ruling out any medical illnesses that she might be suffering from. All in all, the goal is to keep your cat from urinating on your furniture and not to punish her. You should also check on your cat’s emotional health. Treat any underlying stress and anxiety in order to keep a happy and well-behaved cat.

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