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When you domesticate a pet, you will need to master some form of communication between you too. Since most cats do not speak English or your native language, you will need to observe other means of communication. In most cases, cats use meowing as their main method of communicating with their owners.

Well, they learn to communicate via meowing with their mothers from kittenhood. At this point, it is important to mention that kittens are born when they are totally blind. They will use vocalization as a way to communicate with their mothers. Sometimes they will use scent to identify their mother.

In this article, we are going to discuss your cat’s means of communication as we teach you how to speak cat.


Kittens tend to meow more than adult cats. However, all this is directed to you, his parent. It is therefore up to you to understand what he is trying to tell you. Furthermore, you will have to know how to speak to your cat. This way, you will be able to teach him acceptable habits and curb those that are not. This will ensure that you communicate and understand each other.


Understanding cat language in order to speak cat


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In order for you to learn how to speak cat, you will have to spend some time studying your cat’s behavior. This means that you will spend some time looking at his vocalization patterns, body language, and sometimes spraying. We are going to discuss some of the most forms of communication your cat will use.


As we mentioned above, meowing is one of the most common forms of communication among cats. Well, if they were still living in the wild, they would use meowing to communicate their needs with other cats and even other animals. However, now that we live with them under the same roof, they try to communicate with us. It is only fair if you know what your cat is trying to tell you. Therefore, you will have to learn how to speak cat.

A cat may meow in order to communicate different needs. For instance, they will do so to:


To be fed


This will be a common occurrence in your household, especially when it is just you and the cat. Once again, once we adopt kitties, we take up the role of their parents. We have to feed them and ensure that they are doing okay. And they have also learned that we are responsible for all that. Therefore, when they are hungry, they will definitely try to notify us by meowing.

As much as this is important, it can get annoying. Some cats end up being too focused on the food that they will meow consistently when they get home. If it gets out of control, you may no longer enjoy your peace in the house. Therefore, you may want to teach him to minimize his meowing, and not by always giving him what he wants.

You will need to be cautious so that you do not end up encouraging your kitty to demand food or even water. This means that you do not offer him food because he is meowing. Wait until he goes quiet and only then can you offer him some food. However, you should not punish your cat even though the meowing can turn out to be quite annoying.

Alternatively, you can teach your cat to wait by training him to sit down. Fortunately for you, cats are fast to learn new tricks. In order to teach him to sit, use food as the motivator. Scoop his favorite treat in a spoon and place it slightly above his nose. Of course, he is going to reach out for it but don’t let him. Keep raising the treat until his bottom touches the ground. When he is in this position, you can offer the treat as well as feed him. The trick is to teach him politeness.


To initiate play


Every cat owner cat tells you that cats are social and very expressive. Your cat might be meowing because he wants to play with you. However, it is a way to get your attention which could result in unwanted habits. In addition, he will also roll over to invite you to play with him.

When he does so, do not encourage the insistent meowing. Instead, refrain from responding to him every time he meows at you. Instead, wait until he is quiet and then you can play with him. If at all he starts meowing again, withdraw from playing with him. You will have to do this several times before he gets to learn that you do not appreciate him meowing to get your attention.


Trying to tell you that he is stressed


Due to their delicate nature, cats are also very vulnerable to emotional distress. Well, this could be a result of different scenarios. For instance, your cat may get all riled when you are not at home. As a result, he may keep meowing because he is lonely or anxious. In addition, cat stress may be as a result of recent changes in the household like moving or a new baby. This may result in constant meowing with your cat trying to communicate his emotional status with you.

In such a case, you may want to invest some time in behavior modification. In addition, understand his loneliness and spend quality time with him.


Meowing to show excitement


It is common for a cat to show his excitement especially when you come home. The short happy meow is a way for him to say hello to you. I mean, he has been all alone at home, and seeing you brings a lot of excitement to him.

In most cases, he will come onto you and probably sit on your laps. This is his way to show affection and love to his ‘person.’

As much as the above sums it all, before we can proceed to look at other forms of communication among cats, consistent meowing may also mean that your cat is ill. This is especially when he won’t shut up even at night. Therefore, under certain circumstances, you might consider getting him to the vet’s office for a check-up.


Cat body language


Like we had mentioned earlier in this article, you will need to understand cat language before you learn how to respond. Even though this is not verbal, it is important to know what your cat is trying to tell you when he uses body language instead. We are going to briefly discuss cat body language and what it means in order to ease your process of learning how to speak cat.

For instance, your cat will use his tail to actually communicate his emotional status. Therefore, watch the position of his tail. When he is feeling a little irritated, his tail will be stiff and he will probably flick it. On the other hand, a relaxed tail will indicate that he is doing just fine. His tail will go all the way down when he is scared of something.

The posture of your cat should also help communicate with you. For instance, when his feet are underneath with his body hunched over, this might mean that he is about to pounce and attack. This is especially when he is feeling agitated or threatened.


Learn how to speak cat


Now that we have outlined some of the ways in which cats communicate, how are you going to talk to him? Well, it is not always that you will need to respond by offering him whatever he desires. Instead, you can learn how to speak cat. This is going to make it way more interesting for both of you.

However, keeping in mind that we are all from different species, it can be quite difficult trying to communicate with your cat. Understand that your cat has no idea of what you are saying and he probably does not care.

He does not understand human behavior but you have the obligation to understand his. After all, how else are you going to live peacefully in the same house?

Therefore, you need to learn how to speak cat. Your message to the cat will be determined by the tone of your voice as well as the pitch. Not only are you looking to create a strong bond between the two of you but also train your cat.

It is important to note that you are the one responsible for your kitty’s behavior. With the information in the first section of this article, you should understand what your cat is trying to tell you and respond accordingly.

It is complicated to learn how to speak cat. While meowing back at them is harmless, it is not always the most effective method of communicating with him. This is because cats use it to communicate with humans because it works. We respond to it but it does not mean that they do respond to meowing. If you have watched cats talking to each other, you will realize that there is a minimum meowing. It is usually more of body language than vocalization.



How do I speak with my cat?


As outlined above, communicating with your cat is an important gesture. This is because it allows us to bond with our kitties and at the same time it is easier to modify behavior. Therefore, learning how to speak cat will be accompanied by intensive cat training. For instance, when you want to communicate with your cat, you have to learn how they behave, which we have already discussed. I am going to give you an example of how you can speak to him via your body language.

When you stare at him, he takes that as a threat. In fact, you can see him getting all scared through his ears and eyes. However, when you introduce slow blinks, he is going to relax. As mentioned earlier, this is a way to display affection towards him.

Another important gesture is the use of the tail. Well, we cannot emulate this since we lack tails but then observe it to understand his message. When you stand up and look at him sternly, it is going to come out a little threatening. This is because you are making yourself look bigger. In fact, chances are that he is going to respond by making himself bigger as well.

Train your cat in some simple commands like ‘sit’ or ‘down’. Fortunately for you, it is quite easy to do this. Cats learn quite fast as compared to other pets. You can even train him how ‘high five’ when you get home! This makes it pretty easy to greet him as opposed to meowing back.

When he gets it right, consider petting him rather than offering him a treat. The challenge for this, however, comes in where you have to determine the best time for training. Cats will be receptive only when they want to.


My cat won’t respond to my commands


Well, we cannot put enough emphasis on the fact that cats can be quite difficult to train. As opposed to dogs, a cat can actually ignore whatever you are saying and walk away. Sadly, there is nothing you can do to make him stay. Therefore, you will need to determine the best time to train him.

At this point, you may have trouble trying to make your cat respond to your commands. If you want to speak a cat, then you must understand that they respond to actions way better than they respond to commands. That is why is it easier to train them on how to high five, for example. Research shows that they do not have much ability to correlate words with actions. This makes it difficult to teach them how to obey commands.




If you are really looking for ways to speak cat, then put in some effort and observe their body language. This is going to give you an insight into what he wants and even what he is feeling at the moment. One of the most common mistakes we make is to train them like we would dogs. Dogs can understand and correlate actions with words but cats may not. Therefore, use a different approach like his body language and the pitch of your voice.

When reinforcing any form of training, refrain from using treats. Instead, pet him when he gets something right. In addition, your voice, hand gestures, and also facial expressions are important when you want to communicate with your cat. Understand his language and learn from him and you will be able to speak to your cat.

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