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Ah, the beautiful Siamese. If it is not the lovely striking blue eyes that you notice, perhaps it is an amazing color scheme. The seal point color scheme that is the trademark of this breed has been capturing the hearts of cat fanciers all over the world. 


If it’s NOT the colors of the cat you notice first, or its beautiful eyes, it’s no doubt the meow. The siamese are known for their talkative nature. Most of the time, cat owners of the breed find this adorable and a rather loveable trait.  Sometimes, it can be annoying when you desire some peace and quiet. 


So the question remains: just why does the siamese meow so much, and what is its meaning? This article seeks to help you understand the Siamese cat meow meaning.


The Importance of The Siamese Cat Meowing


Siamese Cat Meow Meaning


Cats, regardless of their breed, are capable of making over 100 different sounds. Some are cute, some are scary, some make us sad. Chirping, meowing, growling, and sneezes are just some of the things we might hear from our kitty. 


But, the most iconic sound of all is definitely the meow. So many different emotions can be conveyed through the use of a single sound, and every cat has its own special meow. They can tell humans they feel hungry, excited, upset, and more using this universal sound, using different inflections depending on their mood.


As a siamese lover, you have probably gotten to know your cat enough to the point that you can determine what they need from the varied meows that they make. And if you have multiple kitties,  you are probably likely able to tell who is meowing even when you are not looking directly at them.  


And here’s the real kicker: The meaning of the Siamese Cat meow is to communicate with human beings-not with other cats. 


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Are you surprised? I know I was!


It’s true. When cats are interacting with one another, they do not meow to communicate their needs or feelings. However, cats are smart in that they know humans cannot fully understand scent marking or their feline body language. Therefore, they meow as a means of talking to their humans. 


Think about it: Chances are, you can decode the different meows of your cat as a means of determining what they need. My siamese, for instance, gets very high pitched and noisy when she feels hungry. But when we are just watching TV on the couch, her meows become tiny and cute as I scratch her ears. 


Meowing For Different Reasons


The siamese know they depend upon you for all of their basic needs like food, water, and waste removal, and most importantly, a feeling of love. They also know that you will come to them when they meow instead of using their body language so-they do what works!


Here are some of the common reasons you might hear your Siamese meowing. 


As A Greeting/Feeling Hunger


Siamese Cat Meow Meaning


Did you just pull into the driveway and open the door? Your siamese will probably come running up to the door and begin asking how your day was in the form of the meow. Your cat is happy to see you and glad you made it back home. 


You may notice your cat’s meow as being a bit short and high pitched. Their tail will be held straight up like a car antenna. This is a good sign and means your siamese cat is feeling friendly. 


Hunger is another reason.


siamese love to eat. All cats do, really! Open up a can of wet food and chances are the cats come running when they hear the pop of the tin finally opening, knowing those great flavors will soon be in their mouths. 


As a siamese owner, you can probably tell when your kitty is feeling hungry. The cat will likely meow like there’s no tomorrow until that food is dropped into the bowl or the can is set down. They might follow you while you retrieve the food bag and meow excitedly as it hits the bowl. 


They Need To Go Out/Siamese Get Stressed


If you are like me, you have made the mistake of shutting the bedroom door while not knowing your siamese was still inside. A few moments later, some sad sounding yowling can be heard. Racing up the stairs, you open the door, apologize to the cat, and check to see if they had an accident while confined in your room. 


The point is, . They do not like being behind closed doors, especially if you are on the other side. They want to know that you are okay, so they will meow at the other side of the door. 

Stress from being behind a door is just one way these cats get riled up.


Indeed, you might think your cat has an easy life while you work all day long but the fact of the matter is,  stress happens to cats just as it does to humans. Have you ever had to take a nervous kitty to the vet? They meow all the way down to the office and sound like they are crying. This crying will continue until the stress stops. This is a meow that you don’t hear very often from a chill Siamese and can be jarring to cat parents. 


Could A Siamese Ever Meow To Another Cat? 


Siamese Cat Meow Meaning


Yes, they can. There is a relatively famous Youtube video called “The 2 Talking Cats”. The cats in the video are not Siamese but they appear to be talking to one another. 


However, the answer is largely NO-you see kittens meowing to their mother during the growth stages, but once they become grown-up they don’t do that anymore. 


Grown-up cats do not need meows to speak with one another. Instead, scent marking and feline body language is used as a means of communication. Hissing, sniffing or even grooming one another are all ways of communication cats utilize. 


Siamese may play too hard with one another and you might hear a yelp, but other than that, cats tend to use other non-vocal methods of communication. 


feral cats might never communicate with you via a meow. One person I know of who adopted a feral cat found that he never really meows to speak with humans, presumably due to the fact he did not interact with a human until being rescued as an adult. 


Why Does The Siamese Meow So Much?


If you are reading this article because you are preparing to adopt a Siamese cat, or came into one as a result of being a foster cat parent and never had one before-you are in for a treat. 


This breed loves to meow. A LOT. 


You will love this some days and other days you will want to put on noise-canceling headphones, make sure they have adequate food, water, and litter and just leave them to their own devices. 


Indeed, if this is your first time having a Siamese in your house you will be surprised at how much they talk. Unlike other breeds, you have to understand it’s just something they do. 


They do this because they love to talk to you. These cats want to tell you everything about what they did that day: What they ate, the robins they watched from the living room sill, the funny thing their brother or sister did while you were at work. 


They love it when you talk back, too! They may not understand it completely, and maybe you don’t understand their language all that well either. But, your Siamese will love the companionship and the good conversation. Don’t get this breed if you fear being seen as a “crazy cat man” or a “crazy cat lady” when you talk back with them!


And if you want to maximize the fun you can have with your Siamese, you should check this cool program I found that helps us talk to our cats with ease. It’s pretty good-give it a try!


Another reason the Siamese might meow a lot is that they demand affection. They want your attention and all the head scratches and pets you can offer.  They are known for getting jealous if you do not give them the amount of attention they desire. This could be the reason that some people consider the Siamese a “mean kitty.” 


Some cats are known for being standoffish and solitary-A Siamese is definitely the exception to the rule.  These cats love being around you, and they love being with other Siamese or other brothers and sisters. 


So, indulge those meows-chances are they just want some love.


Wrapping It Up


A Siamese can meow for a bunch of different reasons. Sometimes, it is because they want to communicate their basic needs like hunger, other times they just want to interact with their loving owners. Answer the call and you and your cat will both feel happy.


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