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Meowing is not exactly strange, especially in Siamese cats. However, when it comes to howling, it can be quite frustrating. Unfortunately, cats howl and cry mainly at night. Well, what could be the reason for your Siamese cat howling? Read on to understand your cat better.

Now, the siamese cat is known for its talkative nature. She wants to be around you at all times. Most cat owners have witnessed the breed’s sociable nature. She will follow you around with endless talking. While this is totally normal for the Siamese cat, howling is not.

Howling is usually a sign of a behavioral problem. Therefore, it would be a huge mistake if you ignore cat howling, especially at night. Your siamese cat, however, may start howling all of a sudden and mostly at night. Believe me, you are going to try everything to make it stop. It can be brain splitting because the siamese breed can be loud. Sometimes it might resemble a baby’s cry.

The most common reasons why your siamese cat is howling may include:

  • Stress and boredom
  • Illnesses of injuries
  • Unneutered/unspayed cats

We are going to look at these factors and see how they lead to howling in howling.


Siamese Cat Howling


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Stress and boredom


The most endearing thing about owning a siamese cat is knowing that she loves you. They are sociable and quite friendly. On most occasions, she will spend time with you, following you around. However, this also makes them obsess over attention.

Every siamese cat owner will tell you about the attention-seeking behavior. Well, when left alone, this opens a window for stress, anxiety, and boredom. Over the years of cat domestication, we have learned a few things about them. Keep them occupied!

When bored, your cat will act it out. She might howl the entire day. It is as if she loves her own voice! As I have previously emphasized, keep your cat quiet, provide enough stimulation. Note that the siamese breed can be more active than other breeds.

Stress will also get your siamese cat howling. Sadly, they are quite prone to stress. A simple thing as bringing a new person in your come can trigger your kitty. Also, changing ownership and residency will cause stress as well. If there have been any recent changes in your household, it could be the reason why your cat won’t stop howling.


Siamese Cat Howling


Illnesses or injury


Once again, meowing in the Siamese cat is normal but howling is not. Sometimes, and especially sudden howling could indicate an injury or pain. Fortunately, it is not going to be as difficult to identify when your cat is ill. You just have to observe and examine your cat.

Well, not only do illnesses cause howling but also old age. For instance, older cats tend to develop cognitive dysfunction disorder. This is characterized by confusion and a disrupted sleep cycle. For example, your cat might start losing her way around the house.

I advise you to take her to the vet to determine why your siamese cat has started howling. Furthermore, if she is sick, your vet will offer treatment for your cute bundle of fur.


Unneutered/Unspayed Siamese cat howling


Well, this is going to be quite distinctive. When a female siamese is on heat, she will howl to invite potential mates. Well, female cats will also make a unique sound. It is more of a long drawn out meow, trying to reach out to a mate.

If your cat has suddenly started howling, maybe she has not been sterilized. Observe for other signs and symptoms such as urine marking and restlessness. Luckily, your cat will stop howling in a few days and you can have her spayed.


Other Siamese cat sounds


While howling and excessive meowing can be quite annoying, your Siamese cat could be talking to you. Well, here is a brief exploration of her common and distinctive sounds.


Siamese Cat Howling


Murmuring sounds

As noisy and talkative as your siamese cat can be, it is no secret that they are also endearing. This is why she will give you those endearing but loud purring. A Siamese makes one of the loudest purrs which is associated with contentment and friendliness.


Vowel sounds

A Siamese cat meow is quite distinctive. As I mentioned earlier, they can sound just like a baby crying. Well, guess what else? A Siamese cat will almost pronounce her meows and other vowel sounds. It is actually sweet and subtle when she is talking to you softly.

Well, even when a Siamese cat is howling, it is more of a meow, but this time a long drawn out meow. It is usually as a result of frustration.


Chirping and chattering

On the other hand, a Siamese cat has an appealing character. Besides talking, she can also exhibit interesting and almost hilarious behaviors. Chattering and chirping (just almost as a bird would), is mostly associated with her predatory nature.

Cats get stimulated when they spot prey nearby. She automatically wants to hunt them down. When chirping, she is trying to imitate the sound the prey makes. Probably trying to make them believe that there is no danger at all.

On the other hand, chattering is more of an expression of frustration. She is probably sad because she cannot reach the prey. Sometimes, this can breed to redirected aggression in cats.



While growling is more common in dogs than in cats, it is not rare either. The Siamese cat can be as aggressive as she is friendly, especially when triggered. She is unlikely to direct that anger towards you. Rather, growling is more or a cat to cat communication.

However, a cat who is growling is aggressive. Beware and check on her to eliminate the situation causing her aggression.




Has your cat suddenly started howling, then check on her. It could be as a result of the above-discussed reasons. In most cases, Siamese cat howling is associated with behavioral problems. Therefore, you need to check on this habit and have it resolved as soon as possible.


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