Siamese Cat Intelligence. How Clever Are They?

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We have been talking about Siamese cats for a while. As I may have previously indicated, this is one of the smartest breeds in cats. Other than their affectionate nature, Siamese cat intelligence is also another reason you might consider adopting one. 

I have owned different cats before but I have to tell you that my Siamese cat called Rainbow is quite amazing. I mean, she will pull a trick on me now and then. Below, we are going to look at how siamese cats exhibit their intelligence:


How to measure intelligence in Siamese cats


Now, when we talk of intelligent cats, we focus on how our cats understand different things. You can notice a few habits that will also indicate that your cat is intelligent. Below are methods to measure intelligence on cats: 


Siamese Cat Intelligence

Social nature

siamese cats are probably the most social breeds in cats. Take, for instance, Rainbow, who is only three. Ever since the day I brought her home, she has been nothing but friendly. Well, she does have her moments but she is social. 

Not only does she interact with the household members but also with guests. Once there is a guest in our house, our siamese cat is territorial. However, she will take a look and determine that the guest means no harm. She will be ready to accept them and even interact with them. 

Rainbow will walk up to them and sniff around. Sometimes she will rub against the guest and eventually climb up to offer them some affection.

And not only are these cats social with humans but also with other pets. I admire the siamese cat’s understanding of our dog. They are actually kind of best friends, which is astonishing. They will play together and other times take a nap together. Never have I regretted getting Rainbow. 


Ability to respond to affection

If you are looking for an all-time friend, a siamese cat will give you exactly that. siamese cat intelligent goes beyond human interaction. Not only will she keep you company but she can comprehend affection. This is why she is likely to reciprocate the affection you offer her. 

For instance, when you are petting her in the right manner, she will show her gratitude. If you are keen on cat behavior, you will be able to recognize it. Rainbow loves those head scratches and cuddling sessions. I know this because every time I pet her, she will wrap her tail around my hand.

In other cases, she will purr during these petting sessions. This is her way of telling me that she loves me too. And oh, how can I forget the lovely cat kiss she is always giving me. I mean, she will sit on my work desk and start blinking slowly at me. It is simply adorable!

Sometimes, when I am probably sad, she will come up to chat me up. She goes on for minutes and it is somewhat consoling. Loneliness has no place when you have a siamese cat. The ability to understand human feelings and respond to that tops the list when we talk about siamese cat intelligence. 



Ability to remember details

siamese cats have quite a memory! I promise this is a good thing as she will not forget the things you have taught her. Not only that, siamese cats get used to the same schedule quite fast. For instance, it took me less than a week for my cat to know and remember her name. She would understand that I was referring to her at all times. 

siamese cat intelligence can be measured with her ability to remember even the small details. They can be able to recall faces or scents from ten years ago! This means that if you interact with a Siamese cat for the first days of her life, chances are that she will remember me forever. 

Another advantage of owning a Siamese cat is that she will remember everything you teach her. In some cases, some Siamese cats have learned how to say hello to their owners when they wake up in the morning!

It is going to take just a few days for a new Siamese cat to identify with her surroundings. She will be able to remember her litter box, bed, and even the everyday routine. This is why I always insist that you should develop a consistent routine for her.

Rainbow knows breakfast time, playtime, dinner and what’s more, it took me three tries to teach her to use the food puzzle to get treats! She amazes me with her memory. 


Siamese Cat Intelligence

Highly trainable

In addition to an excellent memory, Siamese cats are highly trainable. Well, I must mention that cats are not always the easiest to train unless we are talking about Siamese cats. They are so smart that you can even teach her how to walk on a leash!

Most cat behaviorists refer to Siamese cat intelligence as dog-like. Not only can you teach her a few tricks but you can also teach her a few vowels! Some Siamese cats will say ‘hello’ to greet humans, just as we do!

Now, understand that even though the Siamese cat exceeds that of other breeds, you must ensure that training her has a positive outcome. By this, I mean, ensure that there is a reward for your cat during training. For Siamese cats, it is not going to be as difficult to train a few tricks. 

Some of the things you can train your cat to do include sitting, greetings, and even how to say hello. Well, Siamese cats are both intelligent and loveable.



Once you bring a Siamese cat home, you are going to see this character in her immediately. They love to explore and within no time she will know every secret entrance in your house. 

I think curiosity is part of Siamese cat intelligence. I mean, she wants to figure out everything around the house. For instance, Rainbow was able to learn how to use her food puzzle the very same day I presented it to her. 

She is also super careful whenever she is approaching someone new. Even though she is curious and wants to know everything, she is smart enough to stay safe. 


A Siamese cat will invent her own games

These cats are so smart that they do not have to play specific games. I was very cautious at first as Rainbow was quite young when she joined us. However, she proved everyone wrong. Not only can she understand hide and seek games but she can also play on her own. 

She adored her mouse-like toy. I mean, she will hide it and retrieve it, hope to teach you how to do that. And then she will engage you during play the entire time. What can I say? She is nothing but an absolute delight. 

Well, if you want your Siamese kitty to be as healthy and smart as she is, you must provide the following things:


Mental and physical stimulation

I cannot emphasize enough when I say that you should provide a lot of stimulation for a Siamese cat. Dues to their sociable and active nature, Siamese cats need a lot of stimulation. Get a few exciting and challenging toys for her, with treats as the motivator. This will ensure that your cat gets as much stimulation as she needs. 

Well, it will not be as difficult to provide enough stimulation as these cats are intelligent. Too much pent up energy is likely to cause undesirable habits such as excessive meowing and howling. 


Keep her on a healthy diet

Just as with the human brain, your cat needs a healthy diet to keep her intelligent. Therefore, ensure that you align a food schedule that also includes healthy foods. For instance, ensure that you feed her foods with high Omega-3. 


Spend a lot of time with your cat

For a Siamese cat to stay focused and intelligent, then you must provide all the essential things that she needs. For instance, she is obsessed with attention. Spend a lot of time with your cat every day. It will keep her from developing other undesirable habits such as excessive meowing, howling and scratching. 




In conclusion, owning a Siamese cat is an honor. When you observe her closely, you will notice that they are a little different from other cats. They are smarter and even faster to think. Siamese cats are also highly Trainable. You can actually teach her to walk on a leash. 

The Siamese cat intelligence resembles that of a cat. In addition to being smart, these cats have the ability to comprehend human emotion. Siamese cats also know how to reciprocate the affection we offer them. They also tend to remember everyone they have met, especially during the first few days of her life. 

If you are looking for an exciting companion, then a Siamese cat is going to be an excellent choice. She will keep you company for most of the day. Well, she will spend most of her time chatting you up nicely and you will never get bored.

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