Siamese Cat Meows. A Helpful & Useful Guide

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The Siamese breed of cat is known for being very expressive and very vocal. Also, Siamese cat meows are quite distinctive and you can never mistake it to another cat’s. Some people relate the Siamese cat meows to baby cries.

When we talk about siamese cats, we all think the same: their friendly nature. This breed originated from Thailand and are medium-sized. However, as much as they are affectionate, they can be quite talkative. They can sometimes imitate their owners by mimicking the sound of a few words!


My Siamese cat meows a lot


Siamese Cat Meows



While most people can do with a talkative kitty, other cat owners complain about the siamese cat’s vocal nature. Well, if your Siamese cat seems to meow excessively, it could be because of the following reasons:


She is bored

As we have mentioned above, siamese cats are expressive and sociable. However, we may not always spend the entire day with our cats. I mean, you do have a few errands to run, right? Well, cats are generally prone to boredom. When it comes to this breed, they need to always be entertained. Else she won’t keep calm even when you get home.

Are you offering her enough stimulation or does she spend the entire day bored and alone?


She is hungry

Hunger is frustrating to us just as much as it is to our cats. Unfortunately, most people forget to leave several treats for their cats. Understand that your cat will need to feed several times a day. By several, I mean more than five times!

At the same time, I strongly disagree with free-feeding your cat. Do not leave her a lot of food in her bowl. Instead, you can get a food-dispensing toy for her. It will require her to solve a puzzle so as to get a treat. This will not be a problem for your siamese cat as they are also known to be intelligent.

Alternatively, you can hide small bits of food in different rooms of your house. The smell of food will guide your cat to the food. It will ensure that your cat stays fed throughout the day.


She is anxious

While the Siamese cat meows naturally, she is going to overdo it when anxious. Unfortunately, these cats are prone to anxiety, due to their sociable nature. Her anxiety will be triggered by something as simple as sensing a strange scent in the house.

Be careful, especially when you are dealing with a new cat in your home. Do not get me wrong, your siamese cat is going to love you. You should allow her some time to adjust to your home. Believe me, once you earn her trust, there is no going back.

Sadly, they also get attached to their owners. This exposes them to separation anxiety. Whenever you leave her alone in this state, she can meow the entire day, until you return. Spend enough time with your cat to ensure that she does not suffer from anxiety. Also, make sure that you keep her entertained when you are not at home.


Check for cat stress

Just as with anxieties, different situations can expose your cat to stress. Well, even though your cat is affectionate, she may not handle the stressful situation very well. For example, moving to a new house is going to be challenging for your cat. She many not adjust as quickly as you may expect.

Also, if your newly adopted siamese cat meows a lot, she is probably having a rough time adjusting. Therefore, you might need to help her feel at home for the first few nights. She will even cry to come sleep in your room sometimes. However, this should not be accepted for the first nights as she will want to be there every other night.

Observe for other signs to tell whether she is meowing out of stress. For instance, she could start hiding in tight spaces, pacing around the house and restlessness.


 Siamese Cat Meows



Your siamese cat could be making a lot of noise because she is not feeling well. Unfortunately, housecats are exposed to common feline illnesses such as urinary tract infections. Observe your siamese cat if she meows more than usual.

Also, illnesses that come with pain and discomfort are likely to make your cat meow consistently. You can check with your vet to make sure that she is not ill. However, limit the number of times you take your cat to the vet as it could contribute to stress in cats.


It’s the breeding season!

Did you check to make sure that your cat is sterilized? Unsprayed and unneutered cats tend to meow during mating season. Your siamese cat could be meowing because she is in heat. . It is generally uncomfortable and they want to attract a potential mate.

If your siamese cat seems to meow more than usual, it could be that she is not sterilized. Try to calm him by grooming her until she calms down. Only after she is over the heat can you have her spayed by the vet.


Dirty litter box


Siamese Cat Meows


If your Siamese cat meows at a particular timing, check the litter boxes. How often do you clean them? While we are keen on scooping the soiled litter, we often forget to change the entire thing. Over the weeks, your cat will use the litter box and you will probably just scoop. Well, guess what, if it has been some time, maybe the cat litter has started stinking.

She will meow and nag you until you give up on sleep. Well, try changing the entire litter box and see how your cat feels. She is going to calm down.


Siamese cat personality


While we have discussed the Siamese cat tendency to meow a lot, I must admit that they are also adorable. We cannot leave it at that. Have you seen how sociable, beautiful and affectionate they are? Well, you are going to love her for it. You just have to make sure that she has enough toys and activities to keep her occupied and entertained all day.

She is also going to chat you up the whole time. Her meowing is not going to be in vain. You will never get bored when she is around as she does love your attention as well. Besides, Siamese cat meows vary based on the context of meowing. They are a bit different from other cats in that it could be a bit piercing.

The Siamese cat will also not be afraid to air her feelings in her meows. Therefore, you will not struggle to decipher what your cat means whenever she meows in a certain way. How interesting? Well, the Siamese cat owners seem to love their cats despite their vocal nature.




Cats are different from each other in terms of personality and behavior. Therefore, this article does not generalize all Siamese cats. Rather, these are some of the most common personalities in this sociable breed. Therefore, you must pay attention and monitor your cat closely to understand what she means when she meows.

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