Siamese Cat Personality. What You Need To Know

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When we are talking about the Siamese cat, most people attribute them to their talkative nature. However, there is so much more to a Siamese cat personality than we talk about. They are intelligent and very interesting. I have observed my Siamese cat for over two years and what cat I say? You have got to get one of these social creatures.  

Now, we are going to explore the Siamese cat personality as well as their origin. Siamese cats are originally from Thailand. They are also among the first domesticated cats in the 14th century. I adopted Rainbow, three years ago and she has been a delight. Here is everything you need to know about Siamese cats.


Siamese cats are extremely social


Siamese cat personality


Siamese cats are quite social towards humans and also other animals. Well, since they have been domesticated for centuries, she has learned to rely on their owners. She is going to bond with you within a few hours of associating with her. 

For instance, before I got to adopt Rainbow, I needed to understand the Siamese cat personality. I mean, I adored her from the word go to the rescue center. She was just a baby, and we got to bond quickly and within a week, I brought her home. 

Siamese cats will express their social personality through rubbing on you or even headbutting. Well, I cannot forget the loud purr Rainbow gives me when I cuddle her. 

However, her sociable nature makes them siamese cats kind of clingy. She will follow you around the house the entire day. And what’s more, they never get to shut up. 


Siamese cats are playful


As every cat owner, I was looking for a cheerful companion when I went for Rainbow. The fact that I visited her a week before I adopted her was helpful. She would playfully blink at me the very first week I brought her home! 

I have got to say that the Siamese cat’s playful personality is as a result of their intelligence. They need constant physical and mental stimulation. So be ready for a playful but joyful companion when you are considering a Siamese cat. 

To provide the stimulation she needs, make sure that you have enough toys and also spend time with your cat. Not only will it enhance your bond but you will ensure that she is fully exercised. This is especially right before going to bed to make sure that she is tired enough to fall and stay asleep. 

Also, beware of play-induced aggression. Due to their high-energy personality, Siamese cats may get too excited and bite or scratch you. So even as you provide the stimulation she needs, be careful not to overdo it. 

Get scratching posts and plenty of toys to keep your cat busy. See prices on Amazon.


Siamese cats hate being alone


Siamese cats do not do well when left alone. They are used to human interaction and they are also the least independent breed! I knew this when I was getting Rainbow, which is not a problem since I spend most of my days at home. 

Siamese cats are quite prone to stress and separation anxiety. They start to notice when you leave home and when you come back. these cats get accustomed to a schedule you set. It means that if you have a 9-5 job, or you leave at a particular time every day, she is going to notice. 

I always insist that we should develop a schedule for our cats immediately we bring them home. Ensure that you feed her on time, play with her and engage in other activities together. You must watch out for stress and anxiety in Siamese cats

Spending quality time with your cat every day is going to help curb stress and anxiety. On the other hand, if you have a busy schedule and there is no one at home, consider adopting another cat. Siamese cats are accepting and get along with other pets in the household. 


siamese cat personality


Siamese cats talk a lot. To understand what your Siamese is saying Click Here.

Siamese cats are generally known for their talkative nature. I had not expected it to be this loud but I do love Rainbow. She is quite chatty and it is not a bad thing. Sometimes she is very sweet with her meows while other times she is in a mood. 

When she is talking to you, because they do, her meows might resemble certain vowels. However, when she is mad, you will not believe how loud she can be. 

While Siamese cats are friendly and social, they tend to be temperamental. They get mad pretty quickly, especially when ignored. For instance, when Rainbow wants to come into the shower with me, she will start with a simple request – a bit of a mid-pitched meow. However, when I refuse to open it, she now starts to cry angrily, demanding to be let in. It sounds more like baby cries.

Now, when she is annoyed, she might hiss at you or even growl. sometimes, due to feline aggression, she might bite or scratch you. Understand that she does not intend to hurt you. 

Be careful, as, too much meowing could mean that your cat is ill. Sometimes, cats tend to meow a lot as a result of behavioral issues. therefore, observe your Siamese cat when she tends to vocalize more than usual. Even though vocalization is associated with Siamese cat personality.


Siamese cats are territorial


As social as Siamese cats are social, they are also extremely territorial. I mean, she will accept another person or pet but you must also be cautious. Some even tend to feel jealous when you divert your attention to something else. 

Some people tend to feel that the Siamese cat personality resembles that of dogs than other cats. For instance, when I have someone over at my house, Rainbow might come and sit on my laps. She will then start complaining, trying to get my attention. She is constantly seeking attention especially when around other people.

However, a siamese cat will also greet your visitors nicely. when someone comes to your house, your cat might be territorial. she must make sure that it is safe for the new person to approach. Once she gets used to their scent, she might approach the guest and socialize with them. 

Rainbow also acts out when she spots another pet from the outside. She wants to chase them away as she feels as if they are trespassing her boundaries. In multicat households, Siamese cats will fight to be the ‘alpha’ as well. 


Siamese cats can be temperamental


While I advocate for the Siamese cat’s playful and social personality, they can also be temperamental. It could be a petting or play-induced type of aggression. Sometimes your Siamese cat will bite you when playing or petting her

talking of aggressive behavior in Siamese cats, most of it is redirected. I mean, Rainbow is kind and caring but she sometimes gets annoyed. For instance, if there is a stranger in the house, Rainbow does not do well for a couple of minutes. 

If she feels like the other person is getting more attention than she is, she gets somewhat mad. She might come up all friendly and sit on my lap. Rainbow has once scratched me when petting her while chatting up a friend. She settles down thereafter, which is quite intriguing. Well, I do not blame her as her intentions are not to hurt me. Therefore, I do not think that Siamese cats are mean

Beware of her aggressive behavior. If she is biting so much or attacking you as you walk, you might want to check it out with your vet. Ensure that it is nothing to be concerned about before ignoring the behavior. 


Siamese cats are highly trainable


Cats are generally difficult to train. Unlike in dogs, training a cat to do what you want will not only take time but also she might never learn. However, Siamese cats are distinct as you can train her. Some cat owners have managed to teach their cats a few simple commands. Other Siamese cats can now walk alongside their owners on a leash!

Well, we can attribute this to the Siamese cat’s intelligent personality. 

You will also enjoy several years with a SIamese cat before her lifespan expires. Most Siamese cats will have a life span of 8-14 years. However, the oldest Siamese recorded lived up to 30 years. 


Siamese cats are easy to groom

In addition to the adorable blue eyes, Siamese cats have a short and glossy coat. This means that they will shed less and therefore easy to groom. 



Should I adopt a Siamese cat if I live alone?


While owning a Siamese cat is such a delight, this is a question most cat owners as after discovering their personality. She is prone to boredom and loneliness. Therefore, it is only understandable when you hesitate before adopting a Siamese cat. 

Now that we have looked at the Siamese cat personality, are you willing to go ahead and bring one home? Below are some of the things I put into consideration before I adopted Rainbow.


Living conditions

Before you bring a cat home, there are a few things that you must consider. At the top of your list, I hope is your living condition. If you have other pets or people living with you is a major plus for you. As we mentioned earlier, this breed is among the least independent in the history of domesticating cats. 

Now, if you live alone, you can still get a Siamese cat. However, I suggest you get two of them. This way, they can accompany each other while you are away or busy. besides, you cannot afford to leave a Siamese cat all alone for long hours. what I am saying is, you must be in a position to ensure that your Siamese cat socializes with other people or cats. So if you have a 9-5 job, it would be a good idea to adopt two of them. This will satisfy their social personality. 


My availability

This is a huge factor when you are considering a Siamese cat. Well, siamese cats are a needy breed. You have to offer as much attention as she needs. However, do not worry because she is also going to reciprocate. 

I knew we would get along with Rainbow, who is the siamese because I had the time. I was looking for a companion, and she is just perfect. While spending time with her is helps, these cats are always looking for your attention. 

For instance, Rainbow does not care whether I am working or not. She will even sit on the keyboard just to get my attention. I do not think that this is a bad thing, she is just playful and a little attention-seeking. I make sure that I play with her every day, at a scheduled time. Not only will you curb attention-seeking behavior but also strengthen your bond. 

If she tends to bite when playing or petting her, it is about time you train her biting inhibition. Also, invest in plenty of toys to play with throughout the day. 

So, to answer your question, if you are looking for a feline companion, a Siamese cat will be perfect for you. Do not be too worried about her personality but you are going to adore her playful nature. 




Before you go ahead to bring a pet home, I always advise people to monitor the pet’s personality. This way, you are going to be able to resonate with them when you adopt them. Now, understanding a breed as a complex yet adorable breed takes time. From personal experience, I think Siamese cats are the most social creatures. 

While constant talking might be annoying, a Siamese cat has an affectionate personality. She will come to you and rub against you. I cannot count the many times Rainbow winks at me. It is almost like she is reciprocating the affection she receives from household members. 

This breed is highly intelligent and thus needs constant mental and physical stimulation. Therefore, invest in plenty of toys and do not forget to play with her. 

Watch out for excessive meowing in Siamese cats. Even though they are naturally talkative, watching and listening to how she does it is important. Ensure that her needs are met on time. These include feeding, playing, petting, and provide clean litter boxes.

During the first few days, you might notice that your cat is nervous. However, that is completely normal as a result of anxiety. Once you bond with your cat, she is going to start socializing with you. Within no time, you will not be able to stop her from talking. All in all the Siamese cat has quite an interesting personality. 

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