Stop Cat Peeing Everywhere. This Actually Works

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Understanding pet behavior is a necessity because it is the only way we can learn to live with them. After all, we belong to different classifications but we have existed together for years. We have been able to study cat behavior which eases domestication of these cute creatures.

However, at some point in life, your cat may develop certain behaviors like peeing all over. You should not ignore him because he might be trying to communicate with you. This article is going to explain the reasons why your cat pees everywhere in the house and Stop Cat Peeing Everywhere.


How to stop a cat that pees everywhere


Once you discover that your cat has been peeing out of the litter box, I am sure you will want it to stop immediately. Not only is it ruining your stuff but you should definitely curb it before it becomes a permanent habit.

However, this is not always an easy thing to do. As said, cats find it difficult to deal adjust to changes even though we have to keep changing our lifestyles. Therefore, you should master some skills to always handle a spraying cat.

Below are some tips that should help you deal with a cat who pees everywhere:


Fix any litter box issues


We already talked about how your litter box problems might affect your cat. You should always make sure that the litter boxes are always clean at all times. Scoop the litter each time your cat uses the box. Alternatively, make a point of scooping twice a day. This way, you will leave the all clean and ready to use.

You may also consider adding an extra litter box. This gives your cat more options to use the litter box. In case you are dealing with an older cat, you should consider retraining her. This will constantly remind her of using the litter box rather than peeing everywhere.

In addition, ensure that your cat can easily access the litter boxes. After all, you do have to encourage her and constantly remind your cat to use the latter.


Ensure that your cat is comfortable


The reason why your cat is constantly seeking your affection is that it makes her feel safe. Your presence, the cuddling moment, and playtime do play an important role in assuring her. It is the thing that keeps her going even when you are not at home.

In order to keep her from feeling vulnerable, you have to spend some time with her. Observe her behavior and eliminate any situation or element that may trigger stress or anxiety. If your kitty does not like visitors, you can keep her in another room when you are expecting guests. The goal is to ensure that your kitty is not exposed to any form of anxiety.

In addition, always leave your blinds closed in order to prevent your cat from viewing the outside world. This will keep your cat away from unnecessary distractions outside your house. This will help prevent spraying as a result of anxiety.


Limit boredom


Your cat is prone to boredom since you leave him home all alone at home. Due to boredom, she might also develop loneliness which will most often result in peeing inappropriately. You can cur this by providing exciting toys for your cat. In addition to this, allocate some time for you to play with your kitty. Engage her in stimulating play, both mentally and physically, preferably prior to leaving home. This will leave her excited and tired at the same time.

You can also leave your TV on to keep your cat occupied. Additionally, you may leave a few pieces of his favorite treats around the house. This will keep her occupied all day when trying to find the latter. The goal is to make sure that your cat is occupied at all times.



Wash off the cat urine stains


Lastly, it is important to get rid of the smell of cat pee from previously sprayed places. This is not as easy as it may sound as the cat pee smell tends to linger even weeks after you have cleaned the sprayed items. This is because cat urine might form crystals in the fabrics. This makes it impossible to get the urine off using water and normal detergents.

In order to prevent future incidences, it is vital to remove the smell from the house completely. You should use enzymatic cleaners instead of detergents. The cleaners will break down the crystals formed in the fabrics.

Alternatively, you can use water and vinegar solution to get rid of the cat pee smell. To apply this method, add equal amounts of the two products before washing the sprayed item or fabric. If you are trying to clean a mattress that your cat peed on, you can take it outside to dry. This will not only help in drying the mattress but the fresh air will help eliminate the smell.



6 reasons why your cat pees everywhere in the house:

  1. Litter Box Issues
  2. Medical Issues
  3. Emotional Issues
  4. Fear
  5. Stress & Anxiety
  6. Natural behavior


When your cat starts to avoid the litter box, you should be concerned. This is because she is not probably trying to communicate with you about his feelings. Therefore, take a moment and observe your cat in order to learn the reason behind the habit.

There are several factors that you should consider when you are trying to figure out your cat. Most often, your cat will pee anywhere, and for a different reason.

Litter box issues

When your cat suddenly starts peeing all over the house, the first thing you should do is check your litter boxes. Are they all clean and ready to use? The answer to this question should be a definite yes. Any other answer means that even your cat is uncomfortable with the entire litter box situation.

The unclean litter box will lead to frustrating your cat. If you have had some time to observe your cat grooming, then you should know how particular they are. It is not only on their bodies, but cats also prefer clean and hygienic living conditions.

When your cat pees out of the litter box, consider checking on the hygiene and also the location of the litter box. To ensure that the litter boxes are all clean, you should scoop it at least twice every day, if not after every use. In addition to this, you should also empty the litter every now and then. This way, the litter boxes are going to be free of bad odor that is discouraging your cat from using the latter.

Furthermore, where you place the litter boxes is going to determine your cat’s will to use it. Cats are sensitive creatures, which means that you will have to be careful with where you place the latter. In order to encourage your cat, put the boxes in a serene environment. It should be free of human traffic as well as easily accessible.

And lastly, consider the type of litter to use. Make sure that your cat like the litter else she won’t use it. To make this a little easier for you, use the odor-free type of litter for your cat. It should also be soft and soothing to your cat’s paws. This works because your cat will not be comfortable while he hurts his paws and thus will do anything to avoid that. Therefore, if you are looking to encourage your kitty to keep using the litter box, watch out for the above-discussed.

Medical issues

In some cases, your cat might be peeing all over because she is simply sick. Now, one thing you should be aware of is that cats are prone to certain illnesses. These illnesses are usually associated with urinary tract infections.

Bladder inflammation is one of the illnesses that may cause inappropriate elimination. Your cat will also have other symptoms such as pain when urinating.  Most often, your cat will spray when you can see and might even have teary eyes. In addition, frequent urination and even difficulty in passing urine. This is due to the formation of crystals n the urinary tract of your cat.


In addition, female cats and older cats are quite vulnerable to UTIs. Understand that this illness can be very painful for your cat, and worst of all, there is a higher chance of recurring. As with the inflammation of the bladder, urinary tract infection will be characterized by painful and frequent urination. In severe cases, you might observe blood in urine as well as blockage of the urinary tract. Male cats may have to undergo emergency surgery to remove the blockage.

Idiopathic cystitis is also another common reason why your cat has started peeing everywhere. We insist on you taking your cat to the vet for a conclusive diagnosis. Just like the other two illnesses, a cat with idiopathic cystitis will also be characterized by frequent, painful urination among other symptoms. Unfortunately, most cats who have ever contracted this disease will have a recurring infection. Therefore, it is important to consider taking your cat to the vet for examination and treatment.

In addition to this, a cat that pees everywhere might have a more serious condition. For instance, if your cat is emptying her full bladder out of the box, you may consider having her checked for diabetes or even hyperthyroidism.

Emotional issues

Cats are probably the most emotional pets in history. They feel things and can easily be triggered by emotional disorders like anxiety and stress. In return, a cat will find a way to try and communicate her emotional struggles and frustrations.

For instance, when your cat is lonely, she might actually pee on your items on purpose. Your cat is not probably looking for the emotional connection that you share with her. Note that your cat not only knows your face but also your scent. It is actually the way that she recognizes your presence. When she misses you, she might start looking for ways to restore the connection. This is where your cat pees in the house or most probably on your clothes and favorite items.

When your cat pees everywhere, it is high time to focus on her emotional well-being. Have you been spending enough time with your cat? Does she feel the affection you have for her? These are some of the questions you should consider when you are trying to get your cat to stop the habit. Some of the emotional disorders you should look out for include stress, fear, and anxiety


It is not uncommon to see your cat peeing everywhere out of fear. Usually, this will happen when you are not at home and your cat feels threatened. For instance, if a stray cat accesses your home from the cat flap or other places, your cat will sniff them out. However, in an effort to defend her home, she will spray out of fear, especially if the other cat seems bigger and hostile.

Strangers and passersby in the streets could also generate fear in your cat. For instance, in the case where you have adopted a kitten, she might not be all comfy at home. Unfortunately, we do not get to spend the entire day with our kitties. Modern lifestyle demands us to go to work or attend to other things. Therefore, it is important to provide a safe place for your cat at all times.



Stress and Anxiety

Just like we can suffer from emotional distress, cats can also be stressed. In fact, they are quite prone to these emotional disorders more than we think. There are several things that are known to cause stress and anxiety which results in a cat who pees everywhere in the house.

The main trigger for these emotional issues is changes in their lifestyle. Cats do not like change, and they react against it. This could be changing in residency, routine, or even diet. Cat behaviorists advise against changing things in your household as often to curb distress in cats.

In order to deal with stress in cats, you will have to identify the source of the stress. Have you changed anything in your household? If not, there might be a new person or another pet living with you. Any change in the household will trigger your cat to start acting up.

Spending enough time with her is therefore vital in order to help your cat. In some circumstances, you might have to change things in your life and so you should be prepared to deal with your cat. By increasing playtime for your cat, you are allowing your cat to feel safe once again. That is all he needs in order to be able to adapt to the changes you have made. This process can be lengthy but you will have to allow your cat to slowly get used to the new surroundings.

In addition, it is important that you avoid making regular changes in your lifestyle.

Natural Behavior

As much as we would like our cats to adhere to the training, sometimes they can’t help but be natural. At this point, it is important you understand why peeing everywhere is a natural behavior in felines. In the wild, well, if we didn’t domesticate our cats, they would have to have survival skills. One of these skills is peeing for communication.

Whether a cat feels protective or even afraid, she is going to urinate as a reaction to the situation. For instance, when you have a stranger in the house, your cat might pee because she wants to protect her home. Urinates to warn other cats and other people that they are intruding on his space. Additionally, she wants to put a stamp that she owns everything in your household.

Another example is when your cat watches the outside world from the comfort of your window. She has no idea how the world works out there, which means that she will react differently to different situations. For instance, your cat might be excited by the activities outside. However, if she happens to see a neighborhood dog or even your mailman, she might pee on your windows. She might think that the person is once again intruding on their territory.

In addition to this, an unsprayed cat will also tend to pee everywhere especially when in heat. The mission is to attract the male counterpart for mating. Therefore, if you are not looking forward to raising a litter of kittens, consider spaying your kitty as soon as possible.

Now that we have outlined the common reasons why your cat pees everywhere, how can we stop this habit?



Having a cat who pees everywhere in the house is not exciting. In fact, it has led to many cat parents considering giving their kitties up. However, you can be able to stop the behavior through behavior modification. Making the living conditions at home more favorable for your cat is an important place to start.

Make sure that your cat has enough resources to go by and refrain from changes in the house. As we had mentioned, a cat is most probably trying to communicate with you when she is spraying. You will need to observe and discover what she is telling you. As much as it is essential to rule out medical illnesses it can also be quite stressful for your cat to be in and out of the vet’s office.

Lastly, always make sure that your litter boxes are all clean. The goal is to encourage your cat to keep using the litter box and thus you have to make it comfortable for her.

I hope the above tips will help you prevent spraying and understand your kitty better.




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