What Does it Mean When Your Cat Guards You While You Use the Bathroom?

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Have you ever noticed your cat waiting outside the bathroom when you use it and sitting right next to you while in there? While this behavior might seem strange, it’s pretty common for cats. The behavior is known as “bathroom guarding,” and there are a few different reasons why cats do it.

Let’s look at possible explanations for why your cat guards you while using the bathroom.


Why does my cat guard me when I pee and poop?


Cats are some of the most empathetic creatures around, which can be seen when they guard their owners while they relieve themselves.

This behavior usually indicates that the cat is protecting its beloved human and ensuring no harm comes to them while they’re vulnerable.

Some cats may even lay near the toilet or directly in front of it during these private moments.

This behavior likely returns to their feral roots when cats guard their mates against predators. Nevertheless, it is an act of love, so show your cat some appreciation.


1) Protection from Predators


One possible explanation for why your cat guards you while in the bathroom is that they protect you from predators.

Cats are territorial animals and often guard their owners against perceived threats.

Your cat may be doing what comes naturally to them by standing guard while you use the bathroom.

This is especially true for outdoor cats since they have adapted to protect themselves and their humans from potential environmental threats.


2) Feeling Secure


Cats are, by nature, solitary creatures who like their own space.

However, cats can become clingy and protective in certain situations when it comes to those they love and trust the most.

One such situation is when their beloved person goes to the restroom.

During this vulnerable time of exposure, cats need to be close by to “guard” you from any potential threats that may come your way.

This protectiveness can make us feel secure and reassured, as we know someone is always watching for our wellbeing – even if it’s just a feline.


3) Companionship


Cats have a long history of loving companionship and protecting their people from harm.

It may seem odd that your cat would guard you when you use the bathroom, but it is a sign of unconditional love and devotion.

By standing close to watch over you while peeing or pooping, your cat demonstrates its commitment to being there for you no matter what.

Your cat’s behavior may also be linked to its desire to fulfill instincts such as watching for potential prey or predators, though this shouldn’t alarm you too much.

With genuine patience and a positive attitude toward its behavior, your furry friend will always be there by your side.




In conclusion, there are many different reasons why cats guard their humans when using the bathroom – ranging from protection against predators to companionship and feelings of security. While this behavior can seem strange at first, it’s pretty standard for cats, so don’t worry if yours does this – chances are good that it means your kitty loves spending time with their favorite human.

Understanding why your cat guards you can help strengthen the bond between pet and owner, giving them plenty of love and joy.

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