Why are Siamese Cats so Mean. A Helpful Guide

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Before I decided to get a Siamese cat, I had my doubts. I had heard people ranting about the Siamese cats being so mean. However, as always, I like to get it myself. I wanted to experience what it would feel like to have a Siamese cat. Well, I went all in and adopted a rescue Siamese kitten. I have to tell you that that is probably the best thing I did!

I do not want to override your experience with the siamese breed but I think they are quite affectionate. Not only will she keep you company through the day but you will also express her affection. For instance, your siamese cat might start headbutting with you. 

In this article, I am going to explain to you some of the reasons why I do not agree with the myth that Siamese cats are mean. I find them quite the contrary as our cat is just a delight!


Why are Siamese Cats so Mean


Siamese cats are affectionate


siamese cats are affectionate and loving towards their human owners. It is why they won’t leave you alone. I have had an instance where our cat got into the bathroom with me! Apart from that, she is quite chatty and needs an audience to listen to her. I’ve got to say that she is a great talker. Sometimes you might think she is saying actual words to you. 

Now, ever since domestication of the Siamese cats, they have learned to depend on human interactions. They hate spending time on their own. siamese cats also tend to form strong attachments with their favorite humans in the household. 

Even though they crave attention, Siamese cats can be mean when she does not know or like you. This is probably why most people doubt this breed.


Siamese cats are very territorial


I had not thought of pets getting jealous of other pets before, Rainbow, our cat. However, once I spent some time with her, I could observe territorial behaviors. She was the only cat in the household but she could act up whenever I pet my dog. She somehow wanted them away from me. 

Do not get me wrong though. siamese cats are also extremely nice with other pets and even children. Rainbow just hates it when the attention is not on her. 

However, I observed that she gets a little angry and wildly territorial when she spots stray cats and dogs on the outside. Not one has she bitten or scratched me thereafter. I cannot attribute this to a cat being mean. On the contrary, I see this as just a form of redirected aggression. She would stop after a few hours. 

Male cats are more territorial than their female counterparts. Rainbow has also acted out when I came home after petting another cat! I do not think that she meant to be mean. 


Why are Siamese Cats so Mean

Siamese cats enjoy human company


The truth is, siamese cats are clingy. As I mentioned earlier, she might follow you around the house. Do not panic as there is nothing wrong with her, even as she meows. It is her nature as she enjoys your company. 

Most Siamese cats may develop separation anxiety, especially when they are left alone. I have seen this with our cat severally, especially when we had to take a vacation. We left her under the care of my neighbor, and it was pretty difficult for them to bond. 

After a week away, I returned home and there was my Rainbow. She was healthy but she didn’t seem happy. I decided to check with the local Vet and she was perfectly okay. It was then that I thought maybe she was just upset that I was gone for days! the vet also told me to consider the case of separation anxiety in cats. 

The thing is, these cats have been under our(human) care for centuries. For this reason, it has become one of the least independent pets to keep. What can I say? If you are not looking for an ever talking bestie, the Siamese cat might not be the one for you!


Siamese cats are temperamental


This is another thing I noticed about Siamese cats. Since I brought Rainbow home, I have wanted to observe other Siamese cats. I mean, don’t they just have an interesting personality? One thing they have in common is that they are quite temperamental. 

I tend to relate this to their sociable behavior. Most people go for this breed because of its friendly nature. However, this character makes them crave constant attention. She wants things done her way. I cannot blame them as we must meet their needs. However, should you fail to provide what she requires, Siamese cats can be mean

They get irritated fast, especially if you are touching her inappropriately. For instance, when petting her and she feels uncomfortable for some reason, she can bite, scratch or hiss to warn you. 

Usually, her quick-tempered nature is triggered during petting or playing. Do not ignore her body language


Sometimes it is their predatory instincts


This will happen to every cat, despite the cat breed. Cats are hunters, well, they would be if they were still in the wild. For instance, Rainbow is always excited about a play that entices her hunting instincts. Sometimes I don’t even have to be playing with her. She will sometimes hide and pounce on my feet as I walk by her. It sometimes hurt and she is not remorseful. This, however, does not translate that all Siamese cats are mean

Something I might have forgotten to mention is that Siamese cats require a lot of stimulation. You must schedule some time and play with your cat every day. Better yet, purchase exciting toys for your Siamese cat. One of our cat’s favorite is the mouse look-alike toy that serves her hunting instincts. 

The bottom line is, provide as much stimulation as your cat. Play with your cat, exercise her and engage in training your cat. It will ensure that you serve her mental stimulation.


Why are Siamese Cats so Mean

Are Siamese cats Aggressive and mean?


To answer this question directly I will say yes, all cats can be aggressive. However, it will depend on the situation as well as the tendency at which she reacts aggressively towards you or other pets. It is unlike our cat to act aggressively apart from a few instances in which Rainbow has exhibited aggressive behavior.

To be honest, nothing is pretty about an angry or territorial cat. Not only will she adjust her body language but she is also going to warn you with a hiss or growl. When she is really angry, she can expose her teeth and unsheathe her claws. Usually, it does not end up well. 

Sometimes your cat will have redirected aggression towards you or the nearest person. It is funny how easily this happens and she can injure you. For instance, Rainbow hates it when neighborhood dogs bark, especially at night. I usually prefer to stay away from her when it starts. Her annoyance makes her aggressive, even if it is completely out of character for her. 

Understand that even in your Siamese cat has been acting mean or at least aggressively, punishing her will not work. Instead, try and understand where it is coming from. Spend time with a Siamese cat and you will experience their affection. 

Do not forget that this is a friendly breed and dependent on human interaction. At the same time, keep it in mind that she still has her animalistic instincts. 




The truth is, it would be unfair to invalidate anyone’s experience with the Siamese cats. However, I cannot regret getting a Siamese cat, not ever! She is my best friend, and probably everyone’s in the household. She is affectionate and will keep you occupied for the day. Once you get used to her meows, I am sure you can always tell what she wants. 

However, if your cat has suddenly started acting all aggressively, take her to the vet. You might need to have a little chat as well as examine your cat

Sometimes, Siamese cats are not mean. Aggression can be caused by many different factors. Therefore, you need to observe any behavior change that could be related to her mean actions. 

If you spend most of your days out and there is no one at home, your cat could be understimulated. It could lead to overexcitement which breeds into aggression-meaning your cat could bite or scratch you when you finally come back home. 

Are you worried that getting a Siamese cat is going to be ‘too much for you?’ I would not be surprised. However, I still insist that they make great companions. Do not be worried about her meowing. As long as you meet all her needs, that is, feed her, clean the litter boxes and play with her, she will make nice and calm conversations. 

I strongly advocate against the myth that Siamese cats are mean. I find Rainbow not only cute but fascinating. She is an intelligent cat and also, as previously indicated, my best friend. 

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