Why are Siamese Cats so Talkative? A Helpful Guide

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It is probably a question every Siamese cat owner will ask after a few days with their cat. Siamese cats have a tendency of being too talkative. It is a natural trait by the way. This means that there is only too little that you can do to minimize the Siamese cat talking. It is therefore important that you ensure your cat is well. Also, do not panic when she cannot seem to shut up.

The one thing I tell cat owners to check is the breed of their desired cat. siamese cats are highly sociable and can get attached to their human owners. Well, the, why are siamese cats so talkative? Below, we are going to outline some of the reasons why they talk so much.

Would you like to know what your siamese is saying? Do you want a more fulfilling relationship with your cat? If so go over and have a quick watch of a video that will explain it all.


Attention-seeking behavior


Why are Siamese Cats so Talkative


Now, I will tell you this, siamese cats require a lot of attention. Some cats even get jealous when they feel like you are giving someone or another pet more attention than you are offering them. For instance, Rainbow, our cat, won’t shut up especially in the morning. Sometimes I think she is just saying hello, or trying to tell me about her escapades. Too bad that I do not get to understand her.

All in all, I will confidently tell you that if you do not want a cat who will talk the whole time, a Siamese cat might not be a good choice for you. Do not get me wrong, siamese cats are extremely sociable. We can attribute this to the centuries of domestication.

siamese cats were among the first cats to be domesticated. I believe that talking has something to do with us. I mean, before we discovered ways to discourage meowing, we must have offered this breed a favorable amount of attention.

So yes, siamese cats may tend to talk while seeking your attention. Sadly, should you fail to offer her as much attention as she needs, she might indulge in undesirable behaviors. One of these behaviors might include increased vocalization.


Have you fed your Siamese cat?


I encourage every siamese cat owner to be very cautious with them. siamese cats are intelligent and highly trainable. I discovered this while trying to train Rainbow to sit. While using the right measure, it is going to be pretty easy to get her to sit. However, you honestly do not want to hear her complaining about something.

As we all know, Siamese cats have a distinctive meow. Now, when she is upset or complaining, it gets even worse. She is going to be loud and demand whatever she needs. Before you go ahead to speak of her talking, have you fed her? An empty stomach can make a Siamese cat complain the whole time.

I like to feed Rainbow on a Schedule. I think that has never changed, not even from the first day. However, on the occasion that I come back home two hours later, she does make a lot of noise. I insist that you develop a consistent schedule for your Siamese friend.

The bottom line is, you must meet her needs if you want peace in the house. These might include playing, petting, feeding and grooming her. Also, make sure that her litter boxes are always clean because she will also be disappointed if you do not.


Siamese cats are affectionate and sociable


One of the reasons why I still went for a Siamese cat is her affectionate nature. When I brought Rainbow home, I was also wondering the same, why are Siamese cats so talkative? But then, I got a chance to spend some time with her before I brought her home.

I know it has been said before but Siamese cats are extremely affectionate. On the second visit, she came onto me while talking. It was like she had already recognized me. She rubbed against me, I think she was trying to find out where she knew me from. Despite the common claims that Siamese cats are talkative, I had already set my eyes on her. And since then, we continue to enjoy this strong bond.

Siamese cats will display affection in multiple ways. For instance, Rainbow still bunts her head against me when I wake up. Sometimes her vowel vocalization might resemble words. I think it has become music to my ears.

Due to their sociable and affectionate nature, Siamese cats become attached to their owners. It is normal for Rainbow to follow me around. She will sit at the bathroom door and continue talking to me until I get back.


When do Siamese cat meows become excessive?


Even though Siamese cats are naturally talkative, sometimes it becomes excessive. Well, I am assuming that you have spent some time with your cat. Now, I will take you back for a moment. Cats meow to specifically communicate their needs to their human owners.

As for a Siamese cat, meowing and constant talking is probably in their DNA. Do not get me wrong, however, they are also vulnerable to excessive vocalization.

If your Siamese friend seems to talk more than usual, maybe something is wrong with her. Check for the following:


Why are Siamese Cats so Talkative

Pain-induced meowing


When your cat suffers an injury or a bruise from a catfight, she might have increased vocalization out of pain. Now, you will have to be very observant. Note that this breed is also territorial. She might pick up a fight with other cats in the household.

Well, observe and listen to your cat. She could be in pain and thus the excessive meowing. On the other hand, it could be that she is sick. Take note of the change in behavior. There are various illnesses that could lead to excessive meowing. A sick cat might be less talkative and meow more in a low pitch.

Check with your vet if her talking has increased and she seems off.


Separation anxiety


Earlier on, I already mentioned that cats are quite attached to their human homes. This is especially when you have already bonded and now you have to go. Note that Siamese cats are very intelligent. She is also curious and will notice when you are about to leave her. It scares her to be alone, after getting used to constant human interaction.

This is a common complaint I hear from cat owners who have to go to work. Siamese cats do not do well when left alone. She may meow all day, especially if she gets bored. Spend enough time with your cat. You can always tell when there is a shift in her behavior.




Siamese cats are quite an interesting breed. However, if you want a silent companion, I would not advise you to adopt one. This is because Siamese cats are talkative and you cannot change that. Other than that, I find Rainbow a very interesting companion.

If you have a Siamese cat who won’t shut up, pay attention to her for a moment. You will be surprised at how intelligent and curious this breed is. At the same time, I assure you we are going to have a new Bestie now. These cats are extremely sociable and affectionate towards their owners. In most cases, there is nothing wrong when a Siamese cat talks a lot. That is just but her nature.



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