Why Does My Cat Put Her Paw On My Mouth?

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The principal reasons why a cat will put her paws to your mouth include: she wants you to stop holding or petting her in a certain way, she is showing you love and affection, or she is marking you with her scent.


While these are the most common reasons, they aren’t the only factors that play a part in a cat placing her paws on your mouth. Continue reading to discover exactly what your cat is trying to say when she paws your mouth or face and why she uses this behavior to communicate with you.


Why Does My Cat Put Her Paw On My Mouth?


There are many reasons why your cat places her paw on your mouth. Below we’ll explore some of the common causes.


Your Cat Is Transmitting Her Scent.


When your cat puts her paw on your mouth or face, she transmits some of her scents onto you. If other felines come into contact with you, they will smell the scent of your cat.


Cats use this behavior to mark their territory and let other cats know that you belong to them.


Your Cat Is Trying To Wake You Up.


Sometimes your cat touches your face to express their love or affection. At other times, they’re just looking for attention. If you’re sleeping and your cat touches your face, it may be a sign that they want you to wake up.


It could be that they’re hungry and want you to feed them, or they may just want some attention from you.


You Cat Wants You To Stop Doing Something.


When your cat puts her paws to your lips, it may be a sign that you are holding her in an uncomfortable position or that she’s had enough attention and fussing.


If you’re holding and fussing with your cat when she puts her paws to your lips, try placing her down and see if she walks away. She’ll come back for more cuddles when she’s ready.


Your Cat Doesn’t Want To Be Kissed.


If you’re in the habit of kissing your cat, and she places her paws to your lips, it may be a sign that she doesn’t enjoy this show of affection and is trying to stop you from doing it.


Your cat may also press her paws to your lips when she wants to create an area of personal space. If you notice this behavior as you move in closer to her, it’s a sign that she’s telling you she’d like to keep some personal space.


Your Cat Wants To Play.


If your cat puts her paw to your lips and then runs away, she may be telling you that she’d like you to play a game with her.


Ensure your cat has enough toys to keep her stimulated, such as hanging toys or catnip-scented chew toys, so she doesn’t paw you out of boredom.


To Cuddle Up To You.


If your cat stretches out and touches your face when she’s getting ready to sleep, it’s a sign that she trusts you and wants to get close to you.


How Can I Tell What My Cat Is Saying When She Puts Her Paw To My Lips?


Several factors can help decipher exactly what your cat is trying to tell you when she places her paw on your lips.


The Frequency Of The Touch.


If your cat touches your lips often, it’s most likely a sign of affection. However, if your cat only paws your face during certain times, such as when you pick her up or make a fuss over them, it’s more likely a sign that she doesn’t like that specific behavior.


When your cat touches your face at specific times, she is trying to convey a particular message to you. If she always touches your mouth when you’re sleeping, it may signify that she wants attention from you. If she does it when you kiss her, it’s a sign that she doesn’t enjoy that behavior.


Why Does My Cat Put Her Paws On My Face?


If your cat places her paws on your forehead, it’s a significant indicator that she trusts you. The same applies if your feline friend is resting and holds her paws out to meet your ears.


Cats are most vulnerable when they sleep, so if they want to be around you and put their paws to your face, it’s a sign that you’ve earned their trust and they feel comfortable in your company.


How Can I Prevent My Cat From Putting Her Paws On My Mouth?


If your cat regularly places her paws on your face as a sign of affection, it’s best to let this positive behavior continue, but if you suspect there are negative reasons behind her actions, it’s best to take steps to address them.


Identify What Causes The Behaviour.


If your cat puts her paws on your mouth when you demonstrate specific behaviors, try changing what you’re doing. For example, hold her slightly differently or swap kisses for back scratches.


Keep Distance Between Your Faces.


If your cat puts her paws on your mouth when your faces come close to each other, it may be a sign that she’s feeling intimidated. Try keeping some distance between your faces and see if she ceases to paw you.




Cats lack the facial expressions of other animals, such as dogs, so it’s not always easy for humans to understand what they are trying to tell us.


For this reason, cats use various other methods, such as touching your face or mouth with their paws. This behavior can express many things, from love to boredom, hunger to attention-seeking. Enjoy this gentle behavior and use it as a way to get to know your feline friend a little better. 


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