Why Is My Cat So Attached to Me Lately? Is It a Sign of Trouble?

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Why is my cat so attached to me lately? Should I be worried? Clingy cats are sometimes just lonely or scared. However, there are other reasons for the sudden change in behavior. The cat might be:


  • cold
  • anxious
  • getting older
  • jealous
  • about to give birth
  • having an underlying medical condition


Why Is My Cat So Attached to Me Lately?


Is Sudden Affection a Good Sign Or a Bad Omen?


For the past few months, I had one question on my mind — Why is my cat so attached to me lately? She goes wherever I go, and it seems as if she isn’t interested in anything else but me. Don’t get me wrong — I love the extra attention! However, my cat has never been a particularly cuddly animal. So, I was suspicious. Not to mention, some activities should be solitary. 


As a lifelong cat lover (and, of course, owner), I know a thing or two about cats. I know that sudden changes in behavior aren’t necessarily a sign of proper training and can, in fact, be a sign of trouble. 


So, I made a decision — I’ll dig a little deeper into the topic and see what the potential causes of my cat’s odd behavior are. Let’s unpack this, shall we?


Why Is My Cat So Attached to Me Lately? Is It a Sign of Trouble?


My cat has been so clingy lately, that I’ve started to worry about her health. I figured there must be something wrong — physically or emotionally. But I didn’t know what exactly was wrong. Thus, I made a long list of potential causes. 


Our Cats Love Us


Of course, the first thing I took into consideration as a potential cause was that my cat simply loves me and wants to spend time with me. I know that this is an absolute truth. However, as I mentioned before, my cat has never been overly affectionate


She’s an independent lady! Sure, she likes to snuggle and loves being pet. Still, even when she was a wee kitten, she wasn’t clingy. Some cats can get needy “all of a sudden” — or that’s what it seems like to the owners. In reality, the cat simply needs a bit of time to adjust and get to know their owner. Then it shows affection and attachment that only seems like it came out of nowhere. 


Rescue Cats Are Insecure


My previous point is particularly true for rescue cats. Cats from shelters that had too many animals and not enough workers, or those from abusive homes can become clingy with their new owners. 


The heartbreaking truth is that nobody showed these cats any affection. Therefore, it’s logical that they now don’t know how to reciprocate (even if they are in a loving, warm environment). They don’t realize they are in their forever home. So they are insecure. 


They simply need more time to adjust to their new living situation. New rescue cats usually won’t show affection even if we’re acting as the best owners in the world!


However, since my cat isn’t a rescue, insecurity wasn’t the issue I was dealing with. That meant I had to keep looking for the answer to my question: Why is my cat so attached to me lately?


Cats Can Get Lonely


I’ve been working a lot lately. I have a big project due, and, even though I’m working from home, I don’t have as much free time as I did before. So, my cat might be getting a bit lonely.


Sometimes, we don’t comprehend that even if we aren’t directly interacting with our pets, we’re still spending time with them. We hang out in the same room, and we watch over them while they take three or more afternoon naps. Well, that’s how they see it.


These past few months, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my office. So, it’s kind of logical that my cat noticed my absence and came looking for me. Once she found me, she simply relocated from her usual nap spot to my office. 


And, because I’ve been “away” for so long (at least in her eyes), just hanging out in the same room isn’t enough. She won’t sleep on the couch in my office. Oh, no, she prefers sitting (and napping) on my lap.


Now, at that point, I was sure I had the answer to the question Why is my cat so attached to me lately? But I couldn’t know for sure, so I kept researching.


They Might Be Jealous


Cats are jealous creatures. People don’t think that’s true, but cats are as possessive of their territory as dogs are. Therefore, when there are strangers in the home, cats can display some unusual behavior


In other words, there’s a chance that the odd attachment is due to jealousy. It may seem as though it came out of nowhere, but it’s actually “payback” for paying attention to someone else. 


Or Simply Cold!


Now, before we accuse our furry friends of being consumed by the green-eyed monster, we should consider the weather. Yes; the weather!


Cats are notoriously fond of warmth. They seek it relentlessly. That’s why we often catch them napping bathed in sunlight. They’ll never do what humans do, and search for a dark spot to rest their eyes. No! They need a warm place.


If it’s unusually cold, cats might seek us out and show what we see as affection. In reality, they are using us as warming devices!


Fear Causes Clinginess


When I first brought my cat home, I showed her her bed. It was a cute little sleeping area just for her. That’s where I left her so she can start exploring the house in her own time.


Then, I noticed that whenever she gets scared or startled, she runs back to her bed. That was her safe spot and her sanctuary.


Now, some owners don’t do this. They can’t really keep their hands away from their new kitty (which is understandable), so they become that “safe spot.” Therefore, the latest show of affection and the unusual attachment can be due to the fact the cat is scared, and it’s running back to its safety net (the owner).


Of course, no matter the “safety spot,” cats will often seek their owners when they are scared because we are their protectors.


But So Does Anxiety 


Cats that are naturally anxious, frightful, or have been through a traumatic event, often become extraordinarily needy pets. They see their owners as their safety blanket and seek them out in any situation that gives them anxiety.


If the show of affection is a recent development, then something must have changed. Owners should consider the cause of anxiety and “endure” the fact that their pet became clingy because it cements the feeling of safety for the cat. However, if something is causing stress and anxiety to the animal, the owners should look into it and, if possible, remove the stressor.


The Cat Might Be Getting Older


One of the sadder answers to the question Why is my cat so attached to me lately? is that it’s getting old. With age, our pet’s health deteriorates. That means the cat’s vision and hearing might be failing it. So, it might not be as secure in its abilities as it once was. 


That insecurity can stress the cat out or give it anxiety. If that happens, it’s only natural that the cat clings to its owner because:


  • it knows its owner will protect it
  • the owner is more aware of their surroundings than the cat is (and the cat knows this)


Older cats should have regular checkups with the vet. Our pet being overly clingy (especially if it’s a new development) is something we should immediately tell our vet. 


…Or Is About to Give Birth


A pregnant cat that’s overly attached to its owner all of a sudden is a no-brainer. The cat knows that it’s particularly vulnerable in that period, and she’s trusting her owner to protect her. What’s more, the cat might also be stressed out and is seeking out the person it loves and trusts the most. It’s also a sign that the pet is entirely comfortable with its owner.


A Change In Routine Might be the Cause


Cats, like many other animals, are creatures of habit. Therefore, any change in the cat’s routine is stressful and unwelcome. If the owners changed the routine (moving houses, switched jobs and working hours, changed feeding times, etc.), the pet might be feeling a bit insecure. Thus, it becomes a bit clingy.


Any significant change will upset a house cat. A new family member (or the departure of one) is something that they can’t understand. What’s more, it also changes their lives completely. For example, they don’t understand that the boy that they’ve spent their entire life with has moved away for college. In their eyes, the boy abandoned them. So they cling to the rest of the household out of fear of abandonment.


But So Can Medical Issues


Of course, the biggest concern of any cat owner is that the answer to the question Why is my cat so attached to me lately? will be a medical issue. We should consider any change to be a red flag. Therefore, if a cat has been acting overly affectionate recently, a trip to the vet is a good idea.


Pets sometimes become clingy when they anticipate a seizure coming. Epilepsy isn’t that common in cats, but it can happen. What’s more, acute seizures can also occur due to fungal, viral, or bacterial infections, or exposure to various toxins.


A Few Parting Words


It’s vital that we find the answer to the question Why is my cat so attached to me lately? Any change in behavior is potentially troublesome. It isn’t something we should dismiss. Sure, it might be nothing, and the cat might just need some extra attention. However, it could also be a sign of a much bigger problem. Therefore, we shouldn’t ignore it.



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