Why is my cat urinating on carpet? What You Need to Know

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Inappropriate elimination is a term used to refer to a cat who will not use the litter box. It is an annoying behavior as not only will your house smell of pee but also may turn to be chronic. spraying is also featured in the discussion of inappropriate elimination.


Reasons why your cat is urinating on carpet


You clearly are not going to find it funny when you come home to a house smelling of cat pee. It can be an embarrassing habit that requires your attention as quickly as possible. However, before you think of punishing your kitty, understand that it is not going to be effective. Instead, consider looking into the habit further and understand why he is doing so.

Some of the reasons why cats pee on the carpet include the following:


Dirty litter box



If you have lived with a cat, you already know how sensitive they are. Not only do they have a strong sense of hearing but also smell. Your kitty may be peeing on the carpet because the litter boxes are stinking. He is going to always find an alternative and your carpet stands out as the next target.

This could be because cats like the soft feel of the carpet on their paws. Therefore, he may want to make a portion of your carpet his peeing place. Understand that once he starts doing so, there is a likelihood he will repeat.

A dirty and smelly litter box is quite a turn-off for your cat. This is why you should always maintain cleanliness for your cat.


Location of the litter box


Most cats will urinate on carpet to exhibit litter box issues. Where you put the litter boxes in the house will determine how efficiently your cat will use them. This being said, it is, therefore, important to locate the litter box strategically in the house. This way, you will encourage him to use it instead of peeing it on the carpet.

In addition to this, make sure that you provide enough litter boxes in your home. Place the latter in quiet places with low traffic in the house. This, your cat will be able to finish his business without much disturbance.


Size of the litter box


Your cat is definitely not going to enjoy squeezing himself in the litter box. This is why you should make sure that each litter box is big enough for your cat. In addition to this, each litter box should leave some room for your cat while using it.

We cannot forget to mention how important the type of litter you use is. If you are looking to make your cat use the litter box, you will have to make sure that it is comfortable. Some types of cat litter may not be as encouraging, especially if it holds cat waste and pee. Your cat is not going to appreciate stepping on wet grounds while releasing himself. Always get the correct type of litter for your kitty.


Cat Marking on the carpet


Peeing on the carpet may be your cat’s way of marking. Cat’s mark places in efforts to own the place. This means that you can trigger your cat to urinate on the carpet by something as simple as moving from one residence to another. This could be a result of the anxiety of the new residence.

If your carpet is new, your cat may also tend to mark it using his urine. This will help him familiarize himself with the surrounding. The only way he knows how to do this is by leaving his scent behind. Cats always want to feel familiar with their surroundings.

urine marking is also a common behavior when your cat feels threatened. For instance, if you have a new person staying over in your house, your cat may mark your house. It is somehow your cat’s way of stamping authority in that he ‘owns’ the place.


New kitten urinating on carpet


Getting a new cat/kitten is usually an amazing thing. We are all ready and welcoming to the kitty. However, the cat may not be as excited to meet you as you are. In fact, you are going to experience a little trouble making him use the litter box.

First of all, he probably has no idea where the litter boxes are. Secondly, the kitty might also be feeling a little insecure following the drastic changes. I mean he was previously in another home surrounded by other faces and now he has to adjust to the new environment. Do not be surprised when he seems to enjoy soiling your carpet.

However, you will be able to help him adjust to the changes. Litter training could also be of importance to reinforce your cat to use a litter box.



 Ways to stop cat urinating on carpet


Once you observe your cat urinating on the carpet, it is now time to stop this behavior. Once again, you be able to do this, you will need to understand why your kitty is doing so. This way, you can be able to withdraw the item driving your cat to this behavior. We are going to look at 7 ways to stop your cat from urinating on the carpet.


Clean the soiled place


If your cat praying on a specific spot, there is a likelihood that he is going to repeat. He is going to do it once again and on the same spot. This is because he will be attracted and reminded of the place by the scent he leaves behind. He can actually make it his preferred place to relieve himself and completely ignore the litter box.

Therefore, it is important that you clean the place thoroughly. Use enzymatic cleaners to get rid of the urine stains and smell. Consider having your carpet vacuumed thoroughly before putting it back. You may also use a mixture of vinegar and water in equal amounts. Not only will this help get rid of the smell but also deter your cat from accessing the previously sprayed spot.


Keep the litter boxes all clean


As mentioned earlier, there is a high chance that your cat is avoiding the litter box and ends up peeing on the carpet. You need to find out why he won’t use the litter box. For instance, if you have not scooped his litter recently, he might be refusing to use it because it stinks.

For this reason, it is important that you scoop the soiled litter at least after every use. Also, consider changing the entire litter box with the contents. Sometimes, the litter box will not only be dirty but also in need of a complete make-over.

Once again, place the litter boxes in areas where your cat can easily reach them. This area should also be free of any physical activities. This encourages your cat to keep using it. Make sure that the boxes come in the right size for your cat.


Play with your cat


Cats that urinate on carpet tend to have feelings of vulnerability and anxiety. They do so in an effort to mix their scent with yours. This only means one thing, he wants to feel the security that comes with your presence. If your kitty misses you, there is a chance that he gets stressed out and pees on your carpet.

To prevent this from happening, consider creating more time for you two to bond. You can get him toys that will engage him. Alternatively, you can create sessions for cuddling where you pet him. This will definitely help strengthen the bond between you and him.



Refrain from changing your lifestyle


Now, if there is something common in cats is their inability to adapt to change. As a matter of fact, cats detest changing and are quick to react to them. For instance, moving from one place to another may seem like a great adventure for you. However, this is not the same for your cat. He is secretly worried sick about the new environment.

Due to the stress induced by your cat, litter box avoidance is a common occurrence. Not only does moving get your cat stressed but also remodeling your house. If you rearrange your house, that comes out as a really huge change for your cat.

All in all, it is important that you avoid changing your lifestyle as well as that of your cat. Do not change his routine or even his diet.


Curb Boredom and loneliness


Cats tend to be quite clingy to their owners. This means that failure to give him all the attention he needs may lead to boredom and loneliness. He needs your affection and love. And since the modern way of life does not allow us to have all day playing with them, sometimes we get busy.

This does not mean that you should abandon your cat. In fact, this will only open a window for loneliness which will cause your cat to urinate everywhere. By doing so, your cat wants to communicate with you and seek your attention and love.

Consider leaving a TV on for your cat when you are away from home or busy. Interesting TV channels like the nature channel will definitely work well to keep him occupied, thanks to their curious nature. If your cat gets anxious when left alone, leaving soothing music on is also going to be of help to keep him calm.


Get him checked up by your vet


Inappropriate urination can also be an indication of a health issue in cats. However, you will need to take your kitty to the vet for diagnosis. If your cat tends to urinate on your carpet in tiny bits, this could indicate a urinary tract problem. This is also characterized by painful and frequent urination. In severe cases, your cat will pass bloody urine.

Not only should you be worried about urinary tract infections but also diabetes, especially in older cats. This could also lead to inappropriate elimination. Your vet should be able to deliver a complete diagnosis before recommending the best method of treatment.

However, refrain from taking your cat to the vet for many trips. This is because it could induce stress for your cat and thus encourage urinating everywhere.


Separate your cats



If you have multiple cats, one of your cats may urinate on the carpet if he is feeling a little threatened. Your cat may feel vulnerable especially if the other cat(s) is bigger. He could be afraid to use the litter box and thus choose your carpet instead. In such a case, separating the two will be effective. This means that each cat will have its own place and resources to use.

This will make the cat feel more at ease when the threat is withdrawn. In addition to this, provide individual playtime for each of your cats. By separating your cats, you will be eliminating the need for your cats to draw boundaries by urinating everywhere.


Provide enough resources


Competition for resources is a common cause of cat stress. This will in return make your cats act up by urinating inappropriately. Cats in a multi-cat environment tend to compete for resources. In the case your kitty is not getting enough of what she requires, she is going to react.

Therefore, make sure that your cats have enough of everything. This includes food and water as well as litter boxes. Provide several clean facilities to suit all your cats’ needs to avoid the competition.


In conclusion


The question ‘why is my cat urinating on carpet?’ is not unheard of. In fact, many cat owners will do literally anything to make it stop. I mean your house will smell of cat pee, which is not only embarrassing but also gross. Consider taking your kitty to the vet to make sure that your cat is not ill.

Upon diagnosis, you will be able to concentrate on the treatment therapy. If you are dealing with a behavioral disorder, you should be able to correct it using the above-provided tips. Remember that punishing your cat is not going to work in your favor. The goal here is to make sure that your cat quits the habit of urinating on your carpet.

“Why is my cat urinating on the carpet?” Many cat owners have had to struggle to try to put a finger on this question. However, this article is not only going to highlight why your kitty is peeing on the carpet but also how to stop him. If you are dealing with this kind of problem, you will need to take a few minutes and take a look at the only method that actually works.


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