Cat keeps Meowing for no reason

Cat Language Translation. What Are They Saying?

Most cat owners spend their time trying to figure their cats out. Through the years of cat domestication, we have studied cat behavior to make it simpler. and we have now learned how cats communicate with us. However, that is quite simple to understand in theory. In reality, you will need to observe and learn […]

Cat body language lying down

Cat spray Odor Removal. This Actually Works

Cat spray odor removal. A helpful and useful guide.   Are you spending a small fortune on cleaning products? Are you stressed out trying to find the answer for Cat spray odor removal? Don’t worry you are not alone. Most cat owners try the exact same methods but you are all missing something that actually […]

Cat keeps Meowing for no reason

Cat Body Language Meow. What are they Saying

You probably have not seen your cat meow at other cats. But you will have heard your cat meow at you and wondered why he said. Cat body language meow what are they saying? There is a valid reason for the meow, it’s just that right now you don’t understand what that is.  In this […]

Cat keeps Meowing for no reason

How to Understand Cat Language. A Helpful Guide

Your cat speaks a different language to you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t communicate with each other. There will be important clues like the tone of their voice, the look in his eyes, the motions they make with their tail, and the position of their ears.  All these things reveal their intentions and […]

Cat keeps Meowing for no reason

How to Speak Cat Language. A Useful Guide

The non-verbal signals and messages from a cat can be puzzling to us humans. For centuries, cats have been thought of as solitary, mysterious, and unpredictable creatures, pretty much because we can’t understand what they are saying to us. Therefore I am going to answer your question “How to Speak Cat Language” As humans, we […]