Black Cats Meow a Lot. A Helpful Guide

Black Cats Meow a Lot

Some cats tend to meow more than others. However, myths have it that black cats tend to meow a lot. Well, as I have called it, it is nothing more but just a myth. It is, however, true that cats vary in terms of personalities and acquired behavior.

Did you know that it is all mythical when some cultures associate black cats with being unlucky? Well, do not let this myth hinder you from achieving your

Also, we cannot forget to put it out there that some cat breeds are more talkative than others. Therefore, it is quite difficult to associate the color of a cat to her behaviors. We must also understand that cats primarily meow in efforts to communicate with us. Have you tried to find out what is going on with your kitty?


Do black cats meow more than other cats?


This is an interesting thought and also black cats do not necessarily meow a lot. Maybe there is something he wants and you are yet to figure it out. Therefore, we are going to outline some of the reasons why cats meow excessively.


Black Cats Meow a Lot


You have been ignoring her request


We have already mentioned that cats actually meow because they want to communicate with us. Therefore, if your black cat tends to meow a lot, try to check on her. She could be trying to tell you that she is uncomfortable.

Listening to your cat will need you to be very keen on her behavior as well as body language. Did you just bring your kitty home from rescue?


She is frightened


There are various reasons why your cat could start meowing. For instance, if you have just brought your cat home from a rescue or you just adopted one, she could be scared. I mean, you could also be scared if you found yourself in a completely new environment, wouldn’t you?

Check on her stress levels to determine why she is meowing. Also, if you have other existing pets in the house, they could be playing part in scaring your cat. In this case, then you must employ the correct measures to ensure that she fits in just fine.


She wants attention


A cat who is on the lookout for your attention will also meow. It could be that your black cat is also obsessed with attention! Your cat will meow as well as perform other tricks to get you to give her your attention.

The challenging thing about cats who meow for attention is that it is difficult to make her stop. I mean, you could be working on your PC and she will come in front of you, meowing loudly. Of course, you will be worried about her and want to cuddle the ‘loneliness’ away. However, this will only breed more meowing and other attention-seeking behaviors.

In the next section of this article, we are going to look at the measures to take to make your black cat meowing a lot.


Oh no! She could be sick


Now, when I say that cats meow to communicate with humans, I mean it is exclusive. Therefore, it is not always advisable to ignore a cat who won’t stop crying no matter what. However, before you go all in panic, there are some things that you must consider.

For instance, has she suddenly started meowing? Also, is she meowing in a higher pitch than normal? Well, if so, I suggest that you look into her wellbeing. Also, check out for other symptoms of an ill cat. These may include cat spraying urine and litter box avoidance. This is especially common if your cat suffers urinary tract issues.

Pay attention to your cat and observe her overtime. You will be able to tell what is wrong with her and see a vet if she doesn’t seem to be feeling well.


Her bowl is probably empty


Yes, your cat can nag you when she is hungry. Well, she will use a soft mid-pitched meow to let you know that mealtime is already her. Should you delay her for a few minutes, then she will remind you, this time, probably not so kindly. A cat may use the long-drawn-out meow to insist on her urgency to feed.

Well, it is no secret that we always insist on creating a schedule to feed your cat.

Also, ensure that you are feeding her in a healthy manner. Refrain from leaving unhealthy treats for her when you leave the house.


Black Cats Meow a Lot


She wants to breed


When your black cat goes in heat, there is a chance that you will have a troubled night. Unfortunately, we forget to check with the previous owner or shelter whether they have been sterilized. Well, if she exhibits other behaviors such as spraying urine in the house and restlessness.

. She does so to invite male counterparts for mating. Well, since your domesticated cat cannot access a mate, she remains restless throughout the day and well as nights.

Check with your vet for measures to handle a cat in heat. The only thing you can do is to wait it out and then have her spayed.


She is distressed


We all love our cat’s sociable nature, don’t we? She is all cute and calm until there is a sudden change in her environment. Cats stress over simple things as having a guest in the house. Well, let me revisit this just a little bit.

Cats depend on scents for their safety. It is why you will notice her rubbing all over the house items and even your personal items. By depositing her scent on you and around the house, your cat is trying to make it her territory. Believe me when I say that your cat will notice new scents immediately, which could lead to stress.

A stressed cat will meow in a fearful low pitched meow. However, she could keep going on and on until you figure out a way to make her calm down. If you are still wondering why black cats meow a lot, it is probably time to check on her stress levels. As mentioned earlier, it is highly unlikely that a cat’s color has anything to do with her excessive meowing behavior.


Senile cats


While cats could be all tiny and cute, they may lose their cognitive abilities as they grow older, you know, just like we tend to develop dementia from old age. Cats with senility issues may start meowing unnecessarily.

Well, you will need to pay attention to her at all times. Notice other symptoms of cat dementia such as reversed sleep cycle, disorientation and now excessive meowing. ‘

Check with your vet to see how you can manage your cat’s condition. Cats over the age of 8 years may develop senility.


How to stop your cat from meowing unnecessarily


Once you figure out why your cat cannot stop meowing, you must stop her immediately. Otherwise not only will you have a rough night but also your neighbors. Well, let’s make sure that you do not have to deal with all this. Employ the following steps to stop your cat from excessive meowing:


Black Cats Meow a Lot


Neuter/spay your cat


Now, we have already discussed how a cat in heat might keep meowing. Well, if you have not yet taken her to the vet, then you should. However, if your cat is still on the heat, your vet might tell you to wait it out. This is because she might bleed out in the process of sterilizing her.

Spaying your cat not only reduces excessive meowing. It will also make your cat more docile and less territorial.


Reset her body clock


Did you know that your cat is both crepuscular and nocturnal? Well, this means that she is active at dawn and dusk. Sometimes she will wake up in the middle of the night start crying. If so, you can do something to make her schedule align with your schedule.

You need to adjust her schedule such that her feeding time aligns with yours, especially dinner. This way, you can play with her to make sure that she is tired before bed. As with every other kind of training, you must remain consistent.

It is going to take a few weeks before you are completely able to reset her body clock. Once you do, however, you will no longer have to deal with excessive meowing.


Leave the nightlight on for your senior cat


Dealing with a senior cat who won’t shut up? Well, senility is one of the challenges that we deal with in senior cats. As we have outlined above, she might lose her cognitive abilities. Even if your cat has been well behaved and on a schedule, senility may lead to meowing excessively.

It could be that she meows at night for losing her way. Remember that old age and senility may lead to visual impairment. To help her navigate around the house, I suggest you leave the nightlight on. It will help her move around and thus reduce meowing in senior kitties.


Provide clean litter boxes



Lack of clean litter boxes also causes cats to meow a lot. If you own a cat, then you do know that they do not appreciate dirt or filthy living state. Therefore, if you forgot to clean the litter box, it could be the reason she cannot stop meowing.


Ignore nighttime meowing


Nighttime meowing can be very frustrating. However, we sometimes give in to what our cats want, which is totally unhealthy. She might learn to seek attention through meowing consistently. You might want to invest in a pair of earplugs. This way, you are going to be able to fall asleep even when she nags you.

You will need to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your cat. Well, it would be quite unfair if you ignored your cat when she is ill.




Are you still wondering if black cats meow a lot more than other cats? Well, you probably need to check on your cat and determine why she is meowing excessively. Sometimes it could be that your cat has a talkative personality and thus she will keep meowing. Some breeds of cats such as the Siamese and Tonkinese cats are generally talkative breeds.

Examine your cat closely to determine why she could be meowing. Also, always rule out medical problems that could lead to excessive meowing. Your vet will be able to help you with that as you ensure the wellbeing of your cat.

It is time to get over the mythical beliefs that black cats meow a lot. These are amazing creatures and when you pay attention, you’re going to build a beautiful relationship with her.

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