The Mysterious Reason Why Cats Yowl Before Throwing Up

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Do you have a cat that yowls before throwing up? If so, you’re not alone. This is a common behavior for cats, but the reason why they do it remains a mystery. Some people believe that the yowling is an attempt by the cat to get help from their human companions.

Others think that it’s just a way for the cat to express its discomfort. Still, others believe that the yowling is somehow related to the act of vomiting. In this blog post, we will explore all of these theories and more.




While the reasons behind a cat’s yowling before vomiting are not fully understood, there are a few theories. One possibility is that the yowling is a way of warning others that they are about to vomit.

After all, cats are very clean creatures, and they may not want to soil their surroundings with vomit. Another possibility is that the yowling is simply a response to the discomfort of nausea. Just as humans might moan or groan when they feel sick to their stomachs, cats may yowl as a way of expressing their discomfort.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that yowling before vomit is not a pleasant experience for cats – or for their owners.


Latest Theories on why cats yowl before vomiting


One theory about why cats yowl before vomiting is that they are seeking companionship. When a cat feels sick, it may cry out in order to signal to its owner that it needs comfort and care.

Another possibility is that the cat is experiencing discomfort and is trying to communicate this to its owner. The act of vomiting itself may also trigger a vocal response in some cats.

Some researchers believe that the muscles used for vomiting are also used for vocalization, which could explain why some cats yowl before they vomit.

Ultimately, the reason why cats yowl before vomiting remains somewhat of a mystery, but all theories suggest that it is somehow related to the act itself or the cat’s emotional state.


Examining the evidence


There are three main theories about why cats yowl before throwing up.

The first theory is that the yowling is a way of warning other animals to stay away from the vomit, which could contain dangerous bacteria or toxins.

The second theory is that the yowling helps to expel any air that may be trapped in the stomach, preventing vomiting.

The third theory is that yowling creates a vibration that helps to break up any food that is stuck in the digestive tract.

While there is some evidence to support each of these theories, it is still not clear which one is correct. However, one thing is certain: if your cat starts yowling, it’s probably best to move away quickly.




The most likely reason why cats yowl before throwing up is that they are nauseous. Nausea is the feeling of sickness to your stomach and can be caused by many different things such as eating too much, food poisoning, viruses, anxiety, or motion sickness.

When a cat experiences nausea, they will often start to salivate excessively as their stomach tries to expel the contents. The yowling sound is usually an indicator that the cat is about to vomit. While it may be unpleasant to witness, it is important to remember that this behavior is natural and not something to be punished.

If your cat is vomiting regularly, it is important to consult a veterinarian as there may be an underlying medical condition causing the vomiting. However, if your cat only occasionally vomits after eating too much or being exposed to a new environment, there is no cause for concern. Cats are very good at self-regulating and will usually stop vomiting once their stomach has settled.

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