Understanding the Color Changes of Maine Coon Cats

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Maine Coon cats are known for their unique coat and often striking color changes. But do they change color? In this blog, we’ll explore precisely what causes these shifts in color and how to manage them effectively.


Do Maine coon cats change color?


Maine coon cats, renowned for their size and intelligence, are sometimes said to change color as they age.

While it is true that many cats change color slightly over time, the Maine Coon Cat does not typically undergo any drastic changes in its coat hues.

This breed is known for its tricolor pattern, which typically consists of brown, black, and white coloring. Often their coats will appear mottled or smoky due to their fur length; however, this can be altered depending on the amount of grooming given.

All in all, when it comes to changing colors throughout the life of your Maine Coon cat – don’t be surprised if subtle changes do occur – but nothing too drastic.


Changing colors with age


Maine Coon cats are known for their long coats, but there’s more to them than meets the eye.

The breed has a natural propensity to change colors as they age. This is because they have a gene that allows them to produce different pigments in their fur over time.

Typically, the fur will start pale or white when the kitten is born, then gradually darken as it matures.

The exact shade of fur can vary from one cat to another, but most will usually shift from white or cream-colored at birth to brown or black as an adult.


The color change process


The process of color shifts can be further broken down into two parts.

  • The first is called “fading” – when a cat’s coat starts light and slowly darkens over time.


  • The second part of the process is called “tipping” – during this stage, a darker outer layer develops on top of the lighter base layer and gives the impression that the fur has changed colors entirely.

This tipping process usually begins around eight months old and continues until adulthood, when it reaches its final dark shade.




Maine Coon cats have an incredible ability to change colors over time, making them unique amongst other breeds of cats! Although they may appear to be changing colors completely, what’s happening is that they’re “fading” and “tipping”–two processes that allow their coats to develop different pigments as they mature. To ensure your Maine Coon cat stays healthy throughout this transition period, provide them with plenty of nutrition, exercise, and love. Then, with proper care, you can look forward to seeing your furry friend grow into its full vibrant colors for many years.

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