What Sphynx Cats Like to Play With: A Guide to Their Favorite Toys

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As an owner of a sphynx cat, I have discovered that these unique felines have a playful and curious nature. However, finding suitable toys for them can be a challenge. Unlike other cats, sphynx cats lack fur, which makes them more sensitive to certain materials and textures.

From my experience, sphynx cats enjoy interactive toys that allow them to play with their owners. Toys that involve chasing, pouncing, and jumping are great for these energetic cats. String toys, laser pointers, and feather wands are all popular choices that can provide hours of entertainment for both the cat and the owner.

Aside from interactive toys, sphynx cats also enjoy toys they can play with independently. Soft and plush toys they can cuddle with or bat around are great options.

Additionally, puzzle toys that dispense treats can keep them mentally stimulated and entertained. It’s important to note that, as with all cats, supervision is vital in playtime, especially with toys with small parts or strings that can be swallowed.


Sphynx Cats’ Playful Nature


As a proud owner of a sphynx cat, I can attest to their playful nature. These cats have a lot of energy and love to play. In this section, I will discuss how sphynx cats like to play and how you can entertain them.


Physical Play


Sphynx cats are very active and love to engage in physical play. They enjoy chasing after toys and playing games that involve running and jumping. Some of their favorite toys include:

  • Feather wands
  • Balls
  • Interactive toys that dispense treats

When playing with your Sphynx cat, providing them with enough space to move around is crucial. You can also create an obstacle course for them to navigate or set up a play area with tunnels and climbing structures.


Mental Stimulation


Sphynx cats are also very intelligent and require mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. They enjoy playing games that challenge their minds and problem-solving abilities. Some great ways to provide mental stimulation for your sphynx cat include:

  • Puzzle feeders
  • Hide-and-seek games with treats
  • Training sessions to teach them new tricks

Rotating your sphynx cat’s toys and games regularly is essential to keep them from getting bored. You can also try introducing new toys and games to keep things fresh and exciting for them.


Toys for Sphynx Cats


As a proud owner of a Sphynx cat, I know how important it is to provide them with toys they will enjoy playing with. Here are some of the best types of toys for Sphynx cats:

Interactive Toys


Sphynx cats are playful and active, so interactive toys are an excellent choice. These toys will keep them engaged and entertained for hours. Some of the best interactive toys for Sphynx cats include:

  • Feather wands
  • Laser pointers
  • Interactive puzzle toys

Chew Toys


Chew toys are not just for dogs – Sphynx cats also enjoy chewing on toys. These toys can help keep their teeth clean and healthy and provide a satisfying chewing experience. Some of the best chew toys for Sphynx cats include:

  • Rubber balls
  • Plastic springs
  • Soft catnip toys

Scratching Posts


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Sphynx cats love to scratch, so providing them with a scratching post is essential. This will help prevent them from scratching your furniture and other household items. Some of the best scratching posts for Sphynx cats include:

  • Tall scratching posts with multiple levels
  • Scratching posts with attached toys
  • Cardboard scratching pads

DIY Toys for Sphynx Cats


As a Sphynx cat owner, I know how important it is to keep my feline friend entertained. However, buying toys can be expensive, and some cats may not like them. That’s why I’ve found that making DIY toys can be a fun and cost-effective way to keep my Sphynx cat happy.


Cardboard Boxes


A cardboard box is one of the most accessible and versatile DIY toys for Sphynx cats. Take a cardboard box and cut holes for your cat to climb in and out of. Then, add some crumpled-up paper or a small toy inside the box to make it more interesting. Sphynx cats love to explore and play in confined spaces, so this is a great option.


Paper Bags


Another simple and affordable DIY toy for Sphynx cats is a paper bag. Cats love to play with wrinkled objects, so a paper bag is perfect. You can also add treats or toys to the bag to entice it. However, supervise your cat while they play with the pack to ensure they don’t accidentally ingest any pieces.

Feather Wands


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Feather wands are a classic cat toy that many Sphynx cats enjoy. You only need a stick, some string, and a feather to make your feather wand. Simply tie the feather to the end of the string and attach the string to the stick. You can also add bells or other small toys to the string to make it more interesting for your cat.

Overall, DIY toys are a great way to entertain your Sphynx cat without breaking the bank. You can create fun and engaging toys that your cat will love using simple materials like cardboard boxes, paper bags, and feathers.




Based on my research, sphynx cats are playful creatures that enjoy a variety of toys and activities. From interactive toys that require their attention and problem-solving skills to simple items like paper bags and boxes, there is no shortage of things to keep your sphynx entertained.

It’s important to note that each cat is unique and may have their preferences regarding playtime. For example, some may enjoy chasing toys resembling prey, while others prefer to bat around soft, plush toys.

As a responsible cat owner, providing your sphynx with a safe and stimulating environment that encourages play and exercise is essential. By offering a variety of toys and activities, you can help your cat stay happy and healthy for years to come.

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