Why Does My Cat Pee on My Boyfriend’s Clothes?

Why Does My Cat Pee on My Boyfriend’s Clothes?

The most common reasons and their solutions are: 


  • Unappealing litter box – if you switched litter brand, scent, or box position, change it back to make the litter box more appealing. 
  • Reaction to stress – your boyfriend’s presence might be stressing out your pet; solve it by spending dedicated time with your cat. 
  • Bonding – cats communicate through smells and peeing on your boyfriend’s clothes is a way to unite your scents; prevent it by cleaning the urine thoroughly from peed-on surfaces.
  • Drawn to the testosterone – felines are attracted by strong smells such as the testosterone on your boyfriend’s clothes; to stop it put used clothes out of your pet’s reach
  • Medical problems – urinary problems are common in older cats; get a check-up by your vet
  • Declawing – the hard litter pellets could hurt declawed cats, this is why they choose softer textures; switch to a different type of litter.


Why Does My Cat Pee on My Boyfriend’s Clothes?

Why Does My Cat Pee on My Boyfriends Clothes?


Even the best-behaved felines can create problems sometimes. Has your cat been using their litter box without any major issues until your boyfriend came around? Do you now have a fussy feline and a pile of your partner’s smelly clothes to deal with almost every day? Do you find yourself asking Why does my cat pee on my boyfriend’s clothes? If your answer to any or all of these questions was a frustrated yes, then this article is just what you need. 


Why Does My Cat Pee on My Boyfriend’s Clothes? — Possible Reasons


Felines communicate through scents, and urine has a powerful one. If your puss is only peeing on your boyfriend’s belongings, does it mean they dislike him? Is your pet trying to take revenge out of jealousy? Not exactly. 


Cats urinating outside the litter box is called spraying and there are many reasons it could happen. Let’s look at all the options to help you solve this problem!


#1 Does Your Cat Hate Their Litter Box? 


Urinating outside of the litter box could be a simple issue of comfort. If your puss is avoiding the box, think of any changes you might have made to it. For example:

  • Have you moved the litter box? If you just had your partner move in, you might have rearranged things around your home. Your cat, however, might dislike their newly designated area. 
  • Did you switch the litter brand? If so, maybe the new one has an unfamiliar scent that your cat finds repulsive. 
  • Do you clean the litter box frequently? Are there other pets that use it? Cats can be very particular about cleanliness. 


Cats need a comfortable spot to urinate. Believe it or not, piles of clothes can be very appealing to fussy felines. But if you manage to make the litter box appealing again, your cat will go back to using it in no time. 

Make The Litter Box Appealing Again

If you made any changes to the litter box, go back to how things were. Providing a clean and familiar box helps your cat feel safe. This way, they will be more likely to use the litter box again.


Why Does My Cat Pee on My Boyfriend’s Clothes?

#2 Has Your Cat Been Declawed Recently? 


In line with the comfort theme we’ve been discussing, declawing might be the answer to your question as well. Namely, for a declawed cat, peeing on smooth surfaces can be a way of seeking comfort. 


Declawing makes your cat’s paws more sensitive and hard litter material can hurt them. Therefore, they choose clothes instead of the pellety litter they can find in the box. If your boyfriend’s belongings are the most accessible soft material, the cat will choose to do their business there. 


To solve this issue, all you need to do is switch to another type of litter that doesn’t hurt your pet’s declawed paws. 


#3 Reaction to Stress


It’s a myth that cats don’t get attached to their owners. It’s actually quite the contrary; some can be incredibly territorial and it’s not uncommon for them to become jealous of their owners’ partners. 


Ask yourself — could your boyfriend’s presence be stressful for your cat? If he just moved in, the answer to Why does my cat pee on my boyfriend’s clothes? seems quite clear. There is now a new tenant that your cat has to share their space and their human with. 


Even if your man is far from moving in, he is nevertheless a new presence to your cat. But don’t think of their urinating as an act of revenge. Instead, consider it a form of marking territory. Cats feel safe in a space that smells like them. So, urinating on your boyfriend’s clothes helps calm them down, as it removes the unfamiliar scent of your man. 

How to Reduce Stress

Felines are gentle creatures and even seemingly small things can make them anxious. When a new human appears on their territory, cats can feel threatened or jealous. Much like with an upset toddler, there’s no use in trying to explain the situation. Instead, create an environment where the cat feels safe and reassured of your affection. 


Start by establishing a space for your cat only. Ideally, this would be a separate room. But if you can’t spare an entire room, at least give your cat a proper corner. Place everything your pet might need there — their bowls, toys, and the litter box. 


Then, aim to ‘visit’ your cat in their new space regularly. Establish a routine for your puss and make it one that involves plenty of affection. Whether your cat likes to cuddle while you watch TV, or prefers more active playtime, set aside a time in the day to dedicate to that. 


Keep in mind, though, that this approach probably won’t give instant results. Over time, however, it will reassure the cat that the newcomer isn’t there to steal you or to hurt them. 


#4 It’s Their Idea of One Happy Family 


A slightly different answer to Why does my cat pee on my boyfriend’s clothes? It could be that your pet is trying to ‘unite’ their own and your boyfriend’s smells. It’s the same reason behind some cats urinating on their owner’s things. As we already established, cats really like their smell, so in order for them to like your boyfriend, they want him to also smell like them. 


Thus, your pet’s behavior could really be about accepting your man. This smell interaction might be unpleasant to you, but it has an entirely different meaning to your puss. 

The Only Way to Fix It: Clean the Urine Thoroughly

Make sure you clean the peed-on material thoroughly. Since felines have better olfaction than humans, they will notice the lingering scent, but it will prevent them from ‘bonding’ with your boyfriend like that again.


#5 It’s in the Testosterone


Humans have a particularly strong scent, and cats find it hard to ignore. There’s a good chance that your cat is simply irritated by your boyfriend’s distinctive ‘man scent.’

No More Dirty Clothes

Since strong smells draw cats in, avoid placing your boyfriend’s worn clothes within your pet’s reach. It will prevent the testosterone from attracting the cat. 


#6 Medical Problems


Urinary tract issues are relatively common in felines. If your pet pees outside the designated area, it can be because of an untreated condition. That is why having them checked by the vet should be high on your priority list when you notice inappropriate urination. 


Some of the medical problems that could cause this include: 

  • Urinary tract infections (uti), which are common in older cats. Thankfully, they are also easy to treat. Your vet will likely recommend a course of antibiotics to resolve the issue. 
  • Bladder stones, which sometimes accompany feline UTIs. They also make urinating uncomfortable for your pet and can cause peeing outside the litter box. 
  • If you notice blood in your cat’s urine it might be cystitis or a bladder infection. If you notice this, it’s a cue for an urgent check-up. 


Cats don’t know how to deal with pain. All they know is it hurts when they pee in the litter box. So they move to other locations in hopes of getting rid of the pain. 


What’s more, medical problems cause stress. That, in turn, can lead to even more inappropriate urinating. So, if you suspect a medical issue might be the cause, get your pet checked out by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Don’t delay it, as urinary infections can escalate into serious problems (even obstruction).


Why Does My Cat Pee on My Boyfriend’s Clothes? — A Few Parting Words


Owning a cat can be quite a challenge at times. When a new person comes into your life, your puss could react negatively. But now that you have the answer to Why does my cat pee on my boyfriend’s clothes? you know they’re not doing it to spite you. Be patient with your favorite feline, and the problem will soon be resolved!


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