Birman Cats: How Vocal Are They?

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If you’re considering adding a Birman cat to your home, you might wonder how vocal they are. Do they yowl nonstop? Chirp like birds? Or are they relatively quiet? Keep reading to learn everything you need about Birman cats and their vocalizations.


Are Birman cats vocal?


Birman cats are known for being relatively quiet and non-vocal compared to other cat breeds.

While they may meow softly or chirp when feeling happy or demanding attention, they usually don’t have the loud, persistent wails of some other breeds.

Breeding lines have significantly influenced the vocal qualities of a Birman: it is best to select a breeder that supplies cats with kitten registration papers to ensure that the line of cats you are getting is as quiet as possible.

The good news is that even if your Birman isn’t completely mute, the sound will not be overwhelming or intrusive.

Those looking for a companion who won’t make too much noise can confidently look into buying a Birman cat.

While Birmans aren’t known for being particularly chatty, there are always exceptions to the rule. Some Birmans may be more vocal than others, particularly if they’ve been spayed or neutered.

If your Birman is particularly vocal, it’s nothing to worry about—consider yourself lucky to have such an expressive kitty.




If you’re looking for a relatively quiet breed of cat, the Birman is an excellent choice. While they may not be the most vocal cats around, they’re certainly not silent—they’ll let you know when they’re happy or need your attention. So if you’re looking for a loving, affectionate companion who won’t keep you up all night with their yowling, the Birman might be the perfect cat for you.

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