Spayed female cat spraying. Stop this now.

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How to stop a spayed female cat from spraying


This is quite a cliché question among cat owns, especially people who have had their cats spayed recently. This is because most people expect their cats to stop immediately after spaying. However, this is almost never the case as spraying may be a result of underlying behavioral issues. Whatever the case, the following tips are going to help you stop your spayed cat from spraying;


Wash the sprayed surface


Once a cat sprays on a particular surface, there is a chance that she is going to do it again. This is why you should make sure that you have washed the surface completely. Use enzymatic cleaners to remove the scent and stains of the urine. This way, your cat will not remember the surface. In addition to this, you will need to find ways to encourage your cat to use the litter box instead.

Alternatively, you can also opt to use vinegar and water to wash off the surface.


Proper Litter box practices


The first thing to do when you notice your cat spraying is to try to understand why. You should consider looking into your litter box practices. Is there something about the latter that could be causing your cat to spray?

Make sure you clean the litter boxes thoroughly in order to encourage your cat to use it. In addition to this, you should also focus on placing them in strategic places. This should be at the convenience of your cat.

Cats will most often go for the quiet places in the house in order to relieve themselves. So you may consider placing the litter boxes in the areas of the house with low traffic. In addition to this, provide several litter boxes in the house in order to offer options and constantly remind your cat to use it. Choose a soft type of litter that will not hold odor.


Spend time with your kitty


As I mentioned earlier, cats can turn out to be very protective of their space. And that includes you and your house. When you go missing for more hours than usual, your cat is going to start misbehaving. She will find a way to try and cope with boredom and loneliness. To eliminate stress in your cat, make sure you allocate enough time to spend with her.

Female cats are particularly more cling and jealous. It does not matter whether you have had her spayed or not. Therefore, it is important that your pet and play with your cat more often to keep that bond between you strong.


Block window view


If your cat is praying because of the passerby in the street or even another cat in your homestead, consider blocking her view of the outside. This will keep her from seeing the outside world that may cause her anxiety and stress.

In addition to this, you will have to provide your cat with an alternative to staring at the window. You can provide toys to keep your cat busy when you are away from home. Also, you may leave your TV on so as to keep him entertained. Soothing music will also work well to distract and isolate your kitty from the outside world.


Treat the underlying medical problem


We have already looked at some of the illnesses that may cause spraying. Female cats, spayed or not, are at the risk of developing feline urinary infections. Once you notice some symptoms such as pain and frequent urination, you should rush your cat to the vet.

Your vet is going to examine your cat and treat any illnesses.

In conclusion, spaying your cat does not mean that she won’t spray again. In fact, if your cat was spraying before having her spayed, there is a very high chance that she won’t stop. This is because of the fact that cats tend to have behavioral issues leading to spaying.

Do not, at whatever cost, think about punishing your cat for spraying. This is only going to cause more tension and stress for your cat. Punishing a cat includes yelling or even hitting her. All you will have to do is be patient with her as you reinforce the use of the litter box.

Do not ignore spraying as your cat is most likely trying to communicate with you. Therefore, it is your duty to observe and figure out the reason behind spraying in cats. The key to keeping a healthy and disciplined cat is by offering her comfort in your house and at the same time strengthening your bond.

Always make sure that your cat is healthy before you go ahead and correct cat spraying behavior.



Cat spraying is among the most common problem in the feline family. In fact, it is tops in the list of why people surrender their kitties. Female cats particularly suffer from spraying more than their male counterparts. Even after getting spayed, she might continue the habit for several reasons. In most cases, you will find that behavioral issues are the common perpetrators of spraying in female cats.

Before we proceed, it is important to look at the reasons why you should have your cat spayed. Apart from curbing spraying, spaying will definitely be of importance to your co-existence. Well, you do not want your cat loitering in the neighborhood looking for a mate. When your cat is unspayed, it means that you will always have to deal with her being in heat every other season.


Why do female cats spray even after spaying?


Well, let us start by understanding that spaying does not mean you have fixed the spraying. This is because it does not take away the cat’s ability to pee, which means she can also spray. spraying is a result of a cat in heat. It is more often caused by other behavioral issues. These issues may include:

Stress – Cats are quite vulnerable to stress. They can actually be triggered by something as simple as a change in their routine. This, however, is not the only cause of stress in cats. Below are some of the causes of stress in a cat include the following?

Change in lifestyle

Cats do not find it easy to adapt to any kind of change. Be it a change in routine or even your own routine. For instance, if you leave home two hours earlier than usual, do not be surprised when your cat seems to be stressed out all the time.

Another form of change that can trigger your female kitty to spray could be your absence. Well, believe it or not, felines are clingy creatures with a need for constant attention from you. She is definitely going to notice that her owner is missing. This opens another window for stress and vulnerability.

It does not usually matter whether you left her under someone else’s care. Your cat has that special bond with you, which means that she is going to realize when you are gone. If you leave your cat with a friend, your female cat might spray your items in order to feel that connection. Most cats will spray on your clothes while others will spray your bed.

If you recently moved to a new residence, there is a chance that your cat feels stressed out. She had already gotten used to the other house in terms of scent. The new home may feel a little strange for your cat for the first few days. She might spray in order to leave her scent.


Urine marking in felines


Cats are generally possessive pets, and sometimes they can be protective of their own. understand that whenever you adopt a cat, she becomes your family and you hers. Naturally, cats will want to ‘own’ their own and they do this using their urine. It might sound gross but every time your cat is spraying, you need to figure out what she is trying to tell you.

Urine marking is commonly triggered by the intrusion of a stranger or another cat into your home. Once your cat has the sight of the outside, there is a chance that your windows and front door will be sprayed. Your cat wants to chase the intruder away by marking her territory.

In some cases, not only will your cat spray drapes and doors but also inside the house. This usually happens when you are running a multi-cat home. Sometimes your cat will feel the need for solitude like we all do. This may lead to her marking boundaries to keep the other cats off her territory.


Health issues

When we are talking about female cats spraying, we cannot ignore the possibility of your cat suffering from feline urinary infections. Female cats are actually at a higher risk of these illnesses as compared to male kitties.


My spayed cat won’t stop spraying. Could she be sick?



Taking a cat to a vet is not always the best thing for cat parents. This is because not only is it expensive but also a possible stressor for cats. However, once you notice your spayed female cat spraying, you might want to observe her.

You should keep an eye on other signs and symptoms of feline urinary tract infections. These will depend on the exact type of illness your cat is suffering from.


Health complications related to a spayed female cat spraying 

As much as cat spraying is a frustrating behavior, you might consider checking on your cat’s health. Some of the illnesses that are related to this behavior include the following;


This should not come to you as a bummer unless you are a new cat parent. A female cat is at a higher risk of contracting a urinary tract infection as compared to male cats. In addition, adult cats are an even larger risk than young kittens. Some of the symptoms you should look out for include the following;

Frequent urination

Blood in urine

The cat may pee when you can see to exhibit pain (e.g. some cats may have teary eyes when peeing)

Pungent smelling urine which may be cloudy

Litter box avoidance

Need to drink more water than normal

Urine is usually in the form of small and frequent sprays.

Your cat may also suffer from loss of appetite.


You do not need to worry so much as your vet will quickly take care of your cat. However, there are some preventative measures that you can take. Keeping the litter box always clean is where you start. This will also help encourage your cat to use the litter box more often. Your vet will also be able to provide the treatment your cat needs.


This is another common illness that your cat may be suffering from and hence the spraying. The disease simply refers to the formation of crystals in the urine that might lead to blockage of the urethra. This is usually characterized by painful urination and sometimes she may find it hard to pee.

Your cat may also make more vocalization due to the pain and discomfort that comes with the illness. spraying and enlarged belly are also indicators of crystalluria in felines.

To treat and prevent this illness, make sure that your cat drinks enough water. You should also make sure that you have several litter boxes in the house. This will encourage your cat to pee more often. In severe stages, your cat may need surgery to get rid of the crystals.


Bladder stones

As with the above-discussed, health complications, the signs and symptoms of bladder stones are similar. This illness causes your cat irritation and sometimes may lead to the blockage of the urethra. Usually, the crystals are quite large as compared to those in the crystalluria suffering cat.

In most cases, treatment of this will include surgery in order to remove the ‘stone’. This is after an x-ray scan that will confirm the illness. Your vet may also recommend antibiotic drug therapy until she is all healed.


Unclean Litter box



Now, if you do own a cat, which I am hoping that you do, you should already know that cats are kind of proud and also sensitive. Your cat is definitely going to be upset upon finding a dirty and smell litter box. And this means that you must make sure that you uphold litter box hygiene as they have a strong sense of smell.

Due to frustration, your cat may feel the need to spray in the house, particularly walls. Proper litter box hygiene means that you scoop the latter at least twice daily. Make sure that you use the most appropriate type of litter that will not hold pee or even the odor. The goal here is to encourage your cat to use the litter box.



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