Female Cat Spraying Everywhere. A Helpful Guide

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Since spraying is actually one of the many reasons why people surrender cats to shelters, it is, therefore, essential for you to understand why your female cat is spraying. Some of these reasons include stress, anxiety, litter box problems, and in some cases your cat might be sick. Therefore there is a requirement to take your cat to a vet if she is spraying everywhere.


How can I stop my female cat spraying everywhere?



While we can attribute female cat spraying as a result of medical reasons, we cannot forget to mention that female cats are more prone to feline urinary tract-related illnesses than male cats. The following tips will, however, help you eliminate spraying in your female cat:

  • See your vet

This should always be the first thing to do once you notice your female cat spraying. Genetically, a female cat is less likely to want to mark boundaries compared to male cats. The infection of your cat’s urinary tract is one of the leading causes of cat spraying everywhere.

If your cat is suffering from an infection, she may also exhibit other symptoms like;

  • Painful urination
  • Frequent Urination
  • Cloudy pee
  • Pee with a pungent smell
  • Passing small amounts of urine
  • Need to drink more water

Upon noticing these symptoms, you should consider paying your vet a visit. This is because you may not be able to determine the illness from which your cat is suffering. Your vet will, however, be able to conduct tests to determine this. Thereafter, your vet will provide treatment for your kitty depending on the exact illness.

These illnesses include idiopathic cystitis, bladder stones, inflammation of the bladder, and Urinary Tract Infection. It is important to note that UTIs can be recurring in female cats if at all you neglect her litter box hygiene.



  • Offer a safe space for your kitty

Female cats are quite emotional and sensitive to their environment. Like mentioned earlier, stress and anxiety are quite likely to cause spraying. Therefore, it is essential that we take care of our kitties and check on their emotional health.

If your cat is experiencing anxiety as a result of intrusion by strangers or other animals, it is important to keep your drapes closed. This will block her view of the other animal on the outside. It is unclear however whether your cat wants to chase the other cat away or engage with it.

If you are having guests over, it could help if you left your cat to stay where she feels comfortable. In most cases, your cat will avoid coming across the new people in your house. However, female cats tend to get jealous if they feel neglected.

Cat owners are definitely aware of how attached and clingy cats can be. Therefore, it is actually best if your cat is in another room when you have people over at your house. In the case your guest is going to live with you for some time, it is important that they bond with your kitty. Your guest may engage with your cat by offering to feed and play with your kitty.


Your cat needs to feel safe at her home rather than vulnerable.


  • Uphold Hygienic practices

As sensitive as cats are, they are also quite clean. In fact, all cat owners have at some point seen their cat groom herself by licking his body. Therefore, it is quite possible that she hates using dirty litter boxes every time! Instead, she will spray to communicate to her owner that there is no way she is using it that way.

It is important to always clean up after your cat. I mean, not only should you scoop the litter boxes but also change the litter. You should fix a schedule during which you will empty the litter box and provide a clean one with unused litter in it. This should encourage your cat to use the litter box as well as curb spraying.

You should also make sure that the type of litter you are using is appropriate. In most cases, your cat will prefer soft and loose material for litter as opposed to large and rough particles. Ensure that the litter can absorb pee instead of holding it as it will upset your cat.

Remember to use a clean bowl every time you are feeding your cat and provide clean drinking water.

  • Get your cat spayed



Even though male cats are usually associated with spraying if unneutered, female cats also required spaying. Most people could agree that hostility is associated with unneutered male cats, which is correct. However, spaying your cat will also help you curb spraying.

This is because once your cat is spayed, she will not have the need to mate with a male cat that could actually transmit a UTI to her. As discussed above, female cats are quite prevalent in developing UTIs which leads to spraying. In addition, female cats in heat also tend to spray urine everywhere.

  • Restrict access to a previously soiled place

Once your cat sprays on the window or whatever item she chooses, you should be able to clean it as fast as possible. The reason why you should do so is that the strong pungent smell is not only annoying but will remind your cat about the spot. She is likely to repeat the same habit over and over again for as long as she can smell the urine.

Cleaning the spot is vital if you are looking to make her stop spraying. However, you should understand that cats have a really strong sense of smell. This means that if you do not clean to get rid of the smell, she might be prompted to do so once again. For this reason, it is therefore important to clean the spots using enzymatic cleaners.

In addition to cleaning, restricting the area should also be applied. For instance, if your cat gets a great view of the outside from your bedroom window, close the bedroom door at all times. Within a short period of time, your cat will have forgotten about the inappropriate behavior.



  • Safe cat deterrents

Alternatively, you may choose to deter your cat from spraying using safe methods. Some of these methods include;

Making the scene unattractive – your cat is spraying a particular area because he is comfortable doing it. Therefore, by making the scene unattractive, your cat will no longer want to spray. For instance, you can place a spiky carpet on the floor where your cat stands before spraying.

Every time she approaches the area, the spikes are going to be quite uncomfortable for your cat’s paws. This will keep her out of the spot until she forgets. Alternatively, you may use aluminum foil in the place of the spiky carpet.

Essential oils – There are several types of essential oils that you may use to deter your cat from accessing previously sprayed spots. This includes Eucalyptus and lavender oils. You should mix the oil of your choice with water before spraying it on the soiled place.

This method actually works best when you have your cat spraying the house or your flowerbed. Upon application, rest assured that your cat is not going to access her spraying spot. However, you may choose not to apply this method indoors. These oils irritate your cat and so using them inside might make the house uncomfortable for your cat.

Citrus peels-This is a great way to keep cats from spraying, especially outdoor cats. If your cat has been spraying your fence or bush, placing citrus peels will help. Cats detest the smell of citrus, be it orange or lemon peels. The goal is to drive your cat’s attention from the recently sprayed spot. This way, she will not always want to go to the spot.

In addition to the above, the goal is always to make your cat stop spraying everywhere. You should always have safety in mind before applying any of these methods.

To conclude

Your cat needs to feel secure even without your presence. Once your cat feels vulnerable or jealous, she is definitely going to come up with coping methods. Once you understand where your cat’s behavior is coming from, you are bound to come up with a conclusive way to solve the vice.

Whatever method you use to stop female cat spraying everywhere, make sure that it is safe and effective. You should not encourage cat spraying at whatever cost. This could actually lead to chronic behavior which is undesirable. Lastly, it is always important to check on your cat’s emotional health to make sure that she is comfortable at her home.

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