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Cat spraying is one of the most disgusting behaviors. It is more frustrating when you do not have a cat but other cats won’t stop urinating outside your house. In fact, some felines will do this repeatedly, which makes the smell stick. Whether you have a cat or not, you need to learn how to stop this habit.


How to stop cats from spraying outside your home


As we have mentioned in the first section of this article, it is not uncommon for stray cats to spray outside your home. It is annoying to come home to spray walls and even doors. Therefore, you will need to stop cats from spraying outside your home. As you take up this task, keep in mind that the goal is to stop them and not harm them. We are therefore going to look at some of the most effective methods to help you address this problem.


Clean the sprayed places


Whether it is your cat spraying or other cats, the first step you should take is to find the sprayed areas of the house. In most scenarios, your cat will spray the walls or even the front door of your house. In order to prevent him from repeating the habit, it is vital that you clean the spot thoroughly. The goal is to erase the stains and the smell of cat spray.

Unfortunately, the noxious smell of cat urine does not go away easily. This is why you will need enzymatic cleaners for this job. If he has sprayed on the front door, you can use a mixture of water and white vinegar to break the enzymes in cat urine. Ensure that you scrub the floor or wall thoroughly with the cleaner or the mixture. This will help you remove the cat pee smell as you stop the cats from spraying outside your home once again.

In addition to the above, you can also use hydrogen peroxide as well as baking soda. These two products will not only help you remove the stains but also the smell of the cat spray. Cleaning and erasing the smell shout be the first step you take when you are looking to stop cats from spraying outside your home.


Cat Repellents


Once you clean the urine from the sprayed spots, you can now concentrate on keeping cats away from your home. This is not exactly easy but cat repellents will be of great help. There are several types of cat repellents that you may use. Most of these deterrents will turn your cat away by their scents. They include:


Citrus scents


Cats detest the smell of citrus which makes it a great cat repellent. You can simply be able to repel cats from your home by using lemon peels or even orange peels. To use this method, you can place a few peels of any citrus fruit on your porch or the sprayed spot. Cats will turn and walk away once they smell citrus. If cats won’t stop spraying your garden, consider inter-planting the flowers with citrus plants. This way, no cat will come near your garden.

Alternatively, you can use citronella plants in an effort to stop cats from spraying outside your home.


Essential oils


There are plenty of essential oils that act as cat repellents. For instance, eucalyptus oil will have a strong smell that stays for days. And since cats dislike the smell or the latter, they won’t come near your home. To use this method, you may dip cotton balls in eucalyptus oil and place them in your garden or lawn. This way, they will ensure that your garden smells of eucalyptus and thus repel cats from accessing your home.

In addition, you can use other essential oils such as peppermint and citronella oils in your garden. Alternatively, you can opt to mix any of these oils with water in a spray bottle and spray the mixture around the yard and lawn. This will help you stop the stray cats from accessing your home and thus keep them from spraying outside your home.


Motion-activated devices


You may also opt to use motion-activated devices to keep cats away from your home. For instance, there are plenty of devices including water guns and sprinklers. In addition, you can use an ultrasound device that will produce a high-pitched sound to keep cats from coming to your home.

If cats are spraying in the yard, install the device in the yard such that it will go off immediately there is motion detected. The advantage of using ultrasonic devices is that only cats can hear the sound. Since it is not comfortable for them, chances are that the cats will keep off your home completely.

The motion-activated water gun/sprinkle will also work the same way. Cats hate getting wet, and the sprinkler or gun will blast water on them once they step into your homestead. If you have plenty of time, you can get a simple water gun and splash water in their direction. When you do this severally, you will not have any more issues trying to stop cats from spraying outside your home.


Make the scene unattractive


In most cases, cats choose a specific place to spray. They will keep spraying over and over again, making your homestead stink of cat urine. However, to ensure that this does not happen, you may consider making the chosen spot as unattractive and inaccessible as possible.

You can be able to do this by making sure that your yard is always wet. Well, not only will this benefit your vegetation but also keep cats away from your homestead. This is because cats dislike wet grounds as it is uncomfortable on their paws.

Alternatively, you may put rocks and pebbles on the areas he chooses to spray. Once again, the goal is to make the place as uncomfortable as it can be for him to spray or access for that matter. Consider putting a stone mulch in your garden in the place of soil. This works because the pebbles or rocks will be uncomfortable for your cat.

In addition, you can also place thorny twigs in your yard. This way, cats will not be able to access your yard and thus you will stop them from spraying outside your home.


Invest in a beeping mat


You may also choose to purchase a beeping mat. This kind of mat usually comes with a tattletale alarm that goes off upon any vibrations. This works well when you are trying to stop cats from spraying your front door.

Place the mat on the doorstep if you have noticed cats spraying your home. This way, every time a cat approached the front door with the aim to spray, the alarm goes off thus scaring the cat away. The cats will come to stop coming near your house once the alarm goes off.


Eliminate all rodents and small animals from your homestead


Like we have said before, stray cats have to fetch food. Usually, this will involve hunting prey, which includes rodents and other small animals. If you have burrowing animals in your yard, then it will only be normal to see cats coming to your home.

In an effort to stop cats from accessing and spraying outside your home, you should get rid of these animals. You can be able to do so by using traps and ensuring that you mow your lawn and maintain your garden properly.


Why cats are spraying outside your home


In order to stop behavior such as cat spraying, you need to understand the reason behind it. You can only be able to do this if it is your own cat doing so. This is because you can be able to spend quality time with your cat. However, if stray or neighborhood cats are spraying your home, you might experience a little trouble trying to make him stop.



Why is my cat spraying outside my house?


This is rather a common question among cat owners. In fact, most cats will spray everywhere including the inside of your house, that is, if he has access to it. It is easy to understand why your cat is spraying your house since you spend some time together. Outdoor cats are the most notorious when it comes to spraying outside the house. It could be as a result of the following:


Cat Stress


This is the common perpetrator of cat spraying. It will require you to take some time to examine your kitty in order to determine why he is stressed. Unfortunately, our feline companions are quite prone to stress, which most often results in spraying urine.

To determine whether your cat is stressed, you will need to consider a few factors. For instance, if you have recently adopted a kitten, do not be surprised when he starts spraying all over. An outdoor cat will definitely spray outside the house since he does not have access to the inside. It is going to take you a few days before you can make him comfortable in your home.

Another possible cause of stress in cats is the presence of a new person in your home. Even though he has plenty of space outdoors, it is practically normal for him to stress when you have a guest. Cats are generally clingy creatures, which means that he does not want you to go away, or shift your attention to something else.

Loud music, noisy neighborhoods or even barking from the neighborhood dogs could also trigger stress in cats. Therefore, it is up to you to recognize cat stress and resolve it as soon as you can.


Stray cats


If there are stray cats intruding on your homestead or yard, your cat is going to retaliate. Usually, cats use their murine to communicate with other cats. He will mark territory outside your house in an effort to send the other cat away.

For instance, if there is another cat coming to the yard, your cat will either be afraid or step up to protect his territory. Either way, he is going to spray urine in various spots in the yard as a way to warn other cats that they are overstepping boundaries.




It is not unusual to see your cat spraying urine because he can see people approaching your home. If he has a view of the happenings outside your homestead, then spraying is going to be a common problem. New outdoors kittens will most often exhibit be spraying until they are used to the environment.

This gets worse when your cat has a view of your neighbor’s homestead. If there is another cat or even people moving on the other side of the fence, it is possible for your kitty to spray.


Your cat is in heat


This is another reason why your kitty is spraying outside your house. Most people will have their outdoor cats spayed long before they start their reproductive life. This is usually aimed at reducing the chances at which you will have a bunch of kittens roaming around. However, if you have not yet neutered or spayed your kitty, he/she might spray every other season.

Unneutered/unsprayed cats use their urine in a bid to find a mate. Well, it is their natural way of life. If you have not spayed your cat, you will have to deal with spraying every time she is in heat.


Boredom in cats


Most people fail to understand that outdoor cats can also experience boredom. However, the fact is that they can and they are pretty much prone to the vice. When you leave him all alone in the yard, he probably has no playmate or even anything to keep him occupied. My guess is that you have fenced your yard to restrict him from leaving the home.

When a cat is bored, he will look for something to keep him busy. Usually, this is through unhealthy behaviors such as spraying and unnecessary meowing.


Urinary tract issues


If your cat has developed the habit of spraying urine outside your house, he/she might be sick. We barely check on our outdoor cats’ health. However, observe your kitty for any tell signs of an illness leading to spraying.

If you find several patches of cat spray and your cat appears ill, consider visiting your vet. Watch out for other signs like your cat spraying even when you can see him. Some cats will even have teary eyes when spraying to alert you of their ordeal.

Ensure that you have your cat checked for any illnesses before you go on to stop him from spraying outside your house.



Why are stray cats spraying my house?


Trying to understand why stray cats are spraying your house can be hectic. I mean you do not have the time or even access to examine his behavior. However, there are several reasons why stray cats may find it exciting to spray outside your house.




Cats have a very strong sense of smell. This means that they can pick a scent from far away and approach to find the place it is coming from. In most cases, local cats will come to your home if you have the dustbin outside the house. This is because they are somewhat scavengers and they have to get food for themselves.

I have particularly had issues with cats spraying and even defecating right outside of my home. Well, most often, I would find that they had been in my waste bin to trying to look for food. He would come back each night the bin had any leftovers.

Once a stray cat finds food in your bin, he might want to mark it as his. Therefore, it is common for the cat to spray outside your house to mark territory. This way, he is trying to make it clear to any other cats that this is his place to feed and so on. One thing you should already know is that cats are quite territorial in nature.


Stray cat trying to communicate with your cat


If you have stray cats spraying outside your house and you own a cat, this is going to be problematic. Not only will you have to deal with the stray cat but also your cat. Cats, as mentioned earlier, communicate using their urine. This means that if a stray cat approaches your home, he has probably picked the scent of your cat and wants to check him out.

When the stray cat sprays on the outside, it is possible for your cat to spray back. Your cat is probably trying to send away the stray cat by marking his territory. Other cats may spray on the outside in response to your cat’s spraying as well. This is especially when your cat is in heat and trying to find a mate.




If you cannot seem to stop your cat or even other cats from spraying outside of your home, the above-discussed tips should help you. Remember that the goal is to stop the spraying habit and not to punish the cats. Therefore, refrain from using harmful methods, or punishing your cat for spraying. Instead, monitor your cat and correct any behavioral or medical issues leading to spraying.

In addition, make sure you clean all the urine from the sprayed spots. This will discourage the recurrence of the behavior. I hope you get positive results from the above-discussed tips.

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