Siamese Cat Won’t Stop Meowing. Learn What They Mean

Why Is My Cat’s Meow Suddenly Higher Pitch

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Meowing is a Siamese cat thing by the way! If you ask around, every Siamese cat owner will tell you about it. However, while this is attributed to their personality, it can also be a sign of other behavioral issues. The key is to spend some time with your Siamese cat. If your Siamese cat won’t stop meowing for some reason, then consider looking into it. 

In this article, I am going to highlight some of the reasons why your Siamese cat keeps on meowing. 


Why do Siamese cats meow a lot?


Siamese Cat Won't Stop Meowing


This is quite an interesting question, that most siamese cat owners cannot seem to find answers for. To be honest, there is no specific way to answer it. I mean, as I mentioned earlier, meowing is a Siamese cat trait.

It does not mean that nothing is wrong with her. That is why I indicated that you have to look into it, especially if you have noticed a change in behavior. Below are some of the reasons why your siamese cat won’t stop meowing. 

She is ill

Has your cat started meowing excessively all of a sudden? It could be that she is not feeling well. Once again, I insist on spending a lot of time with your kitty. This way, you will be able to recognize any behavioral changes in her. 

Cats are vulnerable to various diseases that could be the cause of excessive meowing. Pay attention to her, notice any behavior changes other than increased vocalization. 

Some of the common illnesses in cats may include hyperthyroidism, diabetes and urinary tract infections. I have previously discussed these illnesses and she signs and symptoms. 

I have not had any illness problems with Rainbow since day one. However, I have to admit that her meowing was a little worrying at first. then I became aware that Siamese cats do enjoy talking to us. 

Observe for signs of an illness that may include lethargy, excessive meowing (especially at night), loss of appetite and avoidance of the litter box. Once again, these are not the only symptoms of an illness. 

If you are afraid that your cat could be sick, I suggest you check with your vet. Your local vet will examine your cat and also recommend treatment is she is ill. 

Siamese cats love attention

When you bring a siamese cat home, the first thing you should know is that this breed is obsessed with attention. I mean, she wants you to listen to her talking all the time. While this is endearing to some of us, it could create an unacceptable behavior. 

Our cat, Rainbow, for instance, loves attention. She will meow and go on for an hour while sitting beside me. Sometimes I have to ignore her as I need to work and also get a few things done. She will follow me around the house the whole day. 

I remember there was this one time I let her in my study. Well, I thought that it would be a good thing plus I needed company. To say that it was almost impossible to work with her around is an understatement. She started meowing and went on and on, seeking my attention. 

Note that if meowing does not work for her, she is more than willing to try other methods to get your attention. For instance, she might come and sit on your laps, even if you are busy. Later on in this article, I am going to highlight what to do if your siamese cat won’t stop meowing in search of attention. 

You probably forgot to feed her


Siamese Cat Won't Stop Meowing


Now all cats get grumpy when hungry. I had not known this until I brought Rainbow Home. At first, it gets quite challenging because you are not used to having a pet. 

I always insist on establishing a schedule for your cat immediately you get home. It is helpful as you will always feed your cat on time. I hadn’t done this for the first few days at first. However, I realized that my cat Rainbow is fierce when she needs some food. 

Another mistake that most cat owners fall for is forgetting that cats need to feed throughout the day. You cannot just give her breakfast, lunch, and dinner without short meals in between. If your siamese cat won’t stop meowing, it is probably a good idea to check on her feeding schedule. 

Now, you are not going to like it when your cat is nagging you for food. It starts with a kind reminder that she is hungry. However, she might give you that loud long-drawn-out meow, which is almost ear-splitting. 

Therefore, I insist on a feeding schedule and also buy a few treats for your cat. It is going to keep her full throughout the day. 

Boredom and Loneliness

The first thing you must understand about Siamese cats is their sociable and affectionate nature. She wants to be around you at all times. I should also mention that these cats do not thrive in solitude. siamese cats need human interaction. 

If you have a 9-5 job, getting a siamese cat can be quite challenging. They are highly intelligent and at the same time energetic. If you leave here with nothing to do, then your siamese cat won’t stop meowing. Well, while spending time with them curbs loneliness, you need something to keep her busy. 

I suggest that you find some time and play with her. It is going to strengthen your bond and at the same time, burn the excessive energy that could lead to excessive meowing. Rainbow hate it when I have to leave her alone. 

At some point, she developed separation anxiety as a result! However, I have taught her how to be alone by getting toys and leaving the TV on for her enjoyment. Another trick that works is creating a perching place for her. I mean, siamese cats enjoy relaxing in higher places.

Old age and senility

I have not dealt with an older cat before. However, I understand that older cats may tend to meow more than usual. This is especially if they are suffering from dementia. Senility leads to disorientation and total confusion. 

I have heard siamese cat owners complaining that their cats won’t stop meowing because of old age. You will need a vet to clarify that indeed your kitty has senility issues. 

In most cases, she will meow when she loses her way around the house. Sometimes she will meow constantly at night which could turn out to be problematic. 

Seek professional advice from your Vet. Also, leaving the lights on at night could help her find her way around. Note that senility may cause confused sleep cycles. Therefore, beware of senility and also check with your vet. 

Your cat wants to breed

In most cases, we do not care whether cats are neutered or not. We just adopt them until there is a breeding crisis in the house. When your siamese cat is on heat, believe me, that she won’t stop meowing.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing you can do to make it all go away. From personal experience, dealing with a cat on heat can be exhausting. Furthermore, Siamese cats have a distinctive meow that will keep you up all night. 

If you cannot find anything wrong with your cat, maybe she is on heat. Observe other signs that she wants to breed such as restlessness, pacing and even spraying urine all over. 

If she is on heat, you will have to wait it out before you go ahead and get her spayed. Your vet is going to help you with this process. 


My siamese cat won’t stop meowing. What should I do? Go here to see my course.


Siamese Cat Won't Stop Meowing


Siamese cats are naturally talkative. For this reason, we sometimes fail to notice when the meowing gets excessive. I wouldn’t blame you if you did also. However, once you realize that your cat is meowing excessively, it is up to you to do something about it. 

Here are some of the things to do if your Siamese cat won’t stop meowing:


Do not ignore her – I understand that excessive meowing can be quite a problem. However, even though you are used to your cat meowing, it could mean that she has a problem. Therefore, do not ignore her without finding out why she is getting too noisy. 

Check with your vet – If you notice any symptoms of an illness, do not hesitate to check with your vet. The Vet will be able to examine your cat and determine the cause of excessive meowing. Also, you will get the treatment you need for your cat.

Leave the lights on for senile cats – As I indicated above, the night lights are going to help your cat with navigation. 

Play with your cat – Spend quality time with your Siamese cat. I mentioned that they thrive when they spend time with their human owners. Keep that bond between the two of you strong and she will minimize meowing as a result of loneliness and boredom. 

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