Why Is My Siamese Cat Meowing and How do I Understand What He Means?

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Siamese cats are among the most intelligent cat breeds. They are incredibly loving felines and possess high vocalization skills. They have developed their meowing to improve their communication with us humans, and it is essential that we train ourselves to understand them better.

But why is my Siamese cat meowing style=”font-weight: 400;”>? And how can I understand what he’s trying to tell me? Do you find it difficult to create a strong bond with your cat?

In this article, we will have a look at the importance of building an efficient communication process with your cat as well as the benefits that both you and your cat can get from it.


Why is it important to understand our Siamese cats?


Why Is My Siamese Cat Meowing


Siamese cats are incredibly talkative style=”font-weight: 400;”>. They are often trying to ask you for food, attention or cuddles, but sometimes they are just happy to have a chat. Siamese cats often meow continuously, and it is important to understand the causes and what you can do to make them happier.

Training ourselves to understand our cats better can take time, but it can be an extremely rewarding path. It has been seen that cat owners that managed to create a strong bond with their pet are happier, feel less lonely, and they are more productive. Moreover, this can lead to an increased life satisfaction level.

Don’t forget that meowing siamese cats are happy cats in most cases. This is because they believe in long conversations with their owners. This is a way for them to share their love, telling you that they are jealous, hungry or just that they had a good day.

Since no owner can’t go on without understanding so much of their cats, let’s have a look at how to decipher the different meowing and the causes behind it.


Why is my Siamese cat meowing?


If you didn’t know this when you adopted your siamese kitten, you do now! Siamese cats are known to be extremely talkative and can be very loud. In fact, you should be worrying if suddenly they stop meowing.

siamese cats are among the most socially interactive and expressive breeds. They are also extremely affectionate, but with a strong personality. Therefore they are naturally jealous and often quite territorial. That is why it is not recommended to have them with a cat of another breed. 

We are now going to have a look at the reasons for a Siamese cat meowing and what they mean. This is extremely important as a cat that is scared might be aggressive and dangerous to approach. Oppositely, he might just be telling you that he needs attention!




Cats learn to meow when they are born. Since they come to this world, they produce a sound to let their mum know where they are and what they need, as they are unable to follow here around. They think of themselves as kittens all their lives and, instead of stop meowing, they perfect the sounds they make to communicate with us.

Being their main mean of communication with humans, cats tend to express basic needs such as hunger through these meowing sounds.

You will be able to recognize it easily, as it sounds like a long wailing noise. It often continues until the cat gets his needs fulfilled. You will notice this sound before feeding time, or if you are late for them. In siamese cats, these can go on for hours and usually mean that they are in need of something.

In this case, check whether they are hungry, thirsty or need to relieve themselves.


A short chirp or “Meh!”


It is usually a one-syllable sound, and cats use it to greet you. Additionally, it doesn’t express a need, so it is often used as a “conversation starter”. It means your cat wants to tell you about his day, listen up!

siamese cats use this high pitched, short sounds to catch your attention. You can hear it if you have returned home from work and have not greeted your cat. It is his way of saying “Hello” or “I’m here!”. If the sound is persistent, no need to worry! It means they are very excited to see you!


Mid-pitch long meow


Why Is My Siamese Cat Meowing


Your cat is asking you something or wants to show you something. It is usually a demanding sound and siamese cats can be continuous until their needs are fulfilled. It is usually not related to a need, but something they want.

You will see your cat producing this sound in front of a closed door. He might be telling you that he wants you to open the door because he wants to go outside. 

If your siamese cat is meowing in this way and rubbing himself against your legs, he probably would like to be stroked.


High-pitched meow or a “scream”


If your cat is producing this noise, there is something wrong. He might be scared, surprised or in pain. It often means that he has a problem that needs to be solved straight away. In a healthy cat, you will hear this sound in rare situations, for example, if you stepped on his tail or if something caught him by surprise.

However, this sound is a great indicator to understand if your cat is in pain. If he makes this noise, check whether something hurt him or her.


Low pitched guttural meow


Your cat is happy, comfortable and relaxed! Your cat is also probably slowly wagging his tail when he produces this sound. This also indicated that the cat is approachable and not aggressive.

A playing siamese cat might meow in this way if he caught something and he’s satisfied with the results! A reward and a cuddle are a must!


A soft and short “meow”


If you are cuddling a siamese kitten, you will hear this sound often. Nothing to worry about, he’s just expressing his love and affection. He means that he’s comfortable and relaxed and all his needs are fulfilled.

In adult siamese cats, it has a similar meaning, but they can be making this sound often when walking around the house. This just denotes that the cat is happy in his home and doesn’t feel threatened.


A loud guttural sound


While growling belongs to dogs, cats meowing can have a similar sound to it. In this case, your cat is warning you that he is scared, threatened or uncomfortable.

An unknown cat that is making this noise might be aggressive or dangerous and it is recommended not to approach him or her.

If your Siamese cat is making this meow, check for potential threats, such as other cats, animals or strangers. Moreover, try to identify what scared your cat and take care of it before approaching your cat. While he loves you and he’s incredibly affectionate, fear is one of the main reasons for cats’ aggressiveness.


Why Is My Siamese Cat Meowing


What can I do to understand my Siamese cat better? Click Here


AS we have seen in this article, house siamese cats tend to behave like kittens. Their continuous meowing has been seen by behaviorists as their way to ask for something.

Like for kids, this nagging attitude can be quite frustrating at times.

However, in Siamese cats, this is slightly different as they like to have a chat with you, without necessarily demanding something in particular. Each Siamese cat is different and has a different personality trait. Therefore, what might be true for your own cat might not be for a cat that you don’t know well.

To learn their behavior and what their different meowing means it is important to train ourselves to understand their language. This can take time and practice, as well as a long time spent observing their attitudes.

If, after months of observing, you are still asking yourself “why is my Siamese cat meowing?” there are some training tools available for any cat owner. For example, books and manuals such as The Cat Language Bible bring together years of research, proven studies, and opinions of the most regarded behaviorists to help you.

These tools can help you decipher what your cat is trying to tell you and strengthen your relationships. The owners that have reached out for help to understand their cats, today report to be happier and more satisfied with the relationship with their pets.

Remember that Siamese cats are incredibly loving creatures and have developed their meowing exclusively to express their feelings and needs to us humans. In fact, they don’t use these sounds to communicate with other cats or animals, but they have learned to talk to us.

It is a must for any cat owner to train themselves to understand their loving pet better! 




Understanding your meowing Siamese cat can be a challenge and can take some time and practice. However, this will lead to a stronger relationship with your pet, who might be trying to tell you something important.

Are you a Siamese cat owner or lover? Do you understand what their meowing means? Would you like to know more about how to understand your cat and the benefits that you can get from it?

Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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