Cats Meow Suddenly in a Higher Pitch. Why?

Why Is My Cat’s Meow Suddenly Higher Pitch

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Cat vocalization is normal cat behavior. After all, it is the only way domestic cats can communicate their needs with their human companions. However, to be able to understand what a cat means, you must learn cat meows and their meanings. Well, we are not only going to look at reasons why cats may meow suddenly in a high pitch, but we will also explore cat vocalization.

Did you know that changes in your cat’s voice could indicate a serious medical problem?

Well, before we proceed to look at the possible reasons why cats suddenly meow in a higher pitch as well as other cat sounds.


Cat meows and their meanings (All explained here)


Once you adopt a kitty, it is important for you to learn her ways of communication. Well, she will obviously not be interested in human communication. You must, therefore, take some time to learn a little about cats.

Cats reserve meowing as their form of communication with us. She will not meow at other cats or animals, rather, she might use her body language. So, what is your cat trying to tell you when she meows? Understand that cat sounds will vary from length and pitch.


Cats Meow Suddenly in a Higher Pitch


Short excited meow


This is probably the most endearing kind of meow cats give their owners. She is acknowledging your presence. Perhaps you just came home from work and she wants to casually say hello. Sometimes your cat will meow repeatedly to show that she is also excited.

However, because some cats, like the siamese breed, are talkative, this is not always the case. Observe your cat’s body language to determine her mood. Pay attention to her ears, eyes, tail and body posture. Later in this article, we are going to explore cat body language deeper.


Mid-pitched meow


This is going to be a common cat sound especially if you delay her mean. Cats are expressive, and sometimes it feels like she is actually nagging you. When she uses a mid-pitched meow, she could be hungry or demanding something from you.

For instance, sometimes you will get home late than usual. This means that you delay her feeding time and thus she will use this meow to remind you. To avoid such instances, establish a fixed schedule for your cat. It will ensure that your cat is fed at the same time every day.

In other cases, a cat might be trying to go into another room with a closed door. She probably wants you to open for her. However, it is not always advisable to oblige to her demands. She might make it a habit to meow consistently when her demands are met. It will eventually lead to excessive meowing problems.

Note that cats may need to feed more than dogs. Therefore, you will need to figure a way to ensure that she is fed through the day. Try an exciting food puzzle toy to help dispense healthy treats for her.


Low-pitched cat meow


A low-pitched cat meow is an indication of a sick or nervous cat. It is going to be common during the first few days after you bring a cat home. She could be trying to fit in the new environment and thus the meowing.

Also, if you have other cats or pets in the house, a new cat might feel nervous. This will go away as soon as she settles in. However, do not underestimate the low-pitched meow. It could be that your cat is feeling unwell. Monitor her for some time to determine whether she is ill. Take her to the vet for a check-up if she won’t stop meowing.


Cats Meow Suddenly in a Higher Pitch

High-pitched meow


When a cat cries in a high-pitched tone, you should immediately check on her. It is usually a sign that your cat is in pain. However, some cats tend to meow, well, almost scream when they are too excited. Pay attention to change in her behavior. You may want to take her to the vet for a check-up.

Sometimes, it could be on your fault! Most cat owners have at least stepped on their cat’s tail at some point. Well, she will meow at a high pitch which is an indication of sudden pain.





This is an ultimate sign that your cat is agitated. Cats growl or hiss at others or other pets in the household when they are about to attack them. Therefore, always check her out whenever you hear her growling or hissing.


Medical Reasons why cats meow suddenly in a higher pitch


Now, even though meowing is the only way to communicate with us, it can sometimes be an indication your cat is sick. Some cat owners have had to give up their kitties because of excessive vocalization. Sometimes your cats will meow suddenly in a higher pitch because of the following possible illnesses:

  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hypertension
  • Voicebox disease
  • Urinary tract blockage

Other cats might develop excessive vocalization issues especially older cats. It can be related to senility and brain disorders. Therefore, if your cat has suddenly started meowing or there is a change in her voice, check with the vet to rule out any medical conditions related to excessive vocalization.


Should I worry that my cat has suddenly started meowing in a higher pitch?


In most cases, you do not have to worry about as cats use meowing to communicate with us. However, if she seems to be doing it excessively, you might want to observe her for some time. As we have mentioned above, it can be as a result of behavioral or medical issues.

Also, pay attention to her body language. You can tell a lot from when a cat is sick or when he is just seeking your attention through her body language. If you are running a multi-cat home, then you must always be keen when your cats meow in a higher pitch suddenly.

They could be engaging in a fight and end up injuring one another. Catfights do not always end up well. Therefore, you must separate them as soon as you hear them hissing at each other. Some cats also spit before they pounce on their opponent.

Some cats, however, such as the siamese cat tend to meow more than others. They are generally a talkative breed of the cat family.


My cats keep fighting, what should I do?


Cats Meow Suddenly in a Higher Pitch


Well, running a multi-cat home is not always an easy task. I mean, it might take some time before one cat can accept another into the household. Therefore, there will be occasional catfights in the house. To get your cats to stop fighting, employ the following techniques:


Provide enough resources


Cats are territorial creatures. They want to protect their own space, as well as their property. It could be that your cats keep fighting because of territorial boundaries. For instance, if one cat tries to feed on another’s bowl, it could actually breed into a fight.

Provide enough resources such as food stations, clean water, litter boxes, and sleeping space.


Separate a catfight immediately


Well, when cats get into a fight, a lot could go wrong. For instance, they might use claws to attack each other or even tail. Therefore, there is an urgency to separate a catfight immediately it begins. However, do not separate your cats using your bare hands. You might also get injured in the process.

Instead, use a sofa cushion to separate the fighting cats. Put it in between them to ensure that they cannot see each other from either side. Then lead them away from each other. You might consider putting them in separate rooms to settle down.

Once they are all calm, examine each individually for any injuries incurred during the catfight.


Gradually introduce new cats to each other



 If you are bringing a new cat home, then you should go slow. Note that cats are territorial and she is not going to accept another cat in your residence. You should gradually introduce the two as soon as you bring the new kitty home.

The goal is to let them socialize with each other. You should keep the new cat in a secluded room. For instance, a room that you do not use often. Restrict your other cat from accessing the room. Now, ensure that you provide all the necessities. These might include a litter box, food station, and water. Always keep your clean water in her room.

When she starts settling in, you can allow the other cat to see her. You can alternatively rub a cloth on the new cat and present it to the other. Also, do the same with the other cat. This will provide them with a chance to sniff each other’s scents. This way, they can get a little more comfortable around each other.


What do changes in cats’ voices mean?


As we have mentioned above, cats meows vary based on the pitch. While we have discussed the different cat meows and their meaning, we are also going to briefly explore change in a cat’s voice. For instance, your calm and quiet cat could start meowing in a higher pitch than usual, if it is not as a result of behavioral issues, then it could be medical.

A change in your cat’s voice should have you concerned. It is usually as a result of an interference in her vocal cords. Other times it could be as a result of respiratory infections, just like in humans. Other times, consider checking whether she is injured.

People running multi-cat homes may at some point witness their cats suddenly meow in a higher pitch. If she seems to be in danger, get her out of the situation immediately. On the other hand, if your cats are fighting, you need to do something about it.




In conclusion, when cats change their voice in terms of their pitch, examine her to determine if she is okay. As we have indicated, cats will meow in a higher pitch when in pain, startled or sick. It is up to you to figure out why she is doing so.

Now, spend enough amount of time with your cat. You can be able to tell any change in her behavior by observing her body language. If you are afraid that your cat is ill, take her for a checkup. Comfort a new cat until she settles in completely.

You might also consider separating two fighting cats for some time. Injuries in the throat could also make your cat change her voice. Always examine your cats after a fight. If you are dealing with a senile cat, you might need some more time to manage and treat her.

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