Cat meow meaning. What is your Cat Saying?

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It is important for every cat owner to understand cat meow meaning. Well, with the knowledge that meows are exclusively reserved for feline-feline communication, you do not have a choice but learn the meaning of each cat sound. It will be a lot easier to understand what your kitty wants.

It will also enhance the bond you share with your cat. In this article, we are going to look at some of the most common cat meows and their meanings in order to communicate with yours.


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Cats will only meow at you to say hello, or when he needs something. Other cats are just talkative and will meow to get your attention. However, you will need to understand each and every meow in order to understand cat behavior. Below, we are going to look at the main cat meows as well as their meanings.


10 types of cat meow and their meaning


Cat meow meaning


In order to be able to decipher your cat’s meows, you will have to spend some quality time observing him. Cats will develop certain sounds when they need something. It will be up to you to make an effort and understand what he is trying to tell you. In most cases, your cat will meow when they are stressed, facing a threat or even hungry. Well, we have outlined some of the most common cat meows and their meaning:

Short, multiple meows

When a cat gives you a short meow, he is most likely saying hello. Sometimes he will give you the multiple meows as well. However, always observe your cat and determine the circumstances he gives a short meow.

For instance, if he meows at you when you wake up, then that’s a definite hello. The same case goes for when you get back home from work. If you adopted a little kitten, this might not always be the same, especially if he didn’t spend time with his biological mother.

Even though meowing is reserved for feline-human communication, kittens depend on their mother’s vocalization. This is because kittens are born blind. They also learn to meow from their mother in order to express their needs.

This does not go away until after kittenhood as adult cats will barely meow. Not only will he meow at you but also other family members. However, the first few days after adoption are always stressful.

Therefore, you will have to comfort him until he gets used to the new environs. During this period, you should also introduce a routine to your kitty. This way, you will be able to make him feel comfortable and ensure that all his needs are met on time.

Low-pitched cat meow

This type of meow is often characterized by pain or extreme anxiety. A low-pitched meow should have you looking for any injuries causing pain to your dog. It could be as a result of extreme fear. For instance, if you have recently adopted a cat, he is going to be anxious about changing residence. This could also get your cat to keep meowing in a low pitch.

However, if you have a bigger cat in the household, you might also have trouble calming the kitten. This is especially when the other cat is territorial and threatening. If so, it is important to separate your kitties for some time.

On the other hand, if you have adopted a kitty and you live by yourself, you might also experience issues to do with excessive vocalization. This is because new kittens tend to develop separation anxiety when they are left all alone at home.

The problem with having an anxious or fearful cat is that not only will he meow when you are around but also when you are away. This could lead to future anxiety disorders if you do not attend to it. As we mentioned above, the low-pitched cat will be a cat’s way to express his emotional distress.

Therefore, ensure that you spend some time with your cat and also eliminate fear and stress-causing elements in your home. He needs to feel as comfortable and settled as possible. This type of cat meow could also mean that your cat is ill.

Mid-pitched Meow

Cats are extremely social and also expressive. When they use a mid-pitched meow they are usually demanding something from you. Most cats will give this meow when it is already mealtime and you still haven’t served them. This is why we insist on having a routine for feeding your cat immediately you adopt him.

Other cats will give you this meow when he wants to go outside or into another room. In this case, the cat will stand at the door and give you the mid-pitched cat meow. Well, this can get very annoying when because he will only stop when you meet his demands.

This is not always a good thing because he is going to adapt to the habit of meowing insistently at the slightest delay. Therefore, develop a routine to feed him as well as clean the litter boxes in the house. If your cat has already learned to potty outside, then always be aware of when he wants to get outside and open the door. Alternatively, you can make a cat flap for him to exit whenever he wants to.


Cat meow meaning

Long drawn-out meow

As expressive as cats are, they are also quite demanding. I mean, your cat will stick to a single routine for each day. He knows when it is mealtime as well as when everyone goes to sleep. Now, if you delay feeding him, he is going to let you know as we have discussed above.

However, should you ignore his first mid-pitched meow, he is going to be frustrated and that is when he is going to give you this kind of cat meow. It is therefore vital for you to understand the meaning and reason for this cat meow.

Well, sometimes your cat will give the long-drawn-out meow when you fail to pay attention to him. As with the mid-pitched meow, this is not always very healthy. It can cause issues with excessive vocalization and other unwanted behaviors. Once again, you will have to come up with a routine for feeding, playing and petting your kitty.

Loud and high pitched Meow

As we mentioned earlier, adult cats may not communicate with other cats unless they are fighting over something. However, this does if in any case your meows loudly, you should immediately check on him. This is because he is either being attacked or you have accidentally stepped on him.

For instance, if there is a neighborhood dog bothering him, you will hear this sound occasionally. Therefore, ensure that your cat is safe at home at all times. This might also happen in the house if you probably one of your family members startles your cat. Warn children from startling your cat especially when he is asleep.

You will not have any problems with your cat making this sound occasionally. Once again, do not ignore your cat when he is meowing loudly.

Chirping/ Chirrs

Sometimes your cat will be excited and thus meow like he is chirping. The meaning of this cat meow could vary based on the situation. However, it is an indication of your cat’s excitement when his predatory instincts are aroused.

For instance, your cat might be outdoors and he suddenly spots a prey. It could be a bird, rodent or even a squirrel. Given that cats are hunters in nature, he is going to be excited to hunt even though he is domesticated.

Other cats will produce these sounds when they are seeking your attention. Well, we have previously mentioned that cats are expressive. Maybe you have been working and ignoring him all day. As a result, your kitty will try to get you to pet him.

He might chirp or produce unique vocalization to get your attention. Well, if you give it to him, he will use this almost all the time. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you spare a few minutes every day to play and socialize with your kitty. This way, your cat will feel secure within your household.


There are so many reasons why cats purr. First of all, purring is a sign of your cat’s contentment. He will purr when you are petting him as well as when he is generally happy. However, purring could also be a way for your cat to tell you he is hungry. When a cat gives birth to kittens, she will purr to communicate with them. In a way, purring can be very comforting to your cat.

For instance, cat owners wilt multiple cats admit to seeing their cats comfort each other. It could be that your one cat is sick or unhappy. In order to try and comfort the ill cat, your other cats may lie next to him while purring. Therefore, we cannot disregard the possibility of purring providing comfort to the ill cat.


Cat meow meaning


Yowling is quite similar to the long drawn out a meow. However, it is also common in multi-cat homes because the sound is reserved for other cats. When a cat is ill, it is also possible to catch him yowling due to pain and discomfort.

In addition, , especially female kitties. Well, this is why we insist on spaying/neutering cats once we adopt them. Not only will you have to deal with excessive vocalization but also other undesirable behaviors such as spraying. Also, spend some time with your kitty so that you can always be sure that your cat is comfortable.


This is also another common cat sound when he is probably engaged in a fight. For instance, if you are running a multi-cat home your cats will occasionally get into fights. Cats will rarely hiss at humans unless in the case of a feral cat. These cats are not exactly friendly not even to human parents.

Having visitors in your house will definitely get your cat anxious. When your cat feels scared in his rightful home, he will develop the fight or flight reflexes. As a result, he might hiss at the person, especially if they are posing a threat to your cat.

A cat will also hiss at her litter in order to make them stop fighting. Well, if you have two cats who like to fight, you definitely understand that the hissing is going to be annoying. However, if your cat is hissing at a foreign pet, then you should get him out of that situation.

At this time, your cat is going to be quite aggressive with his mouth open to expose his fangs as he is hissing. You might also recognize the change in body position like an arched back and exposed claws. Eliminate the element causing fear in this situation.


In most cases, hissing will be accompanied by snarling and growling. This is usually a sign of aggression which could be a result of fear and anxiety. Also, when you frustrate your kitty, he might react aggressively towards you. When you hear your cat snarling, you should check on him as well.

For instance, if you have a dog as well, he might be bothering your cat. In such a case, you will have to separate the two. However, do not ignore this cat meow as it could also mean there is an intruder cat or dog in the house.


In conclusion, it is important for every cat owner to understand cat meow meaning. We have discussed this in the article above. Each cat will have their most preferred method of communication. Therefore, you will have to pay attention to your cat in order to decipher the meaning of each cat meow. This way, you will be able to form a strong bond between the two of you.

When we decide to adopt kitties, we attain the responsibility of ensuring they are safe and loved. Wouldn’t it be cool to communicate with your cat? Well, the cat has tried enough for he is meowing at you. Listen to your cat and also watch his body language. This way, you will be able to understand him and offer the best that you can.

Generally, you should ensure you spare a few minutes each day for training as well as playing. During the day, you should get a few exciting toys to play with. This is mandatory especially if you live all alone. The goal is to eliminate boredom and stress in your cat. Understanding the meaning of each cat meow is key to a strong bond with your cat. Also, ensure that you have a routine for feeding and other activities with your kitty


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