How to Understand Cat Meows. A Helpful Guide

Why Does My Cat Yowl

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Cats specifically meow in efforts to communicate with us. In fact, studies show that feral cats or cats in their natural environment may not meow at all. This is because they will rarely use vocalization to communicate with humans exclusively.

Therefore, there is a need for you to understand cat meows as well as what your cat is trying to tell you through vocalization. Well, in most cases, when you learn your cat’s behaviors you have a chance of creating a strong bond with your cat.

However, you must be willing to spend some time with your cat. This way you will be able to monitor your cat closely while noting when your cat meows and how he does it. Is it in a low or high pitch? Or is he demanding things from you? Well, once we bring kitties home we assume the role of feeding and taking care of them. This means that it is up to you to determine what your cat wants when he meows in certain ways.

Below, we are going to help you understand cat meows as well as tips to handle your cat for the first few days of adoption. In addition, we are going to discuss what you should expect when you are getting a cat for the first time.


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Why is my cat meowing?


How to Understand Cat Meows


There are several reasons why a cat meows. However, you will be able to tell what your cat is trying to tell you by observing him and his body language. So the very first step you should take when your cat meows are observing him.

Once again. Does he need something? If so, ensure that you offer it to your cat. In order to understand cat meows, you will need to spend some time with your kitty. Cats are very interesting to watch, even as you go about your everyday business. In fact, science has it that cats actually help you with concentration!

Well, if you have recently adopted a kitty, there are a few types of meows that you may need to know about. I mean, acquiring a cat for the first time is not exactly an easy task. However, I am positive that you will not regret the decision to adopt a kitty. Without much hesitation, let us look at types of meows as well as accompanying body language cues.


Understand Cat meows and their meanings

We are not going to outline some of the most common cat meows and other sounds you will need to understand. However, cat sounds may not be exactly enough to tell you what your cat wants, well not on the first day of adoption. Therefore, you might require to observe his body language cues in order to decipher his meows. Well, some of these cat meows may include:

Hello meow

We have already mentioned that cats communicate with us through meowing. In most cases, your cat will definitely be meowing when he needs something. However, after a few days, your cat will get used to having you around and you will become good friends.

In the morning, your cat might give you a hello meow. This cat meow will be short but sometimes your cat will give you multiple meows. This is especially when he hasn’t seen you in a while and you are back home.

For instance, if you have been away all day, of course, your cat missed you. When you get back home, your cat might approach you with his tail up high while meowing at you. This is usually a casual way of your cat letting you know how much he missed you.

Once again, you might also want to look at his body language at this moment. He will be relaxed and excited that you are home. As a result, he will hold his tail high as he walks towards you or even pace around the house. In addition, watch his eyes and ears to be sure that he is fine. He should have relaxed eyes and also slightly forward-facing ears. These are signs that your cat is alright and probably just saying hello.

Amazing, cats learn quite fast. Your cat will be able to adjust to your daily schedule in terms of when you leave home for work and even when you get back. If there are other family members in the house, your cat will observe that you do say hello to them every morning or when you come back home. As a result, he may pick the habit of saying hello to you and others in the morning.

Fearful cat meow

As social and friendly as cats are, they are also emotional. This makes them very vulnerable to social disorders, including anxiety and stress. Once again, if you just brought your new kitty home, understand that he may not be as excited as you are.

There is a possibility that your cat is going to be afraid of the new environments. To make it worse, if there are other pets or people in the house, your cat is going to experience extreme anxiety. As a result, he may start meowing and this time, in a low pitch. The problem usually occurs when your cat will not keep calm all day, and sometimes all night.

Understand that other than cat meows, you might also observe other behaviors in an anxious cat. The first few days are going to be more like hide and seek in the house. It is just the same way you would not feel comfortable in an entirely new home. An anxious cat will hide in corners or even under your bed most of the time. He might also meow in a low pitch when you come into the specific room he is hiding in as a result of fear.

In addition to the above, a cat suffering from anxiety will also spend most of his time grooming. Note that he might get aggressive when he is afraid. In addition to excessive meowing, observe your cat’s body language as well. His eyes will be dilated while his ears might start swiveling. Well, comfort your kitty and spend some more time with him. This will help you alleviate fear and anxiety.


How to Understand Cat Meows

Hungry Meow

When your kitty is hungry, there is no doubt that he is going to let you know. A hungry cat is going to request his meal in a mid-pitched tone. Understand that your cat is also going to use this kind of meow to demand something from you.

For instance, if you are busy in the kitchen making dinner, do not be surprised when your cat won’t stop demanding for some. However, we recommend that you develop a routine and be consistent with it. This way, you can always ensure that your cat is well fed at the designated time.

Should you ignore your cat’s first meow, he is going to remind you. And this time, he is going to be a little bit grumpy and give you the long-drawn-out meow. Well, you should monitor your cat’s eating habits. This way, you are going to be able to plan meals for him.

Understand that cats need to feed more often than dogs do. Therefore, you must come up with a way to make sure that your cat is fed during the day. A food puzzle toy will do the work for you.

Once again, align his routine with your schedule. You can always make sure that you feed him at regular times every day. Also, invest in a few high-quality treats and leave them in different rooms where your cat can access. It is going to help you keep him full as well as occupied throughout the day.

Open for me Meow

Your cat will need to get out or go into different rooms in the house. Well, in their natural environment, cats would spend their day roaming in the forest. Therefore, it is only natural for your cat to want to move around the house when we domesticate them. When your cat wants to go into another room, he is going to request you by giving you in a mid-pitched meow. At the same time, it is likely that he will stand in the doorway waiting for you to oblige.

Unless your cat has developed a habit of spraying in your bedroom or other rooms, you may want to leave the doors slightly open. This way, your cat will be able to move around the house throughout the way. After all, it is the least we can do since we leave them all alone at home. You will be giving him the chance to explore the house which will also enhance his confidence.

However, just like when he is hungry, when you ignore or delay opening a door for him, your cat might also give you the long-drawn-out meow to emphasize on his needs.

Let’s play Meow

As we indicated above, cats are social in nature. In the wild, cats would live in groups and their families. During the day, they would hunt, play and even take naps together. However, due to domestication, we end up separating them from one another. When you bring your cat home, it is going to take you a few days until he gets playful with you. And this is a good thing since it is going to help you develop a strong bond between the two of you.

When a cat wants to play with you, he is going to first figure out a way to get your attention. Well, even though we have routines that also include playtime, cats can be clingy sometimes. If it is one of those days, your cat will chirr or chirp to get you to look at him. Often, this works because you will be interested in the unique sound.

In addition to chirring and chirping, your kitty might roll over on his back to initiate play. This position, however, can mean two things. It could be that your cat trusts you enough and wants to play with you. It could also mean that he is agitated and about to attack. This will depend on the situation entirely. For instance, if your cat seems relaxed and just wants to play, he might roll over, inviting you for a belly rub. However, if he has his claws out and also making angry noises, your cat is agitated and he is prepared to attack his opponent.


How to Understand Cat Meows

Sick Meow

One of the most common worries from new cat owners is a kitty falling sick. How do I tell that my cat is sick? Well, cats do fall sick sometimes, and you will be able to tell through his meows. In addition to his body language, your cat may meow in a low pitch, just as a fearful cat would. In some cases, you will barely hear him meowing.

A sick cat will also appear weak and restless. Due to the discomfort that comes with an illness, – which is more of a long-drawn-out meow. In fact, he will keep you awake and therefore you must rush him to a vet for a check-up.

Aggressive Meow

This is for when your cat is angry at something, usually another pet or a stray cat coming to your home. Well, cats are emotional and we know that has the good side as well as the bad side. When he is angry, afraid or frustrated, your cat may hiss, snarl or growl at his opponent. You will also be able to observe his body posture changing from the normal happy kitty to an angry one quite fast.

Well, it is advisable to leave your cat be if he seems agitated. In addition, when a cat is really angry, he may form a Halloween cattail as he exposes his claws as well as fangs. Even though cats are friendly, they are always ready to defend their territory. If a stray cat or a neighborhood dog is bothering your cat it is better to get your cat out of that situation as fast as possible. In fact, it is advisable to leave your curtains down when you leave the house. This will block the view of the outside and thereby eliminate potential threats.

The whole purposes of adopting a kitty are to give him a good home. Thereby, when you bring your cat home, it is your sole responsibility to make sure that he is happy and relaxed at all times. You will be able to do this only when you are able to understand your cat meows and their meanings.

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