How to Stop a Cat Peeing on the Bed. This Will Work

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How to stop my cat peeing on the bed


It is disappointing when you come home from a tiring day only to find that your cat has been peeing in your bed. Not only is it gross and embarrassing, but also a worrying one. This is because it can get chronic if left unattended.

This means that you should never ignore a cat that is peeing on your bed. This article is going to take you through the different causes of this habit. We are also going to look at how to stop a cat from peeing on the bed.

Understand that whenever your cat is experiencing inappropriate elimination, she might be trying to communicate. However, it will be up to you to figure out what she is trying to say since we don’t speak the same language. There are several things that your cat might be telling you through the habit of peeing everywhere, and especially on the bed.

Reasons why cats pee on the bed




In most cases, when your cat starts the habit of peeing on the bed, she might be dealing with anxiety. Cats are generally sensitive to their surroundings, making them quite vulnerable to stress and anxiety. Some of the situations that may indicate that your cat is anxious about something is by peeing anywhere in the house. In most scenarios, your cat will pee on your items and bed when they feel vulnerable.

Below is a list of some of the things that lead to a cat developing anxiety;



Absence of a family member


When we adopt our kitties, they somehow become a part of our families, and us theirs. This means that your cat will know the scent of everyone in your house. Should any of the family members go missing, even for a couple of days, the family cat will also feel the void. Your cat may want to feel the connection with the absent person. And in order to feel their bond once more, she may pee on the bed, particularly the absentee’s bed.


Being left alone for a long time 


Well, in the case where it is just you and your cat, then be sure that she is dependent on your attention and affection. This is why she might seem to be a little more clingy than other cats. And due to your busy schedule, you may not be able to be with your cat every other day. This leaves your cat vulnerable and probably lonely. When she misses you during the day, do not be surprised to come home to a wet bed.




If your cat has started the gross behavior of peeing on your bed, you should investigate it. If there is something or someone causing fear in your cat, then you should get rid of it. By eliminating the anxiety stimulant, you will be dealing with inappropriate elimination as well. This could be another pet in the house that is triggering fear and anxiety in your cat. Having a stranger in the house is also a possible reason for your cat peeing on the bed.


View of the outside 


In most cases, we leave our cats at home with nothing much to do. However, this is not always a good thing to do as she is definitely going to find something to do. They are always excited about it by the window and watch the outside happening. It is not always an entertaining moment, especially for cats that have issues with socializing. Seeing dogs, other cats, and human traffic on the outside could possibly lead to anxiety.



Loud music, busy streets, and even noisy neighborhood are not going to bring joy to your cat. It makes her uncomfortable, given how strong their sense of hearing is. Every little distraction on the outside could possibly lead to anxiety and insecurity. This will have your cat peeing on your bed, which is frustrating.




Stress in cats is not exactly easy to deal with. However, it is also not uncommon as almost all cats experience stress at some point in their lives. Some more often than others, actually. However, if you spend enough time with your cat, you will be able to notice whenever your cat is struggling. Nevertheless, there are several factors that may expose your cat to stress.


A dirty Litter box



Now, this is something every cat owner should know, your cat is going to act up if she finds the litter box unclean. If you are looking to encourage your cat to use the litter box, then you have to provide clean litter boxes. Otherwise, your cat may start peeing everywhere in the house, including your bed.




changing residency every now and then might sound like a good idea. However, this is a terrible idea when it comes to cats. This is because they find it hard to adjust to any form of change in their lifestyle. Upon moving, your cat will also need to identify each and everything in the new place. The best way she knows how to y peeing on everything in order to familiarize herself with all items.


Changing their routine 


A mentioned above, cats find it hard to adapt to changes. Now, make a mistake and alter their schedules including feeding time. She might act up because she feels miserable and she is also trying to tell you that he does not like the changes. This includes changing your own schedule or even your diet.




In most cases, we don’t usually have an issue allowing our cats into our beds. They can chill and probably have an accident, or two. You should monitor how she is doing it for any signs of pain. If your cat is unable to hold her bladder all of a sudden, she might be sick.

Peeing can be attributed to kidney and bladder-related problems. Cats and especially older female cats are at a high risk of contracting urinary infections. The most common illnesses include idiopathic cystitis, UTI, bladder stones, and inflammation of the bladder.

You should watch out for the signs and symptoms of these illnesses. They include painful and frequent urination, bloody urine, and inability to hold the bladder.

In some serious cases, this might also indicate that your cat has diabetes or even hyperthyroidism. Therefore, consider getting her to the vet’s office for examination and diagnosis.


Litter Box issues



Most cats have had litter box issues causing them inappropriate elimination. These issues might be that your cat is too big for the latter. Cats need to be comfortable in order to finish their business in the litter box. Inappropriate location of the box may also interfere with your cat’s will to use it.

In addition to this, your cat is going to refuse to use a dirty litter box. If at all there is a stench in the litter box, you should have that fixed as soon as your cat. Litter box issues will definitely stress your cat out and she is going to react.

If at all you are looking to stop your cat from peeing on the bed, then you will have to provide a better option. 


Ways you can stop a cat from peeing on the bed. To see more on cat peeing go here.


Just above, we have discussed some of the most common reasons why a cat may end up soiling on the bed. Like all behavioral issues in cats, you are going to be able to eliminate this behavior by making sure that you get rid of the stimuli. Therefore, we are going to outline some of the ways you can be able to stop a cat from peeing on the bed specifically.


Address anxiety and stress


These two go hand in hand. You have to be committed to addressing both situations that leave your cat so vulnerable and results in this behavior. In order to curb stress in cats, identify the causal element. For instance, if you have another bigger cat or a hostile dog in your home, your cat may be afraid of them. Therefore, she will only rely on the affection you offer her to find solace.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to have the whole day to play and pet our kitties. Sometimes we have to travel and work or whatever. However, this does not mean that you should forget about our cats. It is therefore important to spend some time and with your kitty. Monitor her emotional wellbeing and provide comfort for her.

Playing with your cat will give you an opportunity to bond with her. This way, she is going to restore the strong bond that offers her a sense of security in your home. This should help you address the issue of a cat peeing just anywhere.

Avoid living in a noisy neighborhood that may distract your cat. It is also important to make sure that your cat does not have a view of the outside world that may trigger anxiety.


Check on your litter box habits


Your cat is probably peeing on your bed because she finds it way better than the litter box. This is why you should make sure that you have all the litter boxes clean at all times. Remove all the smell by scooping immediately your cat uses the latter. Alternatively, make sure you have all the boxes scooped at least twice a day. This way, she is not going to look for alternatives or ways to express her frustrations.

You should also be careful with the places you choose to put the litter boxes in the house. It cannot be emphasized enough about how important this is. When you are trying to encourage your cat to keep using the litter box, it could be of help to make it comfortable for her. Place the boxes in quiet and comfortable locations in the house.

Change the litter boxes every now and then. Once the litter box has been used for a few weeks, it might be impossible to get the stench off. This will require you to change the entire box.

Encourage your cat to use the litter boxes by making sure they are the right size and that the litter is okay with your cat. Prefer the odorless types of cat litter.



Close the doors


One of the most effective ways to stop a cat from peeing on the bed is by restricting ace to the bedrooms. Make sure that the door is always closed. This way, if your cat cannot access the room, then she is definitely not going to pee on the bed.

However, closing the doors only I not going to solve this problem as your cat may find another spot to pee. Therefore, it is recommended that you address all the underlying issues in relation to peeing inappropriately.

Before we go on, it is important to remove the pee smell from your bed. This could be the reason why she is struggling to get back into the room. Not only will this leave your room fresh but also stop inviting your cat to pee all over again. Use enzymatic cleaners on your fabrics in order to leave them free of the cat pee smell.

You can use orange or lemon peels to discourage your cat from trying to access the bedroom. This is just but one natural way to deter cats from a specific place in order to stop a cat from peeing on your bed.


Do not make the bed


When we are talking about resolving problems involving a cat that is peeing on the bed, we cannot forget this point. Let me make you understand why you should not make your bed when in the process of trying to get her to stop this habit.

Cats prefer soft surfaces when they want to pee. Your duvet and sheets are fluffy and all soothing. There is no way your cat is going to resist the urge to pee on them. Therefore, keeping the bed unmade and keeping the duvet away will make your bed unattractive to your cat and therefore deter your cat from wanting to pee on it.

Only make the bed when you want to sleep on it.


Check with your vet to rule out any illnesses


As we discussed in the other section earlier, cats are quite prone to urinary infections. This means that once you realize that your cat cannot have her bladder, it is important to get her to the vet’s office. You should never ignore the possibility of an illness, especially if you own a female cat.

In addition to this, watch out for symptoms of certain illnesses like painful urination. This might also be accompanied by the inability of your cat to hold pee. This means that your cat cannot get to the litter box before peeing all over.

Upon close examination, your vet is going to give a conclusive diagnosis. From this point, you will be able to administer the best treatment option there is. Your cat should recover in a short period of time.

In the case where your cat’s illness is at an advanced stage, your vet may recommend surgery. This is will help in removing the large or small crystals that form in the bladder when she has an infection. Remember that it is your job to make sure that your cat is healthy.


Get an intact cat spayed/neutered


Another reason for a cat peeing anywhere is having a cat in heat. If you are not looking to breed your cats, it is important that you spay her. This will reduce the chances of peeing as a result of the natural urge to mate.

Your cat will also be friendlier once you have her spayed. This is because by doing so, you will be eliminating your cat’s desire to protect and possess everything. This is attributed to the cat pheromones that may bring about this urge.

Consult your vet once you have made a decision to get your kitty neutered. He/she is going to advise you on the best timing to spay your kitty.


Provide enough resources and attention


In order to stop your cat from peeing on the bed, you have to understand a few things. As said before, this can be a natural way of communication for your cat. It is upon you to decipher whatever she is trying to tell you. This way, you can all be on the same page.

Usually, some cats will exhibit this behavior in order to have your attention. At this point, we all know how possessive and jealous cats can be. She can simply trigger you by peeing on your items and even bed. This is why you should always ensure that she has enough of your attention.

Engage her by ensuring that you have allocated some time to play with your cat. This way, she can always expect you to be there every time. Make it a routine to play with him in the morning or evening.




We need to understand our cats in order for us to provide the best form of treatment. In fact, you should be able to tell what your cat is going through in order to exhibit this behavior. To be able to top a cat from peeing on the bed, you should identify the cause of this habit. Thereafter, determine a way to make your cat stop indulging in the behavior.

Get rid of all the stressors around and avoid moving every now and then. Once again, provide enough and clean litter boxes in the house. This should help you encourage your cat to use the latter. Additionally, make sure that your cat can see the boxes and reach them easily.

Lastly, do not forget to keep checking on your cat’s emotional health. Ensure that she is okay and feels secure around the house.

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