Why Is My Cat Peeing All Over My Baby Stuff and How Can I Stop It?

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Figuring out why is my cat peeing all over my baby stuff used to keep me up at night. But know that I know why my cat’s doing it, I’ve managed to train that behavior out and keep my baby’s things clean and pee-free.


I never used to have any problems with my cat peeing in places he shouldn’t be. But a few years back, he began acting up more than ever and started peeing on things I’ve bought for my new baby. So I was left wondering, why is my cat peeing all over my baby stuff and can I make him stop?


Since giving him up was not an option, I decided to get to the bottom of the problem and train the behavior out of him. Here’s what I discovered along the way.


Why Is My Cat Peeing All Over My Baby Stuff

Why Is My Cat Peeing All Over My Baby Stuff?


Most often, a cat will generally pee outside of its litter box for three main reasons:


  • Illness
  • Stress or anxiety
  • The litter box is not right


But more often than not, when a cat starts peeing all over the place, it probably means it’s trying to mark its territory. It can do that in two ways:



If a cat starts spraying and not just peeing, it’s not sick and doesn’t have a problem with its litter box. The cat is simply showing us who’s the boss. Of course, there are a couple of other methods a cat might try before resorting to peeing, like rubbing and scratching. 


Stress and Anxiety


One of the main reasons why a cat starts peeing outside its litter box is either stress or anxiety. Now, even though they don’t seem like it, cats are actually extremely sensitive creatures. Even the slightest change in their environment will stress them out.


With that said, introducing a new family member is probably the biggest anxiety trigger for a cat. For example, a cat won’t want to pee in its litter box if it has to pass the baby’s room to get to it.


Furthermore, cats don’t have a developed relationship with this new person in the household. Because the baby can’t feed the cat or play with it, the cat can’t get used to its existence. So since they don’t know who they’re dealing with, they’ll become stressed out. 


In essence, the cat will misinterpret who this person is and won’t try to build a foundation of understanding. The cat might also be expecting to have some sort of conflict with the baby. 


Another possible answer to the question of why is my cat peeing all over my baby stuff is separation anxiety. If a cat has been exhibiting this sort of behavior even before the baby has arrived, things will only get worse. 


Not to mention, bringing a baby into the home will make it more hectic and busy. Again, a cat might respond to this new dynamic by peeing on the things of the person who it believes is to blame — the baby.


Why Is My Cat Peeing All Over My Baby Stuff



If it’s not stress or anxiety, the cat might be experiencing some physical problems and isn’t peeing on our baby stuff on purpose. For example, oftentimes, a cat might have bladder stones that are causing a blockage. So it’s unable to pee or it pees in random places around the house, including baby things.


Also, the cat might have a UTI or some metabolic disease, like diabetes or thyroid issues. So before jumping to any conclusions, it’s always best to take it to a vet first. They can rule out any physical problems and might offer a solution instead.


Litter Box Problems


Last but not least, there is a chance, albeit a small one, that the cat isn’t the problem. It might be trying to tell us that something is wrong with its litter box. For example, if we’re not cleaning it as often as we used to, the cat might feel compelled to pee outside of it.


What’s more, if the litter box is now somewhere close to the baby’s room, a cat might not feel comfortable walking past it. Also, if at some point we’ve changed the type of litter we’re using, the cat might not enjoy it. By peeing all over the house and the baby’s things, it is letting us know that it doesn’t like the litter.


How to Clean up Cat Pee


Now that we’ve answered why is my cat peeing all over my baby stuff, it’s time to start handling the problem. But before we get into the long-term solutions and training the behavior out of the cat, we first need to deal with the problem at hand — cat pee. 


In some cases, if we clean up the cat pee, as well as the litter box, our cat might not want to pee outside of it again.


Cleaning Cat Pee From Furniture and Carpets


First, using a paper towel or toilet paper, we have to soak up as much of the liquid before it completely sets. Then, we can go over it with an enzyme-based cleaner like Nature’s Miracle to get the smell and stains out. 


Once we apply the cleaner, we should leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes to set. While it’s on, it will break down the uric acid. Even though the smell might appear worse at first, it’s all part of the process.


Cleaning Cat Pee From Hardwood Floors


The two best options for cleaning cat pee from hardwood floors are an enzyme cleaner or vinegar. The process is pretty much the same for both cleaners and it starts, once again, with soaking up any excess liquid.


Then, we can take our cleaner of choice, spray it, let it sit for a while, and clean it up. But for those who want to use vinegar, we recommend mixing it with equal parts water. Also, adding a teaspoon of baking soda in the solution can help with the smell.


Why Is My Cat Peeing All Over My Baby Stuff

Cleaning Cat Pee From Clothes and Linens


When it comes to baby stuff, cats love to pee in the laundry basket where we’ve put baby clothes to mark their territory. The best thing to do in this scenario is to put the clothes and linens through a cold wash. 


Afterward, we can let everything dry outside to get rid of the smell. But if there are some visible stains even after the first wash, adding a touch of baking soda might work. Apple cider vinegar might be a good substitute for baking soda but it has a strong scent.


What Not to Do


The absolute worst thing to use to clean up cat pee is an ammonia-based product. More often than not, ammonia will make a cat only want to pee in that same spot again.

Also, we should refrain from using any heat sources to dry the pee spot. Using steam or heat will essentially set the stain and it’ll be impossible to get rid of it later.


How I Stopped My Cat From Peeing All Over My Baby Stuff.


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Once I got to the bottom of the problem and figured out why is my cat peeing all over my baby stuff, things started looking up. 


Dealing With Separation Anxiety


Now, my cat has always had separation anxiety, but it only got worse with the new baby at home. So to try and help, the first thing I did was get the Feliway diffuser to calm down my cat’s nerves.


Also, before I left home each time, I would give my cat a feeder toy to play with. The toy would distract him long enough for me to leave and he’d be messing around with it for hours to come.


Working on the Relationships


But more importantly, I wanted to strengthen the bond between my baby and my cat. Clearly, he was upset because he didn’t know who this human is, so we decided to rectify the problem. 


First, I would let them play in a communal supervised area for thirty minutes to an hour every day. Luckily, there are plenty of toys that both cats and babies enjoy. What’s more, I let my cat “mark his territory” and sniff and rub his scent into the baby’s clothes. Doing so gave amazing results and the cat hasn’t tried to pee on the baby’s stuff once.


Final Thoughts


Figuring out why is my cat peeing all over my baby stuff was no easy feat. It took a lot of time and patience, but I finally got him to stop by nurturing the relationship. Also, I paid more attention to my cat and set aside some playtime just for the two of us. That way, I let him know that he was still a valued member of the family. 

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