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As the saying goes, cats are quite curious. You will observe your cat exhibiting different strange behavior. In this article, we are going to explore curious cat behavior as we continue to discover just how amazing felines are. 

Without further delay, we are going to outline these curious behaviors in cats below: 


Chattering and chirping


Curious cat behavior


It is one of the most interesting sounds you are going to hear your cat make. A cat’s chatter is almost something you have never heard before. When she makes the sound, you are going to notice it. 

Your cat will make this sound when she is probably watching the outside from the window. According to Cat Behaviorists Associates, different theories explain chattering and chirping

They believe that it is a natural behavior surrounding the feline family. For instance, when she spots a bird or even burrowing animals from the window, her hunting instincts will come to life. Note that even after domestication, cats retain their animalist instincts.

 One theory suggests cats chatter out of frustration. When she sees a bird from the outside, she will want to hunt. And because she cannot reach the prey, she is going to be frustrated and hence the chattering. 

Another theory suggests that cats chatter when they are interested in the prey. It is the sound that your cat will make when she is about to pounce at and kill prey. 





I am sure that you have witnessed your cat headbutting or other cats. It is her way to identify with you and also a curious cat behavior to greet you. When you notice her bunting her head against you, she probably wants to say hello

It can also be territorial behavior. When she pushes her head against you, or other items, she deposits her pheromones on the surface. It is your cat’s way to feel safe and secure. Well, cats develop a sense of security only in familiar environments. By putting her scent in your house, she is marking it as her territory. 

However, it can also be an attention-seeking behavior. Perhaps you have not spent some quality time with him lately. Your cat may walk up to you and butt her head against you when you get home from work. She missed you and wants to play or bond with you. 

Therefore, ensure that you spend as much time as possible with your cat. Include playtime and petting time in her schedule. Not only will you bond with her easily but you will also discourage her attention-seeking behavior. 


Surprise! I have been hunting


Curious cat behavior


Another curious cat behavior is bringing you gifts. Well, as we have previously mentioned, cats do not lose their natural animalistic instincts. She will still want to hunt down prey even if she has been domesticated all her life. 

Well, if your cat has access to outdoors, she could run into a mouse, or insects outside. Her hunting instincts may lead her to kill them and bringing them home. She does not necessarily have to feed on her catch but she will bring home a gift for you. 

Even though it is highly undesirable, do not think of punishing your cat for this. Instead, employ measures such as keeping her indoors at all times. Alternatively, get a collar bell that will tell on her to the prey she targets. This way, she will never catch prey. 


Hiding in tight places


Also, cats have this curious behavior or hiding in tight places. For instance, even with all the huge space, she can use to stretch out, she may choose to curl up into a ball in a small box. Well, in most cases, your cat is doing so for safety concerns. 

It does not necessarily mean that she feels threatened. Rather, she is comfortable and feels much safer in a smaller space. 

If you notice your cat hiding away in tight places, ensure that she does not have anxiety issues. Well, this is a common behavior, especially in new kittens. Before she can build trust in you, your cat might keep hiding away. Tiny places feel safer for the cat. 

Well, once again, this curious cat behavior is natural. For instance, in the wild, your cat would not sit in an open field. This would present danger to her life. As a survival measure, she would seek a hiding place to rest. The same goes for when a cat is exposed to a new environment. She will try to stay safe until she is sure that you are to be trusted. 

spend time and pet your cat to establish a strong bond between the two of you.


Cats love kneading


Cats love it when we allow them to climb to our laps for a good petting session. Well, they are also too cute to ignore. However, some cats will climb on you to fulfill her purpose; kneading. 

Well, as much as it is not a harmful curious cat behavior, kneading can get painful, especially when she uses her claws. Therefore, you might also want to control this behavior. 

But why do cats knead? Cats learn how to knead as young ones. This is because they knead their mother during nursing. It is aimed at stimulating the mother to produce milk for her litter. 

On the other hand, your cat will also knead to show affection towards you. You could be petting her and she will suddenly start kneading when to stretch her muscles. Well, we said cats are quite strange, and they are. I mean, why won’t she do it somewhere else other than laps?

Additionally, a cat will knead when she wants to mark her territory. We have previously mentioned that a cat’s paws have scent glands. When she kneads on you, she will leave her scent on you. It could be a safety issue or your cat simply wants to associate with you. Female cats also tend to knead right before they go in heat. 


Curious cat behavior


Knocking things over


While cats are generally strange, and a little bit weird, knocking things over is a common behavior. Well, she probably knocks over everything in her way for fun. I mean, a cat will look at you and knock over the glass on the kitchen table and there is nothing you can do. Bossy, right? 

Does a cat have the comprehension of what she is doing? In most scenarios, she does. In fact, a cat will knock things over just to have your attention. As we have previously discussed, cats will do anything just to get what they want. If you are probably busy working on your desk, your cat may haul things over just to get the few seconds of your time. If you have never been manipulated by a cat, brace yourself!

You can ensure that you do not fall for her when she knocks things over. If you work from home, then she might keep distracting you. Provide a few toys to ensure that your cat is occupied for most of the day. 




Almost all cat owners have heard their cats purring. Well, it is a behavior that we try to understand. Like all the other feline behaviors, the reason behind purring will depend on the context. There are several reasons why cats purr. 

One of the common reasons why cats purr is contentment. That’s right, your cat is really happy, relaxed and feeling good. It is the reason why you will hear your cat purring when you pet or groom her. She is grateful that you are doing so. 

On the other hand, purring could also be a sign of sickness. Well, as surprising as it might sound, cat behaviorists agree that sometimes cats will purr when feeling unwell. For instance, you will notice your cat purring as she is lying down. Purring has soothing effects on a cat when she is in pain. So relax, she could be nursing herself. 

However, if you suspect that your cat is sick or in pain, take her to the vet care center for a check-up. 


A cat will not meow at another cat


meowing is strictly reserved for cat-human communication. You will rarely hear your cat meowing at another. Usually, cats communicate with other cats using their body language. For instance, when you are running a multi-cat home, you will notice her changing her body posture based on the context. 

A good example is when your cats are about to get into a fight. You will notice a change in her body posture. For instance, she will try to look bigger to scare the opponent off. 

Well, when a cat is pissed off, . If you hear your cat growling or hissing, she is probably angry and about to pounce. 

Otherwise, a cat will meow at her human parent when she needs something. Always check on your cat when she vocalizes from another room. She could also be in danger. The fact that your cat will not vocalize at other cats is a common curious cat behavior.


Curious cat behavior that may require a visit to the vet


Even though cats exhibit these curious behaviors, sometimes your cat will exhibit other unusual behaviors. You will need to always examine your cat. This way, you can notice strange behavior and act accordingly. Some of the cat behaviors that may worry you may include the following: 


Avoidance of the litter box


When you bring your cat home, litter training should be the first thing you do. Also, it should not take you so long before you have her using the litter box regularly. Should you experience problems with your cat avoiding the litter box, consider taking her to the vet. 

When you are not dealing with a behavioral issue, your cat is probably suffering from a UTI or another illness causing avoidance of the litter box issues. 


Loss of appetite



Cats have a great appetite. I mean, she will feed several times a day. If you notice that your cat has changed in terms of her eating or wanter intake habits, it is a good reason, enough to rush her to the vet. 

Other symptoms of a sick cat may include the following: 

  • bad breath
  • sudden loss of weight
  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • Hiding away for too long
  • Decreased activity

You should not ignore these signs. Rush her to the vet for a check-up and treatment. 

In conclusion, cats are curious animals, which makes them quite interesting. What are some of the weird and curious cat behavior does your cat exhibit? 



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