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Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats

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Cats are adorable and equally expressive. She will let you know how she feels at all times. Do cats love us? So many people tend to wonder if our pets love us as much as we love them. In the case of a cat, they do love us and they have various ways to display their affection. In this article, we are going to outline how to tell that your siamese cat loves you. 


How to tell a Siamese cat loves you


As we have previously mentioned, cats express their love towards their human owners in many different ways. If you pay attention to your cat, you are going to notice them and even feel your cat’s affection. Below are some of the ways your siamese cat loves you:


Slow blinking

A cat will display her affection towards you when by slowly blinking at you. It could be that she is relaxing and she will look at you and slowly blink her eyes at you. It is usually referred to as a cat kiss. The good news is, you can be able to reciprocate it right back. 

When your cat blinks at you, slowly blink back at her. It is a gesture of love and trust towards one another. Always pay attention to your cat’s eye talk

Without getting too much into cat body language, we must emphasize that her eyes are the window into her mood. As we said earlier, cats are quite expressive. Her eyes will communicate what she is feeling. Realize that a cat will only give you a cat kiss when she is happy and relaxed. 

Also, she might slowly blink at you when you are petting or grooming her. You will rarely see your siamese cat slowly blinking at you when there are guests in the room. 

If your cat has wide-open eyes, then all is not well. It is usually a sign of a fearful or scared cat. Check on her to see what is going on with her. 


How to tell if your Siamese Cat Loves You

Tail Weaving

Your cat’s tail will communicate a tone of things, once again, only if you pay attention to her. It is how you will tell when she is happy, affectionate, or even agitated. Therefore, we cannot ignore your cat’s tail as a form of communication. So, what does it mean when a cat is weaving her tail around our legs?

It means that your cat loves you very much and she trusts you. Also, your cat will deposit her pheromones from her tail. This means that she is mixing your scent with hers when she wraps her tail around you. She probably wants to mark you as one of her kind. It could also be a behavior to feel safer around you. 

However, be wary of when she is lashing her tail. It is often mistaken for excitement as with dogs. On the contrary, it is never a good sign when your cat starts moving her tail. She will start lashing it slowly when she is getting agitated or curious. When she starts moving it faster, it is an indication that your cat is now angry and best left alone. 



This is one of your siamese cat’s favorite way to show that she loves you. While her scent glands are highly concentrated on the forehead and face areas, she will headbutt to release happy hormones. She is feeling good and affectionate when she is headbutting with you. 

When a siamese cat loves you, you might notice her bunting her head against you. She will do this when you probably come home from work. After a long day, she must have missed you and wants to greet and welcome you back home. 

Also, it is a territorial behavior. To be able to understand what your cat means while headbutting, you must consider the context. When does she bunt your head against you? For instance, if you observe your cat headbutting a stranger in the house, she is trying to identify with them. A cat will only be comfortable when there is no strange or unusual scent in the house. Therefore, by headbutting she will mix her scent with that of the stranger. 

Observe your cat identify when she is headbutting against you or other people and items. It is because she could also be suffering from head pressing issues. Head pressing is a common sign for a couple of ailments.


Cheek rubbing

Your cat will also rub cheeks against you to show that she loves you. Similar to headbutting, cats rub cheeks against a surface or someone to mix scents. While we keep changing our clothes, we come back home with new scents. Your kitty will not be comfortable and thus she will want to rub her cheeks against you. 

You will also observe your cat rubbing cheeks against your legs simply because your cat wants your attention. She probably wants to play with you, or generally, get you to look at her. Cats can be very manipulative. 

If she does this to get your attention, you are probably not spending as much time as you should with her. You should always play with your cat and set aside some time to pet your cat. 


How to tell if your Siamese Cat Loves You

Showing her belly

Well, while rolling over is nit common in cats, they sometimes do it. It can be a gesture to show affection. However, you must be careful when it comes to the cat rollover as it could quickly turn into a cat venus trap-usually a sign of aggression. Determine the context in which your cat rolls over so that you can be able to identify her intentions. 

Well, when your cat rolls over to show affection, it means that she trusts you. She could be inviting you to give her a belly rub. Observe other body language cues to determine whether your cat is feeling aggressive. Also, watch out for her claws. If they are sticking out of her paws, it is probably best to leave her alone until she settles down.  

However, when a cat shows her belly, it means that she is comfortable with you. It is one of the most vulnerable cat position, which is why we interpret this as a gesture of affection. 


Bringing you stuff

Well, your cat will try to impress you just as much you do. I mean, they do know how to respond to our affection. When your cat goes out and sees something interesting, which could also be prey, she might bring it to you. After all, domestic cats do hunt, that is if she has access to the outside. 

She may not feed on it but she will bring it home to you. Sometimes your cat will pick her toys and bring them to you. Well, it means that she trusts you, even though she could be tricking you into engaging in play. 

If your siamese cat brings home gifts for you, and you can tell that she loves you. If your cat is seeking your attention through bringing home non-food items, you need to address that behavior as fast as possible. Well, make sure that she does not have access to the outside, thus preventing her from going out for her hunting sprees. 

On the other hand, get her a few toys-you can get a mouse-like toy to help her with hunting instincts. Ensure that you play with your cat every day. 



Cats can do this one unique and also amazing thing: purring. It is one of the cutest things you will hear your cat do. It comprises of vibration sounds that your cat will produce with her mouth shut. Purring is usually a sign of contentment, your cat is happy. Also, cat behaviorists tend to relate purring to display of affection. You could be simply petting your kitty and she will respond by purring. She is trying to tell you that it feels good and she loves you. 

However, watch out as purring can also be a sign that your cat is in pain. Well, this unique behavior is said to have healing properties. Cat owners running a multicat home have witnessed other cats purring while lying next to a sick cat. As we mentioned, cats are quite expressive and hence they do this to console the ill one. 

Examine your cat to make sure that she is not ill and then maybe your Siamese cat is trying to tell you that she loves you


Licking to groom you

When your cat licks your hand when you are petting her, it means that she is trying to groom you. A siamese cat will only do that as a way to reciprocate your affection. It is likely to happen when you are petting her. She will gently lick your skin, the same way she would when grooming herself. It is an expression of affection.

Well, we can relate this to the way a mother cat takes care of her litter. She will cuddle them as she licks their fur to groom them. Kittens may adopt this behavior and lick you to show that they love you. 


Meowing to talk to you

The Siamese cat breed is one of the most talkative breeds. I mean, she will talk to you the entire hour as she follows you around the house. Well, this could be her way to tell you that she loves you and wants to spend some time with you. 

However, this is endearing but does not always end well as your cat might develop an undesirable behavior. I mean, you do not want a cat who won’t keep her mouth shut. Therefore, it is nice that your siamese cat wants you to know that she loves you but then again, is it becoming too much? Ensure that it does not turn into an excessive meowing habit. 


In conclusion, owning a siamese cat is one of the most endearing and you can tell that she loves you. You must be observant of her for you to notice. We have outlined some of the most common ways she will display her affection towards you and other members of the family. 

Well, when your cat responds to your petting or grooming, she is pleased and wishes she can do the same for you. It takes one to spend quality time with your cat for you to understand her ways of showing her affection towards you. After all, cats are quite different based on their behaviors. 


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