Why are Siamese Cats so Needy. A Helpful & Useful Guide

There are multiple instances where I have heard cat owners complaining about their Siamese cats. They are noisy, while others cannot keep up with their needy nature. Well, before you even bring your kitty home, you should ask about the breed first. I mean, every cat breed will have individual personality. In this article, I am going to outline why Siamese cats are so needy.


Now the siamese cat personality is both unique and interesting. Note that this cat breed has been bred by humans for the longest time. Over time, they are used to human interactions. When you bring a siamese cat home, it will not take as much time to establish a bond with her. 


These cats can be incredibly talkative, even when she does not need anything. Remember, I have previously emphasized that cats have limited vocal communication. Well, in siamese cats, this is quite different. 


Common Traits of Siamese cats


Why are Siamese Cats so Needy


Believe me, you are not the only one who feels like siamese cats are needy. It is entirely true that they need a lot of attention and affection. Both of which you should provide every day. Are you thinking of getting a siamese cat? Well, let us see some of the common traits associated with this particular breed. 


They are affectionate


If you need a companion in the house, I suggest you try a siamese cat. They are incredibly adorable and affectionate. However, the same amount of affection she gives you is the same amount that you should offer. Do not get me wrong, this is usually very comforting. 

Once you bring her home, she will keep following you and even to your bed. They are also an active breed. For instance, unlike most cats who sleep for most of the day, Siamese cats will stay up and about. 


Siamese cats are intelligent


Siamese cats are also intelligent, which means that she will need constant stimulation. She is always trying to figure everything out, and most times nothing is interesting at home. This can only breed into boredom and other undesirable habits. 

Their intelligent personality makes the Siamese cats quite needy. This is because you have to constantly keep her occupied. In most cases, you have to be involved as well. 

Additionally, this personality makes then an interesting pet to keep. Siamese cats are also highly trainable and we can attribute this to their intelligence. 


Prone to anxiety disorders


I already mentioned that Siamese cats are quite attached to their human owners. Well, this opens a window for boredom and anxiety disorders. Siamese cats can come out as needy because they do not like being alone. 

This poses a challenge to Siamese cat owners who work long hours. These cats need company and constant activity for them to thrive. Failure to do so, she might develop other undesirable behaviors such as scratching and crying consistently. 

Honestly, if you are considering getting a Siamese cat, try and spend time with her from the previous home. Well, you do need to understand what you are going to be dealing with. 



Siamese cats obsess over attention


Unlike other cats who will even ignore you when you try to pet them, the Siamese cat is always looking for attention. I mean, she wants to know what you are doing at all times. It is going to be difficult to leave her out of your bedroom. 

For instance, I adore our cat, who is Siamese but she can be an absolute bother! She wants to follow me around the house, literally even to the bathroom. It gets even more difficult when I try to make her sleep on her bed. She won’t and so I got comfortable letting her sleep by my side. 

When establishing a routine, you must include some time to play with your cat. She is going to love you for it. 

Also, buy exciting toys to keep your Siamese cat occupied. You may also leave the TV on to entertain her as well. I suggest you get two cats if you have to work for long hours. As I mentioned above, they do not like being left alone.

Sometimes the Siamese cat will not do well in a single-cat home. well, unless you spend most of your time at home.


What about the non-stop talking? 


I will say this if you do not like a cat who talks a lot, then the Siamese breed may not be your fit. These cats love talking and they can be conversational. Also, Siamese cats have quite a distinctive meow, which is not anywhere close to soothing. This is especially when a Siamese cat is angry. . 

In normal circumstances, the Siamese cat is a great conversationalist with both humans and other cats. She will follow you around the house, talking to you. Sometimes she will sit on your shoulder even as you walk around the house!

However, you must not ignore the occasion of excessive and unnecessary meowing. It is a common behavior in the Siamese cat. Some cat owners are unable to withstand the noise and night time meowing. For this reason, they end up giving up their cats to rescue shelters. Before you get there, you should monitor your cat to identify the reasons for excessive meowing.


Why are Siamese Cats so Needy

Siamese cats won’t stop meowing and being needy


If your cat does not seem to stop meowing, even for a minute, then I suggest you check on her. Observe her for a day or two. Assuming that you have spent a lot of time with her, I am sure you are aware of her usual normal behavior. 

Monitor her to look for any signs of illnesses that could be making your cat meow excessively. For instance, if she seems to meow painfully when using the litter box, consider taking her to the vet. It could be that your cat suffers from a urinary tract infection. 

Also, observe her body language and behavioral changes in your cat. Does she seem to cry when you are about to get out of the house? Maybe she has developed separation anxiety. She wants to be around you at all times. However, other times it could be that you have not fed your cat on time. When you delay mealtime, your cat will not stop nagging you. 

Ensure that you stick to your established schedule. It will ensure that you meet all her needs. 




If you are considering getting a Siamese cat, I suggest you take some time to identify with the breed. I mean, you need to understand your cat’s personality before you bring her home. Once you form a strong bond with your cat, you will first learn her personality. If you feel like she is too needy, then you have a chance to reconsider your decision. 

However, even though Siamese cats can be considered as needy, they have other positive traits as well. For instance, she is going to love you so much. She will want to spend some time with you every minute of the day. It is also going to be easy to train her, of course when you use the correct methods to train your kitty. 

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